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A monthly thread to talk about all of our various journeys through the difficult, trying, and often heartbreaking world of infertility. This thread is a place to chat, vent, get support, cheer each other on, and hopefully occasionally laugh!

Trying to Conceive #1

SimplyRochelle - TTC #1 since May 2007; one loss at 12 weeks in September 2008; seeking holistic treatment and continuing naturally at this point; 2 failed clomid cycles; crappy insurance and limited financial resources while in nursing school keep us from going further but we'll get there one day

rhiandmoi - TTC #1 since November 2008. Just starting to get tested to see what is going on.

Silverbird - TTC #1 with MFI and one ovary

Blueyezz4~ TTC #1 (technically #4 -long story) since 2006; Moving on to our first FET after 5 failed IUI's and 1 IVF.  Hoping & praying for a miracle. Mother to our twins boys -lost at 22.5wks on 6-20-09 and another little IVF angel in heaven lost at 8wks!

indianagrl~36, DH also 36. TTC #1 since 10/08 with unexplained infertility.

fierrbug Tiara (33), DH (34) – TTC #1 since 2001, 3 mc’s. Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) which relates to other hormone/insulin/egg quality issues + some clotting properties. In limbo awaiting a miracle to get GH injections in conjunction with a future IUI.

Tantylynn: (22)  TTC#1 since  May 2009.  Diagnosed with PCOS and refered to an OB!


 LuluRoo: (28) TTC#1 since March 2011 after taking a break from TTC for a little while!!!  Doing what I can to prepare for our first medicated cycle March 29th, 2011.


Monkeyscience: (27), and dh (25)  TTC#1 w/ PCOS- going natural due to financial constraints... praying.gifpraying for some ovulation!


Renavoo:  (34) TTC#1 for 1 yr.  3 clomid cycles later, IVF may be on the horizon!


Trying To Conceive #2

Wallabi - Sara, mama to a fabulous four year old who came home at age two and a half, fighting primary infertility on and off since 2002 with endo and gluten troubles - one year gluten free! - hoping 2011 will see me pregnant!

mindfulmomma - TTC#2 since April 2009. Unexplained Secondary Infertility. Had HSG, bloodwork and Clomid challenge so far.

Jenger - TTC#2 since August 2009, diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism in August 2010


tryingfortwo - TTC#2 since Nov 2008.  Unexplained secondary infertility, hoping that a naturopath can figure out what's going on and recommend something that will help us get PG!


Lydiah: Lidia (29) DH (28)....TTC #2 since October 2009 while handling my symptoms of Crohn's Disease with Remicade since March 2010.  Have had 4 early losses, though those were while healthy.  Going to a specialist in July 2011!!


Gale~ 29, TTC#2 for 20 months. Have had the complete IF work-up and HSG and DH has had SA- everything checked out just fine. We have done 3 rounds of 50mg Clomid and had first iui on November 29th.


CassnBeth  ~  TTC#2 for us since August 2010...TTC#1 for me for 2 years.  Suffering from PCOS and remembering 4 early losses!

julieven: (33) TTC#2 since December 2009. Waiting for CD1 to get a  FET cycle going! Praying for another blessing!


 Gozal : (32), trying for number 2+ since 2009. Finally diagnosed with 5mm prolactinoma after extended breastfeeding and started cabergoline 2/11. PRL levels normal 4/11, trying a cycle with hcg trigger and then clomid + trigger.


Hope4light: unofficially TTC#2.  Severe MFI, only option is IVF w/ICSI.  Down to 2 options for a new RE (we moved), and getting ready to have consults with them and decide where to go.


Trying To Conceive #3

zanelee- TTC#3 for almost 5 years now. Secondary IF due to cervical cancer surgery. Had extensive endo removed and cervix manually dialated (so dh's boys could get in!) in late fall of 2010, and now trying on our own for a few months. Can't decided whether or not to start clomid. Praying for a miracle!



Trying To Conceive #4

MoOnFiReGlOw - TTC #4 since April '09. Had MFI due to medications. Now off meds for 1 month and hoping to get a bfp here soon.




Those TTC but have not posted a Blurb











Taking a Break




 Not Trying, but Not Preventing

Brichole1214- Brandy (27) DH (31) taking a break in between our little precious bundle who came to us December 6th, 2010.  Planning on starting out TTC ventur again in Septmeber 2011 since it took us 31 months to get pregnant with her and technically took me 5 years of off and on TTC to finally get pregnant.  I don't wanna wait too long!!!!  


