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pink cheeks = bad mommy :(

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I was outside with 8mo FD today for a couple of hours. I was away from home and we actually had sun, which is new here. Of course I forgot her sunhat and didn't have any sunscreen. So now we are home and her cheeks,nose and chin are pretty pink. I feel so bad! Baby's first decent dose of fresh air and sunshine turned into her first sunburn.


Will regular lotion help to calm her skin? I use California Baby Calendula lotion. And do most of you use sunscreen? Any recs for a decent all natural option? Or is a sunhat enough protection(when bad mommy remembers to bring it)?

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Aloe vera gel is great for sun burns - there must be a baby friendly version out there!

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Same thing happened to us a month ago! As soon as I noticed she was red and her nose was splotchy looking, I squirted breast milk all over her face several times that day.  I then slathered her in coconut oil and put Cbaby calendula lotion on her.  And sure enough, before bed time her face was back to normal!! I was so excited because I felt so horrible.


Coconut oil for sunburn


Check out EWG website for "safe" sunsreens.  Awesome information!!

Sun screen guide: EWG


We used to use California Baby sun screen (rated 1 and 2 on EWG) but it is sooo expensive.  I found that EWG rated Johnson and Johnson Baby Sunscreen a "2" and I went to buy it at our local Target for only 9.99!! Much better price, even though I am not a fan of Johnson and Johnson products.  ;)



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You could see about getting an aloe vera plant for the house. They're pretty hard to kill ;) so even if you don't have a green thumb and forget to water it, it'll probably be fine for a while.

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