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Well, i'm out for the month! I'm having crazy cycles...my first PP cycle was 26 days, the next was 18, and this one was 20 or 21...they are trying to even out though and they are much closer together than they were when i started ttc #2....so we'll see what happens over the next 2 weeks!!!  G/L everyone and thanks Sweet.Bee and renavoo...i'm really really looking forward to getting to move into the house!!!!

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Renavoo, How did the move go? Are you loving your new place? I hope your housewarming gift is a BFP!


Tantylynn, I'm adopting your grapefruit juice plan. It's actually a treat for me because I love grapefruit juice (but it's expensive, so I don't often have it). I really hope it helps combat the effects of the Clomid.


Brichole, Your house is looking like it's all ready for you to move in! It just looks wonderful! Do you have any plans for the front garden?


SweetBee, I'm sure I've said it already but: Yay! Congratulations! How are you feeling?


I agree with everyone about BCPs. I'm frustrated that they're encouraged, even pushed, by doctors without any context. I was very lucky and got pregnant almost immediately after stopping them last time (and did not take them very long) but even so, I can't believe I ever put those in my body.


AFM...I'm on CD1. The plan for next cycle is to try Clomid, along with the trigger shot and progesterone if needed. I am hoping I won't need progesterone, because I really did not like being on it. It made me feel like I was pregnant and then it also prolonged my cycle by half a week. My RE also suggested that I try an HSG this cycle, as long as it's covered by insurance (I need to check tomorrow). To make sure that there is nothing we're missing, and because it can help conception. Has anyone ever heard that? Any tips for what to expect on my first round of Clomid? Thanks everyone.


Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: gozal

Age: 32
TTC #: 2
CD: 1
DPO (if applicable): n/a
Testing: n/a

Trying Since: 2009 (long story though...most of it waiting for a ppaf that never came due to a little tumor in my head)

Plan for this Cycle: Monitored cycle with Clomid + HSG + hCG trigger + progesterone if needed
Link to Chart (if applicable): http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/324f8c/

Thoughts: I feel a little lost, like I don't know what to do anymore...try to hope or try not to hope? I have been so positive for so long, and now that I finally have a diagnosis and seem to know what's going on, I am feeling somehow less sure that this will happen.

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Gozal:  How long are your cycles usually?   Looks like if all holds out for both of us this cycle we might be testing around the same time!!!!  I won't be medicated because DH refuses to go back that route...but at least we won't have to tredge thru the 2ww alone!!!!  Also, if i am able to get pregnant this cycle i'll be due really close to my 28th birthday!!!!

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Ugh...CD11 is just so very, very boring.  whistling.gif


Gozal - good luck with the clomid!  I am one of the very lucky who has virtually no icky side effects from taking it (other than a hot flash here and there).  I hope you're the same!


Tantylynn and Zanelee - Any news with you guys?  I'm thinking you're nearing the end of your 2ww...keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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Brichole, YAY for cycle buddies/tww buddies! Usually my cycles are 29-30 days, just the last one was a prolonged because of the progesterone I was on.


Well, as it turns out, I am really not sure what I'm going to be doing this cycle...though I'm CD3, so I'll have to get it sorted out by tomorrow at the latest. Basically my insurance coverage is going to stop covering everything the second I start Clomid, because it's "fertility" and not "treatment for prolactinoma." It's actually illegal where I live not to cover medical treatment for fertility, but DH's insurance, which we're on, is from an employer based elsewhere so they don't have to abide by it. That's all I'll say about that or I'll start fuming.


The main OOP cost I am worried about is the monitoring, which I'll need for the ovidrel. I guess I could take progesterone (I have plenty left) just in case after o, and if my RE allows it, Clomid unmonitored. I know many people do take Clomid unmonitored but I am not sure my RE does it (and I love the office, so I really don't want to switch). I'm going to speak to her first thing tomorrow. We will finance this if the RE thinks I don't have good chances without it. At least the HSG is still covered (diagnostic) and I may be able to have baseline u/s + b/w if it relates to the HSG.


LuluRoo, I'm glad to know that it's possible to escape side effects! I have a friend who really suffered with them. Hey, CD14 is around the corner...don't you wish we could have superpowers to speed up and slow down time at will? Wouldn't that be a good karmic tradeoff for all the stuff we have to got through?!