(May everyone who passes through this thread find her way to this section!)


 ValH, Tear78, Lesliesara63, no5no5, Minkajane, EastbayK, Grapesbunch, thtr4me, alexaskj, trumpcard, poetgirl, ann_of_loxley, Brichole1214, Lega, NishaG, Sweet.Bee, Kewpie80 



Milletpuff, Victorian Patch, lovebug

Missing in Action

First Shot Photo







PLEASE let the thread keeper know if there is anything you would like to add/ delete/ change from your synopsis above. Bolding requests is appreciated!

Weekend Wrap-Up
TTC #:
DPO (if applicable):
Trying Since:
Plan for this Cycle:
Link to Chart (if applicable):

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Here's our May thread! A few days late lol.  I am wishing everyone a HAPPY month and pray that those in their 2ww get their BFPs soon!! I had a dream last night that i was pregnant again and every time that i dream i'm pregnant someone i know ends up pregnant so i hope that that someone is one of you here who have been trying for so so long!  I know how you feel and i feel blessed that I finally got my little angel...and i want you to know that every month that goes by i cry for those who haven't gotten their little bean yet!  I honestly do.  I am happy we all have a place to go to talk about such a "taboo" subject to those who don't understand or who've never had to go through it!  Bless every single one of you ladies and know that i'm always here thinking about each and every one of you!  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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Brichole, such beautiful words. Thank you, thank you. They mean so much. I wish I had found this place back in 2009!


I realized I never gave you a blurb! How about: Gozal (32), trying for number 2+ since 2009. Finally diagnosed with 5mm prolactinoma after extended breastfeeding and started cabergoline 2/11. PRL levels normal 4/11, trying a cycle with hcg trigger and then clomid + trigger.


AFM, I'm 11dpo today and wondfo cheapie hpt was bfn this morning. My beta isn't until Friday and I would expect AF Wednesday if I wasn't on progesterone. It's still early so I am not discouraged yet.


Thinking of everyone.

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gozal:  You're so welcome for the words i spoke (or typed) and i meant every word of it.  I know that this thread helped me get thru the tough times and sometimes being on the fertility TTC ONE thread wasn't enough because there are some things that those who try for a while just don't want to see failed cycle after failed cycle.  So i stayed true to the ONE thread in the regular TTC forum for half of the time but spent most of my days here.  I found strength thru other women who were in the same boat that i was in...and it helped me feel not so "broken".  There aren't many friends that i have IRL who understood what I was going thru and my family members couldn't understand it either.  Nothing hurt more than when DH's family would ask "when are you going to have us a baby?"  Like we weren't trying are darnedest to make it happen!!!!!!  Emma (our youngest) is my DH's first and only child at this point.  We are both trying to decide if we want another baby as of this morning.  DH doesn't want me to go back thru all of the shots and medication that i had to go thru just to get Emma here.  He's agreed that we won't make any drastic choices on perminate sterilization until emma is about 3 or 4 but that still puts a strain on me because deep down i know that i want one more child.  We'll see how that goes!!  OH lol i've added your blurb to the top!



Everyone please had a good day....i'm about to be headed to the house but i'll be back bright and early in the morning!

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Brichole - I'm now there with a blurb, but also listed as not having one. :)


AFM, BFN this morning, plus a serious temp drop. I'm really thinking I'm out for this cycle. dh is still hopeful; I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings. I wouldn't take the BFN so hard, but with the temp drop, I think the odds are pretty low.

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monkeyscience:  got it fixed lol...i TOTALLY just forgot to take you off the other list of not having blurbs!  And i know the temp drop is depressing but i took a test at 9dpo when i got pregnant with emma and it was a BFN then i took one the night of 10dpo and got a faint BFP...then at 430 am on 11dpo i took another frer and it was still faint BFP and i confirmed with a digi CBE at 330 pm that day so you could still be in don't lose faith yet!!!

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Thanks for the new thread! What you said is so nice and so true. It's hard to find anyone who relates IRL, and so nice to have a whole group on here who absolutely does. 


Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: tantylynn
Age: 22
TTC #: 1
CD: 26
DPO (if applicable): 4
Testing: Undecided...I do have a bunch of HPTs in the house. Maybe the 16th (11DPO) to make sure I'm not PG before my specialist appt to discuss treatments.
Trying Since: May 2009
Plan for this Cycle: Maca, grapefruit juice, preseed, charting temp and CM.
Link to Chart (if applicable): http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/tantylynn
Thoughts: I'm looking at the crazy amount of fertile watery CM I had this cycle and I think it's safe to say that the grapefruit worked :). Good luck everyone! 

