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So we have our 5(ish) year old rescue Bassett hound. We've had him maybe 6 months now. He has some back leg issues which we are treating, but he'll probably have some pain for most of his life. (he spent the first 5 years of his life caged most of the time).

I had been here before asking for advice because he nipped my ds who was crawling at the time. It was scary and I felt like a disappointment. Well we separated them by a huge baby gate. Doozer has his space, and ds has his. But I am noticing that as much as I want to keep them separate, this might not be possible in the very near future. My ds is 11 months. He has been walking for a month and now he is-climbing. I foresee him scaling that gate in no time at all. And he isn't the gentlest kid. We watch him like a hawk, but he still manages to grab little handfuls of fur of the cat.

He haven't seen a single bad behavior from the dog since. Ds sticks his hands through the bars, and lets the dog lick them ( they both seem to like this). Doozer is good with other animals. No aggression that we can see there.

Finally here is my question: keep Doozer or not? We will be returning to our home country which will entail at least a 12 hour flight. I just want to do right by the dog. Thoughts?