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i've been stressing all week because on monday one doctor played the "baby could have brain damage" card on me and yesterday another doctor played the "risk of stillbirth goes up after 41 weeks" card on me.  i'm currently 41w4d.


my bradley instructor shared this with me and it made me feel a lot better.

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Thanks for the link Sam. Wishing everyone relief soon! I am starting nst on Monday at 41 weeks but no one wants any intervention at this point and though I'd hate it ill go to 42 weeks at least. And probably beyond but ugh.
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Sam- I think it is so unfair what your OB is putting you through. I had two 42 weekers and I am really glad for the monitoring technology we have to make sure things are fine because not every baby who goes to 42 or especially 41 weeks is in grave danger or any danger at all. I really wish they'd back off. I have a feeling your baby will decide to come very soon.

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Sam- I'm so sorry for what your OB is putting you through.  With DD2 the scare tactics started at my 5 mth appt and I walked away and went with a home birth. With this pregnancy the scare tactics didn't get hard and heavy until 34 weeks when my midwife started to force a diagnosis of IUGR on me.  She was basically saying that I needed to be induced by 38 weeks because I must have some complication of being 40 yrs old.  When I didn't buy that she then pulled out the dead baby card and started guilting me about stillbirth.  It's only in the past few days that I've been able to function without huge amounts of fear because I started trusting in my body.  Whatever decision you make, know that your body is amazing and can grow this baby for the correct amount of time.  If baby is active  and you are healthy you should be fine to go to 42 weeks.

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 I was told many similar things that you were and one doctor even said, "Your risk of remaining pregnant is fetal death and I can't be responsible for that and because your a VBAC and past 41 weeks you're risk of stillbirth goes up 100 times". I looked him straight in the eye and said, "Really? What study is that from because I'd love to read it so I can make an evidence and fact-based decision." Of course he dropped it because he just made that up :) FWIW, everything I found indicates a small increased risk AFTER 42 completed weeks (so like, you're going on 43 weeks).



clap.gif good for you mama.


thanks emily and karen.  i kinda wish doc had revealed his true self sooner.  perhaps i could have found different care, but what do i do at 41 weeks?


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The studies they're referencing show a very small increase at 43 weeks (42 completed, as mentioned above), however when I say small... I mean small. Still not really comparable to the risks of injury, complication and death that come with induction and elective cesarean section.

Following that, there is another ACTUALLY statistically relevant increase in rates at 44/45+ weeks. However, as I said earlier, there is no strong evidence to suggest that the increase in stillbirth risk at 44+ is actually due to dysmaturity... as dysmaturity was not found in all of those cases. It's thought that that stillbirth leap actually has more to do with the defects or other genetic problems that the baby was at risk for/died of that ALSO had a side effect of prolonging gestation. Very, very few women go that far. Very few.


The most common cause of "going overdue"? Having your dates wrong. ;)  EDDs are based on a 28 day cycle with day 14 ovulation, going by the first day of your last menstrual period. Even if we take away all of the, "different bodies mature at different ages" argument and pretend for a moment that 100% of babies are finished growing at EXACTLY 255 days; we're left with the vast, vast majority of women who still have an inaccurate due date (even by as much as 2-3 weeks) due to varying cycle lengths.

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MommyKrista- I totally understand about perinatologist.  As much as I knew the risk, I did get a CVS at the beginning of this pregnancy and the perinatologist kept telling me during the scan how I would most certainly have to be induced and in their office for NST's and BPP from 34 weeks onward because my placenta would surely fail and I would most definitely have some age-related complication.  Yeah, thanks for your support.  Talk about doom and gloom and trying to strike mortal fear in a pregnant mom.

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 Last pregnancy the poor ultrasound tech had to keep sticking up for me because the head of Maternal Fetal Medicine kept saying, "We're going to get you induced today (even though I didn't want that and she hadn't even started the biophysical profile)"

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I have to take exception with the characterization that anyone is trying to terrify etc.


You've got to remember that these physicians see thousands of births- one of the very qualities that moms here dislike, the inability of the provider to spend a great deal of time with their patient- means that they see many more than your average HB MW. And as a result, just the sheer numbers mean that they see more bad outcomes. They do see the 42 week stillbirths, the moms transferring in with fetal demise, etc. This is in no way meant as a scare tactic, just the reality that it is going to influence the way they practice.

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karen - i guess i should feel fortunate, no one ever made mention of my age as a reason to be concerned about complications (that doesn't mean there's not a big red flag in my chart).


jeminijad - with all due respect, i completely disagree.  i absolutely believe it's meant as a scare tactic.  why else would one use phrases like "brain damage" and "still birth"?  they do have access to the same statistics i've read (and have included above).  they are misinforming women.

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jeminijad - with all due respect, i completely disagree.  i absolutely believe it's meant as a scare tactic.  why else would one use phrases like "brain damage" and "still birth"?  they do have access to the same statistics i've read (and have included above).  they are misinforming women.

