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Morning ladies, happy belated mother's day...


EG I also wouldn't go four hours alone... you certainly could go into labor and then who would drive you home?  I don't know.  As I type that, sitting here at 40 weeks, I have a little bit of the "eff-its" creeping in... like why limit yourself.  I am having so much early labor stuff that I could definitely drive through.  Better safe than sorry though.


Dayiscoming happy EDD - :)


Today is EDD... I really thought the baby was coming last night - I had a good many hours of surges and though DH wanted to stay up, I was pretty pooped.  Early yesterday I woke up and was just frustrated with sinus pressure and not being able to sleep that well - I totally lost it in tears, waking DH.  He got me back on track though in a great way.  We went to MIL's house yesterday and did some work in the garden.  I didn't do a ton but I did some for sure.  Had surges on the way home and after an hour break, had more surges through the evening till about 10:30pm.  I read the thread about water being broke for 24 hours and to "have a glass of wine and try to rest" and I thought that was exactly what the doctor ordered.


I was grumpy and tired and swollen at the end of yesterday and I really felt like I'd rather get a night's rest in me if possible or at least a nap before laboring.  So... here I am Monday morning!  We took a walk this morning and DTD.  No action happening right now.  There is a work thing I may take care of this morning... going to do some laundry.


Last night was kind of a wake up call for me - I was tired from the day's activities and I think I might have "shut labor down" a bit by asking my body for some rest first.  So I want to get nice and rested today and keep an eye on my energy levels - gearing everything to being in a pleasant place mentally for laboring.

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Happy EDD to you too 

Originally Posted by annaconda View Post

Dayiscoming happy EDD - :)

Sound like things are gearing up pretty well for you. Nothing happening for me at all. Just waiting. Hoping something will happen soon.

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Waiting is insane.  :)

I am back in my holding pattern as well.

Fingers crossed!

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Fingers crossed for you!


My baby can't come yet- as comfortable as that would probably make me I have toooo much to do and it would be nice to have my husband home for the birth. I've dilated 1 cm in 2 days.

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Wow, once again, miss a couple of days and just feel like I've missed so much! Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day weekend! ELV's to the laboring mamas and I can't wait to catch up on some announcements and birth stories! Not sure I can keep up with this thread but I'm gonna try ....


Samstress - Yay for a diaper service! If my mother in law knew cloth diapers still existed, maybe she'd do that too... hmmm. :) Hope things get going for you SOON!

Cerise - So nice to connect with your back-ups AND your mw, isn't it?? I was so pleasantly surprised! Now we'll see if our babies beat our mws back from their vacations. :) (I'm rooting for our babies!!)


Camprunner - The glider sounds awesome! That's something I'm really hoping we get just as soon as we have a place to put it - never had a baby without SOME kind of rocking chair before! I guess the birth ball will have to do in the mean time. :P

L&K - I hope you're feeling better and sort of "back on your feed" after the tummy bug! I thought I was going to toss my cookies last night and I was torn between "NO! I can't be sick!" and "Hey! Maybe this is a sign of labor?!" LOL - happily and sadly, neither seemed to be the case - just a bit of random aggravation with my tummy apparently.

PA - I know just what you mean - the movements seem HUGE and intense and frequently take my breath away and then give me a contraction! Somewhat funny, somewhat... Stop that! :) Hard to relax when your belly is apparently a gymnastics class.

KarenMT - You handled the OB/GYN mama very graciously - I don't know if could've kept my mouth shut - and what would that really have achieved? Well played!


Dayiscoming - Wow... I would be kind of bent, I think! Until reading that this is your longest pg yet, I didn't realize how much I was banking on the idea that the babies come faster and easier as you go along until reading that you had, in fact, broken your own record! I guess the only encouragement I have to offer is that I never get any impending labor signs, so maybe you're closer than you realize!

Evergreen - I'd be torn about the 39 week thing. I'd probably plan to do it to freak everyone out and possibly jinx myself into labor, and wait for someone to volunteer to come with me, then end up doing it with no problem - to my utter annoyance.
But you and Elonwy, happy 37th week to us! We're sort of the caboose on this train, so it's exciting that we're all three "full-term" now!! :)


Becca - Sounds like a great weekend! I hope things move along for you soon so you'll have a baby in your arms instead of pain in your legs and hips! :)


Annaconda - I'm wishing I had a garden to be working in now... :) But I hope today everything comes together with peace and the right frame of mind and body and you get that baby here today or tonight!!