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Hey LuluRoo! Thanks for thinking of me smile.gif My fingers are crossed that O happens for you soon! 


I'm pretty much just waiting for AF at this point, I have been spotting progressively heavier and my temp is drop drop dropping...so AF in the next day or so. I had my specialist appointment yesterday morning and blah, no good news and no Clomid for me. No fertility drugs until we figure out for sure what is going on. She thinks the complex cyst on my right ovary (still there after about 2 months since it was seen on my first u/s) could be endometriosis. I'm having baseline bloodwork this cycle, and another u/s scan including the test where they squirt the dye in your uterus and check your fallopian tubes. IF that comes back with an endometriosis diagnosis/ and/or the cyst is still there and growing, she forewarned me that her next recommendation would be laparoscopic surgery to get rid of the cyst :(. Just praying.gif that this stupid cyst is gone by the time I have my u/s in about 2 weeks.

(Xposted in *ONE*)


Gozal I hope the grapefruit juice works for you and I'm glad you like it haha, I almost gagged the first time I drank it. It's definitely an acquired taste!

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Gozal:  I hate that your insurance is going to give you fits for fertility treatments!! That's just crap!! My insurance told me that they wouldn't cover fertility treatments but then they ended up treating it and it was classified at Female infertity problems due to non-ovulation.  I was shocked when i saw that it was worded like that to them and they still covered me.  My medications were the highes co-pay for what they could charge but that was only $45 per scrip!!!  About the unmonitored Clomid...I wasn't monitored per ser when i was on it from February 2009 to September 2009...they just did b/w on me twice a cycle and that was it...no u/s or anything. My OB/GYN was the one who started me on Clomid. But once they realized that my numbers weren't changing at all with each cycle they finally refered me to the RE i was seeing and of course i had to be monitored ALL the time with them!!! I almost and use to vaginal u/s now lol. (they still hurt like the Dickins but i've survived lol)  I really hope that you guys can figure something out so that your cost doesn't get way up there....


Tantylynn:  I'm so sorry about your cyst...i really do pray that it's not endo and that you don't have to have surgery done!!! I read your post on the ONE thread and I just felt for you!!!!!  Please keep us up dated on what's going on.  I pray the cyst goes away.


AFM:  I'm on CD5 and trying to decide when I'm going to start my OPKs this cycle.  I don't know that i'll be lucky enough to actually get a positive on it because i've NEVER gotten a positive OPK in my life lol...but we'll see.  I also found out Tuesday that we get to do our final walk thru on our house on Tuesday May 24th and as long as our loan comes thur from the underwriter by tuesday then we get to close on Thursday May 26th!!!!!! YAY!!! I'm super excited that things are finally getting closer. I still have a TON of stuff to pack but we'll get it all thrown together before we get moved.  We'll start moving stuff on Friday the 27th if we get to close next week so when my DD #1 comes home from her dad's on Monday she'll get to come home to her new room in our new house!!! I've never been more relieved to finally have stuff almost done with!  It's been a long 2 1/2 months (actually 3 if you count when we first went and talked to them about building the house and when we put our earnest money down).  


I hope that everyone has a great rest of your week!!! I'm at work EARLY today (came in at 3am) but i get to get off work at 11 so it shouldn't be too bad.  I probably should have told my supervisor i would just work all day (12 full hours) and taken the over time but i wanted to be able to go home and spend some time with Emma and my niece and nephew.  Then DH will be home and we'll get to have a little bit of quality time together!!!!  I'm so ready for AF to be gone so that I can spend MORE "QUALITY TIME" with DH lol.  Now that i'm not on thost STUPID BCPs my sex drive is back and in FULL force!!!!  I know that he's happy about that too lol. 



