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Snuggle Me Cushion?

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I was wondering if someone could kindly help me find informations or reviews about a product called Snuggle me cushion wich i find very appealing and maybe helpfull 

here is the link to the website providing it   http://www.simplymommyonline.com/.


Thank you

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It was a lifesaver!!! I have been meeting to write the company directly!!!  I am a co-sleeper and had planned to use the Sears arms reach co sleeper.  Well my little man would not have it.... he wanted  to be snuggled all the time.  He did NOT like swaddling he had to have his limbs free while be snuggled it was quite a dilema.  I bought the snuggle me pillow after trying out the same idea with a regular bed pillow... This of course was not a good solution because of SIDS.   As soon as I got the pillow he immediately took to it...   He sleep for hours at a time.  I put the pillow between me and my husband and SUCCESS!!!    I could sleep with my arm over him and relax.    I absolutely LOVE the snuggle me pillow and rave about it to anyone who will listen.   It also works well because you can carry it around the house with you.    If the baby falls asleep downstairs with you watching tv... you just carry the pillow up to bed and he isn't bothered a bit.  Stays asleep as long as you are gentle with the pillow.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the snuggle me pillow.

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Thank you Moelissa for your review and happy that it helped you , am looking forward to buying it and wish it will help me too

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Anytime!  Also, if you have dogs they will try to sneak a nap in it anytime they can...  :-)   oh yea one more thing if you have the spare money...  They have a photo package which includes a black flanned cover, a white flannel cover and a water proof cover.   The black fannel cover is awesome for taking pictures....  However if money is tight the same thing can be accomplished with a blanket...

Good luck 

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i just purchased on of these pillows of my lo.   Did any of you put it in the crib?  I need something for transitioning him into his crib !

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THIS LOOKS AWESOME! It was really hard for me to learn how to transfer my daughter to her crib after nursing her to sleep. I wish I had known about this. 

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Now I find this?  Now that she will finally sleep without me, at 10 months old?  Where was this post when she was 8 weeks old and I hadn't set her down in, oh, about 8 weeks?


This thing looks AWESOME!

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Annid, are you connected to this company in some way?

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