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Poll Results: What Size is Your TV?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 4% (4)
    Don't personally own a TV
  • 11% (11)
  • 19% (18)
  • 35% (33)
  • 28% (27)
  • 3% (3)
  • 0% (0)
    61" and larger
94 Total Votes  
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We just downsized to a little 17inch. It has an inbuilt DVD player and is light and portable which makes it easy to put it away for the periods of time when TV becomes a problem for DS. We're very happy with it.
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We have a 46 inch lcd tv.  I like it a lot, and it makes all the difference for DH who has some vision problems.  We had smaller big box tvs for a long time and he was always sitting right on top of the screen.  We will not be transporting our tv when we move, but will instead replace it.  My parents will get the tv to replace their 19 inch circa 1989 tv.  I will also arrange for them to have netflix with it.  My dad's eyesight isn't so good anymore, and having seen the difference it made for DH, I can't wait to set it up for my Dad to use.  


DD will have a 19 inch or so tv for her room, and we will have another 40-50 inch for ourselves in the living room.  We don't watch a ton of tv, but when we do it is really nice to have a big screen so everyone can see from a distance. :)

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Originally Posted by Rani View Post

Ours is our iMac. We use a slingbox to run the cable signal to the computer. So the screen is not so very large at all, but we can sit on the couch and watch it.

That. Our mac is 20".
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We just moved abroad so we have a brand spanking new "32 LED TV.  Honestly, it seems massive to me so I can't imagine anything bigger (we have a pretty small living room, though) but "32 was actually the smallest that they sold here.  Previously we had something like a "24 or "27 and that seems big to me too!

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We have 1 32" TV that dh got for Christmas a couple of years ago.

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We just got new ones in the last year when our very old tv's gave out:


23" in our bedroom


32" in the living room


I agree most people seem to have larger these days. We don't have cable though and don't watch much on actual tv so I don't really feel the need for bigger. And our house is small. We mostly watch stuff on the computer.

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Not sure of the specifics, but it's VERY tiny...and an old boxy thing! orngtongue.gif We live in the country and reception's bad here anyway, but the city's calling and we're going to be there Feburary 2012. We'll start unschooling, I can't wait! And we'll get one of the massive projectors to celebrate. Though my DH wouldn't mind going TV free!

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We have an OLD 27" in the living room and 19" in my room and DD1's room. We don't have the fancy-schmancy LCD or plasma. Though I wish like crazy that we did. ROTFLMAO.gif

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I have a 36 and do not care to go any bigger. 

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We have a 46" LCD that I love.  We got it a few years ago after our old 24" CRT TV from the 80's finally died. We also have a 7' movie screen with a projector for watching movies too.  With this though, it has to be dark outside b/c the room it's in has a lot of windows.  So although it's great, it's nice to have the TV for daytime watching, or movies in the summer if we don't want to wait till after 9pm to start watching something. 

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This thread is old, so I know I posted in it last year... however, I will change my response b/c my lovely children have broken two LCD TV's within the last year (50" and 42").  Ugh.  So, we recently bought a projector and have it set at about 100" right now.  It works great, for the wii, netflix, cable TV, movies, etc., so I'm glad we ended up getting it.  And it does work in the daylight - that was one of the main criteria when we were shopping around.  Kids can't break the screen now. 

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Two space hogs that were TVs in their former lives but have not been turned on in more than ten months. Eventually I will get around to reclaiming the space. We just have been to busy with our lives to concern ourselves with it thus far.
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We just upgraded to a 55" b/c of the Olympics and football.  

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29" Sony.

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Originally Posted by JamieCatheryn View Post

No TV but we've got a 80" projector screen and the projector set up to fill it. I love it because it's extremely comfortable to watch or play games on (even split screen multiplayers) but it rolls up and it's gone most of the time. Same price as a decent middle sized tv too.


I've always wanted to do that! Maybe some day. orngtongue.gif


We have a 32" in our living room, which we recently bought because the TV we had didn't work well. (The volume/channel buttons either changed the volume, the channel, or did absolutely nothing at all, and the component ports I think had short or something, and didn't work reliably.)


We moved that TV (a 27" tube), to our bedroom (where we do less with it, so don't have to worry so much about the buttons not working right.).


And in the playroom, we have a 19-ish inch tube tv, which the kids watch occasionally.

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