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Thank you all for the lovely replies, I feel SO Much better and more confident now. I love hearing all the stories about the kids on here with awesome names :)
I think both names are pretty kickass, and hopefully we will be able to pick the right one once he is born!
(Yes sadly I am still very pregnant at 40 weeks 1 day today! Lol)

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I used to just tell people my dd name would be "Hortense Gertrude" and they would like stare at me and say "o,how nice"  hehe

actually her name is Ceilidh (pronounced Kaylee,old gaelic scottish spelling from about 1100ad) Michaiah (mika iah--hebrew for 'who is like god?'from 1000 bc)--so I guess really really old fashioned weird names

poor thing,won the state spelling bee at 10 yrs old (going against 14 yrs old) and on the trophy the spelled her name wrong!!!!!!ironic,spelling trophy,spelled wrong........haha

She is now 13 and says she is very proud of her old fashioned name

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Originally Posted by Magali View Post

We named our daughter a name from star Trek DS 9.  Honest people told us it was weird, polite people gave us blank stares when we told them what we were planning, my mom who never says what she is really thinking told us she loooooved it (so whether she really did or not who knows :P), and my grandma asked if we made it up hahaha.  But we loved it and think it is pretty, and different!  After she was born, I had a hard time with her name, but I also take a few weeks to bond with my babies anyways so it was probably all part of that.  Anyway, I am so happy we named her what we did.  I can't imagine that she is anything other than her name.  And I honestly could care less what anybody thinks because her name is so freaking perfect and I love saying it and telling people it.  We also live in an area where English isn't the first language, so probably anything we named her would have been different for around here.


DD2's middle name was almost Nyota (Uhuru's first name and Swahili for "star") but on the day she was born we decided we preferred Amber, once we'd seen her.  It also means her initials are the first 3 letters of her first name.  She would have been CNM if we'd gone with Nyota.


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Originally Posted by Marissamom View Post

side note, when I read Cassius, I pronounce it Cass-ee-us, so you and he would be going through a life-time of correcting people on the pronunciation. I know I get really tired of correcting people who pronounce DD's name (Adara) ah-dare-ah instead of ah-dar-ah, she turns two next week, and even her paternal grandfather pronounces it wrong (whole other set of issues there).


I think people are a lot more accepting of unusual names for girls than they are for boys, but I think both names are good, and family and friends do tend to accept the name once it's attached to a baby, rather than just being a possibility. 

That's funny; dd1's name is pronounced Ah-dare and people always want to change it to Adara.


The only one to give us a hard time about the unusual name choices was my MIL. While I was still pg MIL popped out with "You can't name her that! It sounds like a whore!" jaw2.gif That was when we learned not to share name choices until the baby was out and the name was final. If anyone asked, the baby's name was to be Rutabaga. It took 12 days with dd2, and talk about freaking people out!  For some reason a nameless baby really disturbed everyone.


We did give our kids one unusual name and one more common name so they'd have the option if they want

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DD has an unusual name. People close to us sort of raised their eyebrows at first, but only for the first week or so. When we meet new people, they often comment and want to know how we decided on her name, so I have a sort of standard pat answer that I am used to giving them.


Silas is a great name, BTW :-)

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My DS name is Silas and I have several older people admire the name, because they haven't heard it in years. There's also people that think it's Cyrus, but I just politely correct them.

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I have a friend with a dd named Esme, I love the name!  (her other kids are Helene, Tahlula, and Calem)

Originally Posted by GoBecGo View Post

This thread is reminding me of when i met my good friend.  We were in Uni, i said "what's your name?" she replied "Unna".  "Sorry," i said, "what did you say?"  "Unna!" she replied louder.  "How do you spell it?" i asked "A N N A" she replied as she looked at me like i was an idiot....


She was from a German family, and that is how her name is pronounced there.  To this day i call her Unna, it is her name, however one is spelling it. :)


My kids have off-beat names, Esme and Camille.  People generally like them though ask if we're french (we're not and the fact that both the names are is coincidence, Es was named after the Salinger novel and Esmerelda Weatherwax the witch in Pratchett's Discworld books and Camille was named after a french/irish singer called Camille O'Sullivan).