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Gozal, that's ridiculous that they have a loophole they can use to stop you from getting your treatments. I don't understand...infertility is a medical issue...how can any company NOT cover it?!?! I know it's something specified by where you get your insurance but still...My DH and I are dreading having to go on to IVF because of the expense. We thought my DH's insurance covered 3 rounds but we just found out that they don't. :o(


AFM, I got a positive OPK yesterday afternoon and this morning. So, I should be ovulating today or tomorrow. Regardless of what happens, I'm just so happy to be ovulating within a normal time period!!! (today will be cd16-a little long but I'm ok with that, considering I used to have 40-50 day cycles!) I don't know whether clomid reset the clock or what happened but I'm also going to blame birth control pills. And Brichole, during BCPs, I also felt like I had no sex drive!!! I really regret taking BCPs. And, I also took them continuously so that I didn't have a period at all. I wonder if that screwed with my cycle even more!!!


Gozal, I just wanted to let you know that I took clomid for three rounds and experienced very few side effects. I took them at night and really, the only thing i had was some mild nausea once in a while. My cycles became really shortened. I had 2-3 follicles ready usually within 10 days and I triggered around those days and then followed with an IUI. It was probably one of the easiest regimens for me. I know that some other people experience side effects like hot flashes, etc but I felt fine. The one thing, however, is that my lining got extremely thin. I would get linings of 3-5mm, which are very bad because implantation would be difficult. Definitely have your doctor check. And, if poor linings do result, hopefully your doctor will supplement with something, unlike mine! GOOD LUCK!! I'm sending positive vibes along your way!


I think I'll take progesterone after my temperature shifts. Then, if I don't get pregnant this month, we're going to try a femara/IUI cycle. I also need to get an hsg, like Tantylynn and Gozal. I'm dreading that too and especially because my doctor doesn't actually think he'll find anything! He's just doing it because I've done every other test and he actually said to me "I don't understand why you're not getting pregnant." You and me both, Dr!! I guess that's why they called it unexplained infertility!


Brichole, good luck with the signing and eventual move!!! Moving is such a pain (DH and I are never moving again!) but it's amazing to be settled in. And yes, Gozal, we love our new place!! Thanks for asking!! We have a lot of renovations to do but we're looking forward to just slowly getting stuff done and really making this place our own!


Happy Thursday, everyone!! hope everyone has a great end of the week and weekend!

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Gozal - Just over here stalking a bit and had to chime in on your insurance issue.  The insurance comp. drives me nuts as well. (we don't have any IF coverage at all, so I understand the headache).  Anyways, what if you just pay for the clomid out of pocket and not have the insurance company pay for it?  It is the least expensive of the drugs like under 10 dollars (at least that was what I paid like 4-5 yrs ago).  Would that work?   Agghhhhh!  Insurance companies drive me nutty!!  Good luck!


Brichole - the house is looking great!!  I love how you already even have a yard and all.  Most new houses don't have any grass for forever, so that is a nice little perk as well!!  Enjoy, you have worked so hard for that house!  You deserve it!!  I can't believe it was built in only 3 months?  That is crazy fast!!!  Happy packing and moving to you!!


Hi to everyone else.  Always checking in quietly on you gals!

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LuluRoo-Thanks for asking. I'm on cd3...

I would like some info...and this might make a good sticky somewhere...

What does everyone do to help with:cervical mucus, uterine lining, etc....

I am willing to try most anything. I think we'll be heading back to the RE for the "next step", which will probably be clomid.



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Regarding CM, I drank cranberry juice to improve mine. It gave me a lot of EWCM, whereas I had very little before. Some people drink grapefruit juice instead. I guess it depends on which taste you can stand. winky.gif There's also a product called "FertileCM", though I don't have any personal experience with it.


So, I will be 6 weeks on Sunday and have my first appointment on the Monday one week later. Anxiously waiting.


Sending you all fertile vibes!

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Thanks everyone for all the words of support! Yeah, the insurance rep said to me, explaining the policy: "If the tumor is not causing you any harm other than the inability to conceive, than treatment is not covered." Me: "I don't understand how you could possibly characterize a tumor that inhibits the reproductive system as 'not causing harm'." Rep: "Well, we can talk philosophy all day but your policy doesn't cover this treatment." Seriously?!!! BUT, then I talked to my awesome RE's office and found a workaround that we can use...such relief.


