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These are pretty good directions: http://theivp.com/ladybusiness/?p=12


I also PM's you with some specifics about what we did for our recent (BFP!) cycle.

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JoySeattle, if you're willing to share, I'd also love to hear what you did differently on your BFP cycle. We will be doing a home-IUI Thursday-ish of this week and would love to hear feedback about what has worked for others. We conceived our son on the second try with home IUI but that was over 5 yrs ago and I feel like we've forgotten everything!
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Originally Posted by LindseyW View Post

JoySeattle, if you're willing to share, I'd also love to hear what you did differently on your BFP cycle. 

I'd love to hear as well!

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OK, so I did a little experiment this cycle and I figured I'd report about it here since others looking for at-home IUI info may find it interesting. 


This month I actually did the IUI myself -- solo. It was easier than I thought and actually smoother than I expected.


I set up everything within reach and sat on the edge of a really low foot stool. I put a standing cosmetic mirror on the floor and put the speculum in. I used a tiny flashlight in my mouth that when aimed at the mirror lit everything up perfectly. I sucked up sperm into the catheter and carefully moved the tip of the catheter toward the cervical os being careful not to touch it to anything else (vaginal wall, outside of the cervix, etc). The catheter only needed a little wiggle to get it to 2-3" in. It was actually the smoothest IUI I've ever had and I wonder if this "squatting" position is actually better for performing an IUI than lying on one's back. I think maybe the abdominal organs and gravity push down on the uterus and make it flatter. I slowly depressed the syringe plunger and not a single drop flowed back out (also better than most IUIs I've had).


The whole experience was so great than I think I'll do it this way every time. DW is super sqeemish about medical things and feels queezy and light-headed at the sight (sometimes just the thought) of blood or many bodily things.    


I use this source for catheters: http://www.shopmedvet.com/product/tom-cat-catheter-kendall-3-5-french-5-5inch-open-end

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Lindsey, wow! I will add, my DP almost passed out when she insemed me and when I insemed her, it was much easier when she pulled her knees up.
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I also just wanted to add that this SOLO IUI was our BFP!   Keeping my fingers crossed that it really sticks (I'm only at 11DPO) but I guess now we actually know that the method I described above actually works!

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Lindsey - double wow!
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Lindsey,  You are BADASS!

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I love this thread! DP and I need help.


We are ready to do at-home iui and we have a donor for "fresh". We have instructions on how to insem, but we're missing these puzzle peices:


In "what" does donor "deposit the fresh?" Then, how to transfer to the beaker?

...then, since we would like to wash with the swim-up method, where can we find the medium to wash them?

...at last, can we just siphon off the top of the beaker, and inject?


Basically, I can't find instructions or any resources on how to prepare the fresh at home without buying the centrifuge. What am i missing? How are people doing this?


Thank you!

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Great question about washing -- I've heard is that you should never do iui with unwashed sperm (it won't work because the sperm are still coated in seminal fluid that would normally be scrubbed off on the swim up from the cervix). You can to ici with fresh unwashed sperm at home. You just put the tip of the syringe right against or into the OS.

My doctor recently mentioned to me that she is happy to do the washing process only for lesbian couples who use fresh sperm. She runs a small office so i was shocked that she would offer such a service. She said that she purchased the machine for $200 so it wasn't a huge investment. I believe that the sperm must be spun to separate them from the seminal fluid. If you happen to live in the northeast, this MD is willing to wash sperm with "no questions asked" I believe legally, they are supposed to require that the sperm be frozen for 6mo for the donor to be HIV tested again before insemination but she is willing to do it anyway. As for this $200 machine, I will ask her more about it to see if it might be accessible for private purchase.
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It really is not advised to do IUI with fresh sperm bcause of the risk of infection. I have never heard of washing it at home. I would just do an IVI/ICI with a needless syringe. No catheters. Scroll through the How Did You (DW/DP) Get Pregnant Thread for more ideas. Basically just point the syringe at (but not IN) your cervix and you'll be fine. I guess I would wonder why you want to bother with IUI if you have fresh? One of the reasons that IUI is done is because frozen samples can have such a small quantity (it's like a thimble full). This is not an issue wih fresh, you'll have plenty of supply. Also, all of that seminal fluid is a good thing. On a fresh sperm insem, the seminal fluid helps keep the boys alive longer, and they actually can "time-release" thmselves so that you cover a longer period of fertility. Washing all that off cuts thier life span. I would say keep it all in tact, put it in the vagina, and let the swimmers do their thing.

