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A slight off the wall paternity question

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My son was born in 2004.

His sperm donner and I were never married

Son was born in IN

Sperm donner lives in PA

Sperm donner singned a paternity acknowledgment in PA

I never signed said document


Does is this paper legal if it was signed in a state that the child wasn't born in? Or if I never signed it? He does pay a super small amount of support for said child and a sibling we had together. He has no contact with either child so not to worried. More curious about the legal end of it and if its a valid document and such. I tried a google search and didn't find anything and do not have a lawyer I could ask.

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My suggestion is to contact the Vital Records department in the county your son was born in, ask to speak to a manager and see if they can help shed some light on things for you.
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I don't know the answer to your question- although I believe that paternity is state-by-state, however, I'm going to suggest that, perhaps, in the big picture it might not matter- here's why: I'm assuming the man in question is indeed the childrens' bio-father. So, say the PA document isn't legally binding or legally recognizable? Well, if either of you tried to contest it in court on the grounds that it wasn't binding, then I'm fairly certain the court would just order a paternity test if either of your refused to acknowledge paternity. Then, you have proven paternity in new state and go from there. Hope that helps. Best of luck.

Also important for paternity claim in the states my children have been born in- did you put his name on the BC? In the state I currently live in, that is enough (the father doesn't have to sign anything). 

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I'm not saying you need to state your business here, but I am guessing that there's a reason you're asking this question and it's really that reason that you need to run by vital records.  The question "Is this a legal document" isn't really meaningful by itself... instead you should be asking "If the sperm donor wanted to do this _______________, could he do it with this document?"


Whatever makes you concerned about this doc, whatever you worry the sperm donor might do with this doc, that's what you should be asking vital records in IN about.  You could also go to family court, ask to talk to a Clerk of the Court, and ask them the question, since they often know what local law is and will sometimes give you a quick answer.

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