As it turns out, though, on cd4 I already had a dominant follicle - 15mm! The RE says it's just something that can happen sometimes and not to worry. Has anyone heard of this? Could it have to do with triggered ovulation - getting a "leftover" follicle that jumps ahead early on the next cycle? Or progesterone, which artificially prolonged my last cycle? I would have been on cd8 instead of of cd4 without the progesterone. The RE thinks it's a a regular ol' egg-containing graafian follicle and that I will probably ovulate earlier, that's all. She also mentioned that each woman has an individual threshold for triggering an LH surge, meaning that some will ovulate naturally with an 18mm follicle while others won't ovulate until the follicle reaches 25mm. Interesting, huh? She suspects I'm just naturally on the higher end.


Tantylynn, Thinking of you and hoping that your cyst is resolving itself and you get only GOOD news from the tests. It must be beyond frustrating, waiting for to know.


Brichole, Actually I am inspired to hear that you were able to go from no house to beautiful house in 3 months! Where I'm from it's common to "buy on paper" (buy a house before it's built for a reduced price) but its can take years before the house/apartment is actually built. You are making me daydream about house hunting! Congratulations on getting your closing date!


Renavoo, I'm so sorry to hear that your insurance policy is being as awful to you as mine! Blech. I so very much admire your positive outlook in dealing with the "unexplained" aspect of IF - not knowing/understanding is so very hard. One hopeful thing about the HSG that my RE told me, is that it apparently slightly increases chances of conception in the cycle or two immediately after. So even if it comes back perfect (fingers crossed that it will!), maybe, just maybe, it will give you a little boost. 


Blueyezz, Just wanted to say thanks again for the words of support. Sending lots of good thoughts in your direction!


Wishing everyone a fun and peaceful weekend!

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Thanks Brichole and gozal, that's very sweet of you.


Brichole, I'm so excited for you and can't believe the whole process took only 3 months. Lucky! Also, the 26th is my birthday so an excellent day for you to close! smile.gif


Zanalee I took the grapefruit juice route and it worked for me! 1 glass a day from when AF ended and O happened. I'm not sure whether it's something about the acidity of the grapefruit juice that works, or just keeping up your fluids..


Renavoo I'm actually not getting an HSG. My OB gave me two options for the tubal dye study - xray (HSG) or ultrasound (HyCoSy or Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography). It's supposed to be less painful and doesn't include putting radioactive dye through your fallopian tubes, so I chose the HyCoSy. Maybe you could ask your doctor about choosing that option as well? 


AFM, On boring CD2 now. Looks like we will get another natural cycle to try and make it work for us! 


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Good morning ladies!!!   It is SOOOOOO early!  I have offically been awake for 24 1/2 hours and i've spent 12 1/2 of them so far here at work!! I have another 5 1/2 hours left of this HELL of a day!!!  I got here at 630 yesterday morning...and got off work at 1230.  Then got a call from my supervisor at 730pm last night and she told me i needed to be back to work at 11 pm because her uncle was having chest pains and she was taking him to the hospital.  So i didn't get any sleep AT ALL last night before i came in and now it's 5:40 something on Sunday morning and I TOTALLY feel like i've been here for more hours than i should be!!!  It's crazy to think that by the time i get home and in bed i will have been up for 31 hours straight!!! That is just CRAZY!!!  My body is totally going to kick my butt lol. 


On a good note though i'd like to thank ALL who have sent out congrats for my house!! I'm really really excited about it and can't wait until my DH gets everything moved into the house next weekend while i'm at work! I'll be responsible for unpacking most of it but that doesn't hurt my feelings lol.  I would rather do that so I know where everything is and I can put it where I want to put it.  I'm still waiting to hear back from the loan company again to see what the underwriter had to say about our loan application...but my loan officers seemed very confident that they would be able to get us approved in time to close Thursday. 


AFM:  I'm on CD8 today.  I've started doing OPKs just to make sure I haven't started gearing up to O yet.  My LP has been pretty short since i've had Emma and I guess at least i'm having periods closer together now than i was before i had her.  They have gone from being 45 days apart to being 21 days apart (average)....so I really can't compain.  They are also shorter than they use to be...i went from bleeding 9 to 10 days straight to bleeding 6 to 7 days....i like those numbers much better!!!!  I hope everyone is doing good this weekend!!!