For deposit vessels I've heard of a mason jar in a paper bag. Doesn't have to be anything fancy but you do want to keep it shielded from light as much as possible. Sperm live longer in darkness.

Good luck!
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Hi all, DW and I will be inseminating (me) next week with our family doctor. This will be our first time, and it will be unmedicated, with anonymous frozen sperm.

Right now I'm just waiting to ovulate. I'm using LH sticks and have been charting my BBT. In previous months, I was ovulating on day 26, then last month I ovulated on day 20, so my ovulation is somewhat unpredictable. This cycle, I have had a nasty flu for the first two weeks of my cycle, so I'm worried I might now ovulate greensad.gif or that the timing is going to be waaaay off.

Anyway, sending all of you baby dust! I plan on being on here regularly, now that we're starting this process.
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Welcome.gif mamaetmaman!  Maybe you already joined, but I'm sure they would love to see you on the Queer Conceptions thread.  Good luck!

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What a helpful thread!  This information is still so useful.  My partner and I knew we were going to start trying at home, but now it's really sneaking up.  Our year-long membership with our cryobank is done this Friday, so we need to order within the next few days to avoid forfeiting the free vial we earned earlier in the year. 
Now it's a scramble to make sure we have what we need for when I ovulate in a couple weeks.


Very helpful resources in here.  Thanks so much!


Btw, we need our at home ICI "kit" to use with frozen vials, so any wisdom or advice you have to pass on will be greatly appreciated.  <3
Love and baby dust to you all!joy.gif

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lovestreet - when you talk to your bank, ask them whether they can include needless syringes in your shipment. Most banks do, mine was free of charge but even if they charged you I bet it would be cheap. Even if you are doing just one insem, make sure you get at least two syringes in case the first one you open is a dud. Out of our three at-home insems, we did get one bad syringe and thank goodness we had a back-up.

If you are just doing ICI with a syringe in the vagina, then you don't need a catheter.

Other things we always had on hand for the insems:

A pair of thin gloves for removing the vial from the tank. It will be super cold at first, but it is also really small so you want something thin enough that you can handle it easily. I think DW used a pair of liner gloves for running in cold weather.

Also, we shut off the lights because sperm lives longer in darkness. So, for opening the tank and handling the vial, DW used a hiker's headlamp on the low setting. But if you didn't have one of those you could use any dim light or flashlight.

We always cleared off a small nightstand in our bedroom and covered it with paper towel so DW had a clean surface to use for filling the syringe and organizing the "supplies". We also made sure to shut off our phones and take care of the pets (dog went out to pee and got a chew toy to keep him occupied, etc) before we got started so that there would be no interruptions.

Good luck and ask any questions as needed!!
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Ooh! One more thing. If you haven't actually picked out your sperm yet, I would suggest that you consider buying it raw rather than washed. This is only if you are NOT doing IUI with a catheter. But when you're just using a syringe in the vagina, there is no danger in raw sperm, and it actually helps them live longer. It is only when you start threading a catheter through the cervix that washed vials become necessary. We never used catheters at home, and our BFP came with raw frozen sperm and just the syringe.
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What kind f tips are you looking for? We did use a thin cloth to touch the frozen vial but didn't do any of the other stuff Sphinxy did. We did it in the bedroom light.
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Thanks for the information, Sphinxy, and I wish I had read your note before we picked up the tank yesterday, then I would've asked the bank for a couple syringes...  

We are planning to do an IUI, so we did get a washed vial.


And thank you for the tips about the room!  I wouldn't have known about the dark, and I probably would've thought of the "calm" stuff too late.  Like as a cat was jumping up on the bed with us...


We plan to "test" the equipment a bit first -- use the speculum, find the cervix, just so DP can get the lay of the land.  When we had the insems at the clinic, she watched a couple of them, so she's familiar, just hasn't done it on her own, of course.


I think the only concern I can think of right now is getting the liquid from the vial and up into the syringe.  Is it tricky?  What's the best way to get it all?

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lovestreet I just asked DW and she said it was not difficult at all to fill the syringe. She tilted the vial just a little to try to suction from the lowest corner in an effort to get it all. She knew how many CCs we were supposed to have in the vial, so she would check the measurement line on the syringe in low light to make sure she got it all. But, again, she said it was pretty easy to fill, the syringes have good suction.
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The lowest part of our vial was the bottom. We sucked it up with the cath on to fill the cath, too. Then the air that was in the cath will be in the top of the syringe and push out all the sperm. It's good that she's seen them performed, my DP almost puked. Lol.
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