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Monkeyscience, still hoping for you!


Well, 12dpo and bfn on wondfo and frer for me. I'm not quite out, but adjusting my hopes. Wish the doctor's office would get back to me about the progesterone and whether it will affect my period starting!

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Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: LuluRoo

Age: 28
TTC #: 1
CD: 3
DPO (if applicable):
Testing: Will be doing OPKs starting CD 9

Trying Since: off an on... most recently started TTC again in April '11

Plan for this Cycle: Clomid CDs 3-7, OPKs, charting temp and CM.
Link to Chart (if applicable):

Thoughts: Interesting stuff going on here...AF showed up this past Saturday.  Totally unexpected and a week earlier than I expected.  Counting back to when I had breakthrough bleeding on Provera, it appears that I "o"ed on my own before I even started taking Clomid.  While I was on Clomid I kept feeling sharp discomfort and cramping...pretty sure those were O pains.  Oops.  Have learned my lesson and will be temping on a more regular basis this month.  While this is all confusing, I can't help but be super excited that I "o"ed on my own!  All the same, doing Clomid again this month. 

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Well, I am out for this round. CD 1 today. guilty.gif


Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: monkeyscience

Age: 27
TTC #: 1
CD: 1
DPO (if applicable):n/a
Testing: n/a

Trying Since: June 2010

Plan for this Cycle: Hoping a medicated cycle will convince my body to ovulate on its own now... no more money for treatment till dh gets a job
Link to Chart (if applicable): n/a

Thoughts: Just really sad. dh and I both really thought we were preggo, but it just didn't work out. Oh, well... at least I'll officially meet the definition of infertility in 3 weeks... one year of unprotected sex without conception. gloomy.gif


brichole - hate to bother you again, but can you change my blurb to


Monkeyscience: (27), and dh (25)  TTC#1 w/ PCOS- going natural due to financial constraints... praying.gif praying for some ovulation!

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hug2.gif Monkey!

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Weekend Wrap-Up
TTC #:2
DPO (if applicable): n/a
Testing: Maybe in early June
Trying Since: Oct 09
Plan for this Cycle: Just taking my vitamins, and not much else. I took some Soy from CD5-9. We are just going to dtd whenever. Maybe aim for at least every other day, but I think my libido is completely shot.
Link to Chart (if applicable):
I am not really into TTC yet. I am not being overly careful. I dont pay any attention to my caffeine intake or even alcohol I am going camping on the west coast at the end of the month and I dont plan on even testing before I leave. I will wait till I come back if AF hasnt shown up while I am gone.

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Hugs Monkey!!!!


Tantylynn-would you tell me a bit more about the grapefruit juice for cm? Most of my cervix is gone now, so I obviously don't create much cm, much less fertile cm. Would LOVE to do more to increase my own. KWIM?


Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: Jennifer
TTC #:3
DPO (if applicable):6
Testing:once I'm late
Trying Since:spring of 2006
Plan for this Cycle:backed off all meds, let my body flush out for a while as I had a nasty virus of some sort that had me down for 6 weeks...had to take horrible meds all during that time...ugh!
Link to Chart (if applicable):
Thoughts:I'm finding I'm loosing hope. Not sure how to feel about that. I'm sad, but not broken about it. Just feeling out the feelings...

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Oh, Monkey, I'm sorry! greensad.gif


Lydiah & Zanelee, I don't think I've seen you here yet since I joined - so, hi there. Zanelee, I know what you mean about feeling out the feelings. It's a good way to put it. I wish I had words that could help - I'm just so sorry you're feeling the way you are. Lydiah, have fun camping (you are making me want to take off and sleep under the trees) and please send some of your laid-back vibes my way. I need them! I'm ttc #2 & have a 3yo, too.


AFM, I am 99% sure it didn't happen this cycle. 14dpo and bfns everywhere. I'm on progesterone supps and my RE wants me to stay on until my beta at 16dpo. The progesterone is really doing a number on me - symptoms everywhere and yet I know they're fake...

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HI Ladies! Sorry I haven't been here in a while. DH and I have been preparing to move. Tomorrow's the big day!


Brichole, how is the house?!! You're moving in soon too right? I am so excited for you! How is everything where you are? Are you guys finally settling down there in AL? I'm so sad for anyone in the path of the new storm and flooding. What is wrong with the weather this year!?!? Global warming is doing a number on the world's weather!


