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What a crappy day.  Week, rather.  DH is out of town, so I'm solo-ing, but had to give up my work shifts so he could leave on a moment's notice last week.  It's been a long week.  The kids "waaaaant (their) daaaaaaad!!!!!!" already, and it's only been eight days.  We've gone weeks before without him, but for some reason this time, we're all a little nuts this week.


It felt like I did nothing but scold kids all day ("You may not spray your sister with the hose." and the like.).  I tried to reconcile us at dinner - I made simple quesadillas/fruit/vegetables/milk, and we all ate with our hands.  I apologized and told the kids that I felt like I had been yelling at everyone all day and I didn't like it, and we roundly voted to Have A Nice Evening.  I even put in a movie, and the three of us sat on the couch together and watched it.


I kept them up too late, because my dd started a major tantrum when it was over and I just lost it and threw one myself.  I threw a pillow and yelled at her.  :(


We always, always, always have peaceful bedtimes - I turn off the phones, etc., and each kid always gets 1:1 parent-snuggling and conversation about our day, etc., and tonight was yelling and "GET BACK TO YOUR BED!" and all the rottenness that I work so hard to avoid the 364 other days per year.


The kids have colds and are climbing in to sleep with me at night.  I don't have the heart (or willpower at 3am) to walk them back to their own beds, but I'm getting such crappy sleep that by 4-5am, I'm sneaking off to one of their (empty) beds to get a few hours of sleep, hoping my ds doesn't kick his sister in his sleep (he's a kicky one, that one).  I stick some pillows between them and hope for the best.  One of them usually wakes up and finds me missing by 6am and climbs in again with me until 7 ---- but my gosh, am I exhausted this week.  :(


I quit weight watchers again and am binging like mad this week.  I've gained all the weight back it took two weeks to lose.


Oh, and my best friend here in town (and her kids are both my kids' bffs, in the same classes/grades) is moving to another state next month.  :(  I haven't had the heart to tell my kids yet.  I need to before Monday, because she told hers and word is going to get around.  I am sad.





Okay, I think that's it for me.  Way to go for the day before Mother's Day, right?




Anyone else?  shy.gif