AFM - Had a wonderful weekend with my aunt. She's one of those people who shows up and makes your life easier and more interesting instead of complicated and frustrating! She always knows more about where you live than you do, and we more or less played tourist and had a great time. My kids just love her and she took them out Saturday and dh and I just got to relax together for awhile - probably the last time! AND she helped my kids pick out a necklace for me and got it - incredibly thoughtful of her! I got a lot of walking in - for all the good that seems to have done - but you know it helps in the long run as well. Greenville is an even nicer little city than I realized, and we even checked out the children's museum, which was exhausting as well as fun.


I never (well, at least the last two times within my experience!) have any signs of impending labor, no obvious plug loss, no "cleansing" with the bowels, no leaky fluid, none of that, so I'm holding out hope that somehow I'm closer than I think I am even without those sorts of things happening - and both times were the day after my due date. REALLY don't want to wait that long. I really hope the baby is here before dh has to go back to work on the 17th, but I'm not sure I'm willing to do more than walk and eat gobs of pineapple and do the evening primrose oil. I was talking with the girls that worked the admissions desk at the children's museum about castor oil, - one girl said two of her friends used it and had their babies within 24 hours - but I'm just not sure if I want to do that yet... maybe later this week? Guess we'll see how desperate I get. :)


Now I can go catch up with the rest of the threads. :) C'mon Babies!!

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday!  I can't believe how many babies have arrived already!!!  I'm only at 37 weeks, so I expect I have a while to go yet...


I'm feeling HUGE and have been complaining way too much.  Plus I'm super irritable.  My poor DH...  I'm sure he's tired of hearing about my aching back and my sleepless nights.  And I keep snapping at the kids for the stupidest little things.  I feel like I need a day alone to just unwind and rest uninterrupted.  This move has really stretched me too thin.  


That said, I spent yesterday getting things ready for the baby.  I have all the clothes and diapers washed and put away, so that is a huge relief!  The new apartment is coming together nicely and I only have a few more things to do.  It won't be a huge deal if they don't get done before the baby arrives, but it would be nice if I can get it all finished.  I'm still waiting for my birth kit to arrive - they sent the wrong one!  But other than that and freezing some meals everything baby related is good to go.  So hopefully the right kit will arrive in the next few days and I'll get a surge of energy to stock the freezer, so I can relax the last few weeks of this pregnancy!



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Evergreen- I hope you get as much time as you need before baby arrives.  Sounds like you really want to go and see your law school so I hope losing the plug was just a slow progression thing.


Annaconda- I'm in the same boat.  Had some progress Friday but nothing since then.  I was due yesterday so now everyone is beginning to drive me batty.  I told DH that we should DTD this afternoon but he wants to go play hockey tonight so I guess it will wait until he comes back and, of course, showers.  Hockey sweat is the nastiest of all things- LOL


Lizzie- Good luck with your babe arriving very soon.  I am sort of frustrated because DD1 was 8 days late and DD2 was one day early.  I was really banking on this baby being on time or a few days early. I go for another NST tomorrow just to ease my mind. 


AFM- had a great appt with HB midwife and her assistants.  Baby is now in a ROT position- not exactly posterior but more posterior than anterior.  Guess I'll be doing some pelvic rocking again tonight.  Scheduled a NST tomorrow just to put my mind at rest because I still have this still birth fear.  The HB midwives are great at reassuring me that baby is active and healthy heart tones but once someone puts that thought in your head it is so difficult to get the fear to leave you.  I just hope baby come soon so I can focus on baby and not on these end of pregnancy fears.  When DD1 was overdue it wasn't a big deal as I was 6.5 yrs younger and we lived in a much less intervention crazy area. 

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lizzie- Yes! Full term feels great!!! I couldn't tell- are you in Greenville, NC or SC? Or somewhere else hahaha


karenMT- I am so glad you had a great appointment today. Rok that pelvis! I am a worrier this time, I wouldn't even use a doppler with Ava because I felt the risks outweighed the benefits , but so far I've had 3 ultrasounds, a doppler every appointment and have a NST tent. scheduled for 42 weeks (actually 41 weeks 5 days because 42 weeks is a Sunday.) I do feel better using technology this time to reassure me that things are fine. 


mija- I bet tha is such a releif to be all finished with the new home! Now you just need a baby to put in there!