Yeah, this. A thousand times.


Ever seen a blog titled, "My OB said WHAT?!". Look it up, read a few pages, and try to say that again with confidence. ;)


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Here's another bit of info for mamas feeling like maybe they're getting some unfair pressure to be induced.







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Or this one, which isn't proactive but gives you an insider's look on how deep the manipulation runs...

"Getting a stubborn patient to say 'yes'."

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Well, my official due date is tomorrow. I am starting to freak out. My other 2 had been born by now. My first right at 39 weeks and my second at 38 weeks 2 days. So, I am trying to figure out what this baby is up to in there. Yesterday I had a moment of... "maybe I am not even pregnant, and I just have a tumor or something"

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Okay, I can post here now! Today is my EDD. I know it doesn't really mean anything, but I sure was hoping for a baby by now! My first two kidlets were born before their EDD, so this third baby is throwing me for a loop! I feel like I have been pregnant forever--I got the BFP on Labor Day--if I'm still pregnant on Memorial Day I don't know what will become of me. mecry.gifAlright, so that is a bit dramatic, but I'm NOT good at this waiting game. Hopefully the baby will come this week since my DH is scheduled off work. I guess the only thing to do is wait, and wait, and wait. And wait. And wait....Ha!

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Well... I don't know what this 3rd child is waiting for but he/she NEEDs to arrive soon.  I am 41wks+3 now and feeling so burnt out. I had an appt with my midwife yesterday and asked her to check me because I've been having off/on contractions that just don't go anywhere. Plus I've been feeling a lot of down low pressure, especially when I use the bathroom.  Good news is that the cerix is soft and effaced and I am dilated 4+ cms- very stretchy and she could feel the baby's head.  I go back tomorrow to be checked again.  Other good news is that the baby's head is engaged in a pretty good position- a concern for me since the baby has been vacillating between posterior and ROA.  I feel like I have to have the patience of a sait to wait this out.  I'm tired of DTD to get things going and, in fact, ended up with a yeast infection.  I was worried that would be in full force when I had the baby and then cause thrush but it seems cleared up and I've been double dosing on probiotics and my yeast gard vitamins.


ELV's to all those mamas who are past their "guess date".  They really should just give a 4-5 week window of time for when you are due as the "due date" just causes so much stress.

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Well, my official due date is tomorrow. I am starting to freak out. My other 2 had been born by now. My first right at 39 weeks and my second at 38 weeks 2 days. So, I am trying to figure out what this baby is up to in there. Yesterday I had a moment of... "maybe I am not even pregnant, and I just have a tumor or something"

I had my first at 38 weeks, second 39+4 and now I can say my 3rd at 41 weeks or 41 +2 if I go by the doc due date which I don't consider to have been accurate. So, I guess each baby has its' own time in mind. I know how you feel. 

Just wanted to give you encouragement with that.

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I was 39 weeks yesterday and lost my mucous plug two weeks ago (lots of dribs and drabs since then) plus two days of bloody show: two days ago and today. The pain is pretty bad due to my AS (spinal disease), and honestly I'm feeling very 'done' but I'm hanging on... can't really be much more of this and in the long run it's so much safer to keep her in than it is to "encourage" or outright induce.

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Here I am 11 days past my EDD.  I really thought I'd be holding my baby today.  Woke up at 2:30am with some contractions and after using the bathroom there was pink mucus and some slight blood tinged mucus.  Had ctx's that were about every 3 mins for about an hour and was going to call the mw.  Went upstairs and was feeling so tired I thought I'd lay down and see how I managed with them while lying down before I woke up DH and called the mw.  It was torrentially raining and wanted to be sure it was the real deal before I phoned her.  Well... they petered out and I woke up a few more times- off/on with mild ctx's but then I'm just in the same pattern of mild contractions and back pain this morning. I'm sitting here bouncing on a yoga ball.  I go see the mw at 11:30am today so we'll see what she has to say.  I'm getting sort of mentally beat with all this stop/start of labor.  I feel like this is the Tour de Labour and I'm just doing it in a zillion little stages.


I guess my biggest worry is that my water breaks and baby is born super quick.  This happened with DD2 and DH helped deliver her but I am just not the UC type and really like the reassurance of a mw there.  Well, another day.


Oh, and last comment... maybe this has been a mental block to labor- but I told my older sister I am having a HB.  She freaked out and said a lot of not so nice stuff to me (which I expected) but at least it's said and done. 

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Joining this thread never thought I would be!  I'm only 1 day overdue though :)  I had my first at 37 weeks, second right on her due date.  Every pregnancy gets longer!  the hardest thing right now is my sciatica is bothering me so much I can barely stand anymore..otherwise I'm trying to be patient!  Lost my plug weeks ago, I've been 2cm for weeks...I WILL go into labor, I just have to keep telling myself that!

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