On another note i wanted to repost my medicated cycle that got me my BFP just to post some encouragment here.  This was my 30th month straight of  TTC with my current DH...(i'm not counting my 2 years i TTC with my x-H before we split up) 



CD1 ~ 02/18/10
CD2 ~ 02/19/10 ~ HAD B/W AND U/S ~ nurse said too many folicles left over from the OHSS cycle and would have to wait three weeks to be rechecked!!!
CD23~ 03/12/10 ~ HAD B/W AND U/S ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur(injectable)
CD24~ 03/13/10 ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur
CD25~ 03/14/10 ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur
CD26~ 03/15/10 ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur
CD27~ 03/16/10 ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur
CD28~ 03/17/10 ~ 112IUs Menopur (HAD BREAK THRU BLEEDING)
CD29~ 03/18/10 ~ 112IUs Menopur
CD30~ 03/19/10 ~ B/W U/S ~ 2 follicles continue Menopur inj 112IUs (obstained from BDing)
CD31~ 03/20/10 ~ 112IUs Menopur (obstained from BDing)
CD32~ 03/21/10 ~ 112IUs Menopur (obstained from BDing)
CD33~ 03/22/10 ~ U/S and B/W ~ 4 follicles ready (3 on right 1 on left) injected 35IUs of Menopur and DTD
CD34~ 03/23/10 ~ Ovedrill trigger this AM
CD35~ 03/24/10 ~ DTD again
CD36~ 03/25/10 ~ testing to see when trigger shot is gone (around 1dpo)
CD37~ 03/26/10 ~ testing to see when trigger shot is gone (around 2dpo)
CD38~ 03/27/10 ~ testing to see when trigger shot is gone (around 3dpo)
CD39~ 03/28/10 ~ testing to see when trigger shot is gone (around 4dpo)
CD40~ 03/29/10 ~ Trigger shot is out of system ~ (around 5dpo)
CD41~ 03/30/10 ~ slightly light headed and emotional (around 6dpo)
CD42~ 03/31/10 ~ very tired and getting more light headed (around 7dpo)
CD43~ 04/01/10 ~ emotional wreck!!! And still very tired bb's hurt (about 8dpo)
CD44~ 04/02/10 ~ same as day before (around 9dpo)
CD45~ 04/03/10 ~ same as before can't handle spicy foods and VERY light headed while shopping for easter stuff.....took a FRER at 830 pm on around 10dpo and got a BFP!!!!
CD46~ 04/04/10 ~ Took another FRER and it's still positive at 11dpo and also got a "PREGNANT" on a CBE Digital!!!!


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bumping up since the april thread is above the may thread!!!




THINK FERTILE THOUGHTS : )   I'm trying to stay positive for everyone!!! LOL



I finally got in bed at about 8pm last night...so i was awake yesterday for a total of 40 hours.  I'm still feeling the not getting sleep and it sucks that i'll never be able to make up that time but it will be okay i guess lol.  I gotta go grocery shopping this afternoon after work and then tomorrow i have to go early in the morning for b/w and a "physical" for my life insurance policy that me and dh are getting

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Hi Ladies! I hope everyone's week is starting off well!


I'm off to Ohio for work today for a night. I hate traveling though because I'm a nervous flyer but hopefully the storms in Ohio don't get too massive! I just can't wait to come home already!


Zanelee, have you tried taking mucinex? That's what I do to increase cervical mucus, although I think I'll try cranberry juice next time too :o) That and preseed hopefully help with increasing the chances of conception.


Gozal, your response to the insurance agent made me break out giggling. I had similar conversations with the insurance agent AND my previous doctor's office. It still boggles the mind that they would actually count that as not causing harm. It's time like these that I see it truly as a "man's world". I'm so glad your doctor's office was willing to work with you though, as they should! Wow, a 15mm follicle at CD4?! That's great! I don't know why that would be but you always hear stories of women who ovulate early. Also, when I was on treatment, I had follicles of about 20mm or so on day 9 so I think that it's probably fine. Hopefully, you ovulate soon and you'll be in the 2ww, with good news at the end :o)


Tantylynn, thank you for the suggestion!! I'll definitely ask my doctor about that. It seems like a good alternative and we'll see which one they believe would be better for me.