It looks like there were a few negatives this month. :o( I'm  so sorry, ladies. I know it gets frustrating! I have stopped checking in on facebook because I'm just tired of seeing all of the cute babies and happy parents out there. Luckily, I've been so busy this last week that I haven't had too much time to reflect.


Zanelee, I hope that your natural cycle works this time around!!! Please don't lose hope. Every month may bring a wonderful surprise!

Monkey Science, I'm hoping I give you some hope...I was on clomid for 3 months straight. Prior to that, I had crazy long cycles. Last month, I took a month off and I had a beautiful 29 day cycle. I'm thinking that the clomid reset my ovulation clock. I hope it does the same for you! I'm on another natural month. DH and I are discussing starting IVF prep the month after this month, if I don't get pregnant. I'm hoping that this month, I ovulate normally again too. I'm on CD7 so I'll let you know!


Ok ladies, sending lots of hugs your way and here's hoping we all get our BFP soon!!




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Zanalee I started the grapefruit juice because I had heard from a few ladies around here that it helps to increase CM. I'm not sure what it is that works about it, some people have suggested that it's just simply that you're keeping your fluids up which is important. Either way, it worked for me! I just had 1 glass a day from when AF left to when O happened. Hope that helps :) 

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Blah I HATE being gone from a computer for so long lol.


Monkeyscience: I got your blurb updated! And BIG HUGS!!!!


Tantylynn:  I try to be as supportive as possible so i meant every word i said! You're right it's really nice to be able to come here and talk to women who understand what you're going thru!!! And KNOW that age doesn't mean a thing here!


Renavoo:  Things are going good with the house.  The tornados that came thru cause our closing date to be pushed back to the first week of June but that's okay...i'm just so happy that we'll be closing in less than a month!  I'm going to try to get by there today after work to take a few more pictures to show you gals since they have everything on the outside done and have my sod laid!!! YAY!  Our communities are still working together to try to get stuff cleaned up but this weekend it's supposed to rain so that will put a hold on some of the clean up efforts.  And you're totally right about the weather...it's soooo crazy! We have been able to get in my grandparents' pool two or three times this past week and the water has been in the mid 80's!!! The temp down here right now is like 70-75 in the A.M. like around 630 or 7 and it's 90 or almost 90 by 1 in the afternoon!!! This weather is going to kill me this summer if it's already this hot now!!



I hope that everyone is doing well.  I wanted to share with you ladies a little something that no one IRL knows.  I had gone on BCPs 14 weeks after Emma was born and i've decided to completely stop them this month...so i didn't get my scrip filled and i'm not going to...i'm tired of losing my sex drive to stupid hormon pills!!! I'm also not charting right now and we're not doing anything to prevent anything so we're not "actively" trying but we're not avoiding either...so we'll see how this goes! I'm thinking about all of you ladies!!!

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Here's an updated picture of the house!!!! Not much longer!!!  They've moved closing to June 3rd!



Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: Brandy
Age: 27
TTC #: 3
CD: 20
DPO (if applicable):  6
Testing: next week if AF doesn't show up
Trying Since: not really trying but we aren't preventing anymore!!!
Plan for this Cycle:
Link to Chart (if applicable): http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/158654
Thoughts:I've decided BCP are the devil and i'm  taking my "life" back!!! I'm not going back on those things and if we get pregnant we get pregnant...but me staying on those darn things for so long is the reason why i had problems convieving #2 I believe!!!




I hope that everyone is doing good...it's been a very quiet week!!!

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brichole, how exciting to soon be moving into your house! And I agree that bcp are evil. I went on them at 6 weeks postpartum, and my cycles were really weird (for the first time ever) when I stopped them to TTC#2. And I do suspect they are the reason it took so long to get pregnant this time.


Good luck, everyone!

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Brichole, the house looks gorgeous!!! I'm so excited for you! And good luck with getting pregnant!


I have also decided that BCPs are evil. There are multiple studies that suggest that they don't really impair fertility but I don't buy it. BCPs really screwed with my cycle. I had perfect cycles before I started taking BCPs and now, my cycles are really weird. Well, we'll see how this month goes actually. I think it's going to be a longer month this month because I'm already at CD12 without any EWCM. I usually get at least 3 days of it. Sigh, I just hope O happens before the 24th of May as I'm traveling for business until the 26th then. So much for the nice 14 day cycles!


SweetBee, thanks for checking in!! Congrats again!


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