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I have had this "stomach flu" 6 times now in the past 3 months.  I am full term and getting real close to labor so there really isn't much that I can or will take to help the symptoms.  Basically its the same every time, though the duration lasts from 1-4 days.  It starts with a distinct tasting burp (rotten carcass) and then hours later develops into gut wrenching stomach pains that last for hours or days.  This will be followed by violent diarrhea and sometimes vomiting, which almost always happens only at night/ in the morning.  I can't sleep or get comfortable during those nights so I just sit there in pain.  Nothing helps.  Then there is a period of gassy bloat in my intestines as it moves through, followed by more diarrhea, then back to normal.  There has been anywhere from 4 days to 6 weeks between episodes. My husband and son had a mild attack the first time I had it but have not had any other episodes.


I can eat and drink during the episodes.  I can't find a link to any particular food.  I have been tested for everything my doc could think of pathogen-wise and everything is negative.  My WBCs are not elevated.  My health is otherwise great, no other problems in pregnancy.  No problems last pregnancy.  No other symptoms to link it to any other health problem.


I have always eaten a traditional/ whole foods diet-my whole life- and have never had any digestive problems.  There is no history of allergies or intolerances in my family, nor is there a history of gall bladder problems, IBS, Crohn's etc.  My doc really does not think the symptoms match up to any of these either.  She is pretty crunchy and does not want to expose the baby to any antibiotics or further tests (CT scan).  She is hoping that I will get better postpartum and will wait to further investigate if necessary.


I go to an ND, chiro, TCM dr. for acupuncture/herbs, and get regular massages.  I am taking NC organic probiotics and DG licorice root extract along with the regular gamut of supplements during pregnancy.  The only thing I changed (right before the first episode) was my prenatals- I take RL organic prenatal system which is my only suspicious one.  I never had problems with RL vitamins in the past (never took the organic ones though).


I am so desperate!  I feels like I am dying during an episode.  I am in so much pain and can't function or get comfortable.  I am so scared I will be in the middle of one and go into labor.


TIA if you have read through this.  I would really appreciate any feedback!