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Stalking anyone (or should I say everyone)?

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I will admit it.  I have been stalking the boards, too tired to post much or respond, but stalking....waiting for the first birth to post.  Maybe it will make the whole process real to me.  Anyone else brave enough to join me in admitting the stalker-ness?  



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I tend to lurk much more than I post.  Mainly because I have a very attention demanding toddler who is usually crawling all over my lap to get my attention and over my laptop so typing would be impossible anyway. 


I too am so excited about starting to see june arrivals.  I lurk on another forum (though I prefer this one) which is more mainstream and since I am due June 1st, I visit may duedate club as well as june and was shocked that by mid april there were like 10 or more may babies born.  Now first week of may, they have like 50!  So many early babies.  Most didn't just come on their own though of course, they were induced or early sections. 


Still, crazy that all those may babies are here already. I love popping into our may DDC and seeing the new babes.  I can't wait to see the June ones start to arrive.  It definately will make me feel closer...wait....what am I talking about????  I am due June 1st, haha  I should be one of the first, hahahaha!!!  For some reason I am just feeling I will go 2 weeks late.  I have with two of my other pregnancies even though I knew the exact date of conception. 


Ha, well, either way...


Let's try and enjoy the last few weeks..as miserable as they are making us physically, lol.

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I read all the time, but I almost never post, because I don't have time to respond to everyone's amazing lives (and I am a ferocious self-editor, so it takes far more time than it should). So yeah, I'm stalking you all, I guess. And I recognize both of your names (icons? avatars? member names?), so you are less lurky than I am!


I feel very privileged to be able to see what's going on with you all. It's encouraging!

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It seems like this DDC has been kind of slow, other than the chat thread. I am lurking around too...although I do expect to be one of the first to go.

I am actually surprised we don't have ANY birth announcements yet...usually there's a preemie or a set of twins or something by now, no?
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Yes, yes. Most definitely a stalker here!  

Is anyone else jumping to the other months and reading birth stories?  I can't tell if it is good for me to do that or not.........part of me doesn't want to think about birth until I am in the middle of doing it myself!!! 

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I am very shocked too.  Generally there is at least ONE birth by now.  It's awesome that there doesn't seem to be one, which means babies are cooking like they should but it's still shocking!

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I'm in the stalker club too.  Probably has something to do with working full time, being in school full time and having a toddler.... :)

But I agree, this DDC is slower than many.  I guess all the busy mamas on MDC all decided to have Junebugs innocent.gif

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I've posted here and there, but feel like I lurk more than anything. I'm just so busy and so darn tired. Half the time I don't feel like I have the brain power to write anything that makes sense! I think I may end up posting more after baby is here as I'll be more comfortable and get better rest. I do hope we can all get more active at posting at some point - I really like the idea of getting to know one another a bit better. But that will come with time!

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i am sure i read way more than i post. pretty soon our ddc will be hopping! may is going crazy right now...



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i'm so glad you posted this thread. feels like a confessional! i definitely read way more than i post, and yes i stalk all the other DDCs too - the later ones to see what it's like later on, and to read the birth stories and the earlier ones to reminisce about what it was like earlier, or maybe to make myself feel better about having gotten this far!

i have that weird thing going on now where i am familiar with so many of the women on here but they don't know me because i don't post enough - serious stalker situation! 

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Sign me up for the stalker club, with a loud thank you to all those that post regularly. smile.gif

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I definitely read more than I post, but it makes me feel good just knowing everyone is here.  About the only time I get to read is during my lunch break.  But, I can't tell everyone how nice it is to be able to take a break, pop over and check on all of my Mothering preggers.  And, I can't believe how close we're all getting!!!

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I just realized that I have been lurking on this thread, too. redface.gif


I also read a lot more than I ever post. I'm interested, and people post some interesting things, but I don't often feel I have much to add to the conversation. I dunno, I guess my situation feels pretty different than what a lot of people share. To me, anyway. I was also lurking a lot on the May DDC, with all the birth stories and what have you .... but I've found myself becoming very very sensitive to anything sad or scary, and so I'm afraid to click on anybody's birth story now. I find myself reading more on the parenting forums these days.

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