Brichole, I love looking at the rundown of you previous success. haha I think from day 6 on, I'll be trying to see if any of my symptoms fit your symptoms :o)


AFM, I'm now 4dpo or thereabouts (positive OPK about 6 days ago). (I like the trigger shot because I know exactly when I'm ovulating. With natural cycles, I feel like I'm guessing!!) My temperature started rising 4 days ago but with my insomnia, I never know if it's a true temp shift! Oh well! I've started to take my progesterone again, just in case :o) I have tender nipples again, per usual, but otherwise, I feel rather normal. I think that it's just a standard sign of ovulation for me. I think I'll wait to test around day 13 again which means I have another 9 days to go! My DH and I are hoping that we get a BFP because poor DH gets so exhausted when he has to perform his duties many days in a roll. haha Poor DH. Oh well, I'll keep everyone posted!


Big hugs and baby dust to everyone!


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Hope you all had a good weekend!  We had a tornado touch down less than a mile from our house, so we had some excitement!  Our house/cars/etc. are fine, so it's all good (although I think it took years off of my poor dog's life...he is so scared of storms and hides behind the toilet in the basement bathroom when it storms.  this is particularly hilarious because he's a 90 lb german shepherd and only his head and front paws actually fit behind the toilet...) loutoilet.jpg


I went to a baby shower yesterday, which went better than I thought it would.  I was really worried that I would feel jealous or resentful, but I just relaxed and had a good time and celebrated my friend's pregnancy, which was an unexpected surprise. 


I think I'm 1dpo today...I had +opks on Fri, Sat and Sun (is this strange that I had 3 days of positives???).  Today's opk is -, so I'm assuming that I o'd yesterday...anyone have any thoughts on this?


If this is correct, then I O'd on CD 16 and we BD on CDs 11, 13, 15 and 16.  DH has been sick with a cold but he managed to pull through biggrinbounce.gif  Poor guy, I think's it's been a little stressful for him...this morning he asked if we could BD tonight "just for fun." haha


I had very little/no CM this cycle, so I think I'm going to give tantylynn's grapefruit juice a go.  Renavoo - thanks for the tip on the Preseed.  I bought some and used it everytime we BD.  I hope it helped!

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yah LuLuRoo!!! You're close to me in terms of schedule so we can wait out this horrible 2ww together. I think I'm 5dpo today but like you, I'm not completely sure. I think that as long as we sort of know when our ovulation is and we BD around that time, we should be covered. By the way, I heard that it's entirely possible to have pos opks span a few days. You must have JUST caught the surge!!


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Luluroo: So happy to hear that you are ok.  These out breaks of tornados is crazy!!!  After what happened in Alabama last month my daughter is TOTALLY freaked out any time she hears the siregns go off.  I feel so bad for her!!!




AFM:   So i close on my house at 3pm this afternoon!!! IN LESS THAN 12 hours!!!!  I'm super excited and nervous all at the same time!! DH is taking me out to dinner after we sign i believe (at least he's supposed to lol)  




I hope that everyone is have a good week!  I'm on CD12 and my opks are starting to get a little darker so i'm PRAYING that it's positive by this afternoon or tomorrow!!


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Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: Mandi

Age: 31
TTC #: 2
CD: hmmmm....
DPO (if applicable): n/a
Testing: n/a

Trying Since: Haven't prevented since DD was born 07/25/10. 

for this Cycle: n/a

Link to Chart (if applicable): n/a



PPAF hasn't officially come yet.  Right around mothers day I thought I might be having my first PP O, and we just happened to BD.  Then about a week or so later I spotted for 3 days, bright red, then nothing.  I'm not really sure what to think of it.  I haven't spotted at all since DD was born.  Trying not to even think about it as I know it won't happen, but there's still that glimmer of hope.  Otherwise, we are trying to determine when exactly to start a cycle with a new RE, because that also forces me to know when I really need to wean DD as we're still BF'ing.  I struggle with stopping BF'ing, but knowing that our problems won't get better and we really want to TTC very soon. 


Hope4light: unofficially TTC#2.  Severe MFI, only option is IVF w/ICSI.  Down to 2 options for a new RE (we moved), and getting ready to have consults with them and decide where to go. 


Here's to hoping everyone gets their BFP soon!!!

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