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Has anyone lost mucous plug at the beginning and not had it be pink/red? I had about a pea sized amount of white come out this morning. It was definitely solid, not normal discharge.

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Originally Posted by becca_howell View Post

Has anyone lost mucous plug at the beginning and not had it be pink/red? I had about a pea sized amount of white come out this morning. It was definitely solid, not normal discharge.

I lost a bit of mucous plug this morning and it wasn't bloody at all. I'm hoping it could mean something is about to happen, but who knows.


I had bloody show just before going into labor with my first. I'd say it's probably anyone's guess though. 

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Originally Posted by becca_howell View Post

Has anyone lost mucous plug at the beginning and not had it be pink/red? I had about a pea sized amount of white come out this morning. It was definitely solid, not normal discharge.

I lost mine over the course of days/ a couple weeks. At first it was just sticky/white goop. 5 days before labor it started to be streaked with blood.

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i bet you guys sam is in labour...i haven't seen her active online since last night...

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Originally Posted by ryleeee View Post

i bet you guys sam is in labour...i haven't seen her active online since last night...

i was wondering, too...


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Full moon a week from tonight smile.gif  Dh made a prediction of Friday the 13th. I'm thinking the full moon sounds better!  It will still be early for me. Anyone else hoping for a full moon baby?

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Just thought I'd pop on and say hi. I'm finally starting to feel a bit better and my appetite is slowly coming back. Had a MW appt today and am 2cm dilated and 80% effaced...baby is doing well. We'll see when he decides to make an appearance...I'm hoping soon, my mom is hoping I wait until after she arrives Saturday night.

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i was wrong, she's not in labour :P


ughhhh i am so stressed out. this can't be good for the baby. 

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I have had been doing great with emu oil! Amazing stuff!

Originally Posted by camprunner View Post




 Feet only look slightly less swollen though. 

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I have been quite the complainer myself. Part of the reason I haven't been on here or leaving the house so much, answering the phone etc. My mom called to check in and I said I was in a real bad mood and didn't feel like talking. She kept talking (which is normally just complaining about my dad!) so then I started talking about stuff going on etc.. I didn't have a bunch of rosey stories to share and she was all "man Sara I can't listen to you complain anymore" after I was explaining why I chose to find a new home for our kitty. If I was finding a new home for our kitty do you think I have a bunch of nice things to say about the animal? Duh!  SO as soon as she said that I said fine thanks for calling we'll talk to you soon love ya. She got so mad at me!! SO ANNOYING!!

Originally Posted by dallasslynn View Post

You all sound so chipper!!  I wouldn't think you were in the last weeks of pregnancy.  wink1.gif  Me on the other hand-I've been SUCH a complainer lately.  Thankfully my DH isn't bothered at all by it and thinks its normal for this stage of pregnancy.  He also more than happy to lend his prostoglandins in an effort to make me "un-pregnant"(his words).  Not due for another 2 weeks, but at least DTD is a distraction from all my aches and pains.


I'm really a homebody now.  Don't like hearing all the well-meant comments from others.  Plus I've been puttering around trying to get everything ready for our homebirth.  Oh, and going out 8.5mos pregnant with a 5yr old, 3.5yr old and 23 mos old sounds like a bad idea. 


I'm getting really excited reading all the birth stories!!  I only hope I can be so quick to post mine.  I'm terrible at stuff like that. 


samstress-That is awesome about the diaper service!!  Sending positive thoughts your way-hoping that labor starts up soon!


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I might if I hadn't lost my plug like you mentioned!!

Originally Posted by Evergreen View Post

I am 37 weeks today! I lost my mucus plug last night. I hadn't ever lost it til labor before. It was so exciting I immediately pm'd Ryleee. Hahaha. I know it doesn't mean labor is on th ehorizon any time soon but it reminded me things are happening. My husband is on a fire and could be for weeks so I am finally getting my butt in gear and getting ready for baby knowing if I don't do it no one will. The baby clothes are still in the attic and the dipes need washed.


Would you go on a 4 hour trip alone at 39 weeks? I am seriously considering it. I want to tour my law school and put a deposit on our new apartment and it will be easier to do it before baby comes rather than after.


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Originally Posted by ryleeee View Post

i was wrong, she's not in labour :P

ughhhh i am so stressed out. this can't be good for the baby.

I wish i had been! Though it's my nephews birthday today so I'm glad this baby wasn't born today...I love my nephew(he just turned 3:) it's just easier to not share a birthday smile.gif

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