I definitely found that people liked the CHILD Esme better than the NAME Esme.  It's much harder to be insulting to a sweet little face than a sweet little sound.


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I love that name and it was on our list for our middle and last child! 


We have 2 more different names for our girls. I don't think they are but I have yet to meet anyone with the same name. Adrienne and Rylin

People always pronounce Rylin wrong when they ask me what her name is and assume I said Rylee. I love unique names and love your choices. I agree most people (with any tack at least) won't say anything one the babe is named. Stick with what you love you will be glad you did.

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I have an unusual ethnic name that is constantly being mispronounced and misspelled.  I actually do not mind the errors as long as they are in the ballpark (over the phone people often think I am saying 'Sally' or 'Valerie,' both of which are really really far off and that kind of annoys me).  As long as people have the consonants right I let them say the vowels however they like.  And I have become accustomed to using the 'A-as-in-apple' routine when I spell it to pre-empt difficulties.  Once people get it right they will often compliment it actually.


I like both Silas and Cassius (though I like Silas a little bit better) and I don't think that either of them are so unusual that there will be any problem with spelling or pronunciation.  For the record when I see Cassius I think "Cash-us" (like Cassius Clay) so I don't think it's a given that people are going to assume the wrong pronunciation.

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My kids have weirder names.  I was one of several Saras in my class.  My last name is a speller.  My kids' mom has a really common first and last name.  They got her last name and we were both against common first names after growing up with painfully common names.


We didn't have a name for Osha until he was a few days old.  People usually ask for it pronounced a second time, but that's the end of it.  I called him Ocean a fair bit and his middle name is such that he could go by Luke if he wants to when he gets older.  He loves his unique name, tho.


Ari has a more common male name.  People usually ask if it's short for something.  It's not.  She likes her name fine.


The next baby is going to get a weird name, too.  And my cool last name to go with it.

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My two boys are Kai and Raynor, however I gave them traditional family middle names, Thomas and Matthew, respectively.   My family didn't like them until they met the boys after the were born and my dad summed it up, "The names fit them perfectly!"   So go for it! 9.9 times out of 10 - You will know and the name will fit the child!  After all......they aren't carrying that baby, you are!!

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I love Silas, but SO doesn't.  :(  I also like Cassius, but meanings are important to me, and it doesn't have a positive meaning.  :(


DD's name is Reese.  It's not terribly unusual, but a lot of times when I tell people they hear "Grace".  Sometimes if it's a casual introduction and I know we'll never see them again, I just let them think it's Grace.  :|

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I can not pronounce the name "rory".  It is sad, really.  For some reason I just cannot say it.  I am lucky that when I have had students by that name, they seem happy for me to call them by their middle names.  Thank goodness. 



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Op, I hope your sweet baby has arrived by now.

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My  kids have old, old names. Obscure but fairly easy to pronouce. I love them. Haven't encountered issues. A few people scratch their heads and try and remember their myths.


Old names or other traditional but "real" names don't usually seem to cause kids problems. Alternate spellings or "made up" can.


We know a 4y Silas and the kids have no problems with it.

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We got negative feedback for my dd's name but after she was born everyone's opinion of it changed. Before she was born it was like we got the jaw-drop reaction where people thought we were just joking, but after she was born and they saw we were serious they learned to deal with it.  Actually I thought we would continue to get criticism but instead we get a lot of compliments.

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Originally Posted by Adaline'sMama View Post

Originally Posted by hildare View Post

we named dd after my grandmother.  it is absolutely a "spunky, old" name.  and one that i think people don't typically view as 'pretty,' but it suits her.  i am SO glad we named her what we did.  no one is going to criticize your child's name after you name your child the name.  i like both your choices as well. 

once i went to a consignment store with dd and she was playing with something so i walked away.. and then i called to her a few times (yeah, i'm that mom) and an old lady happened to be in the store.. and she came up to me with tears in her eyes.. because that was her name, too.  love.gif  don't be afraid to have the non traditional name or the old timey name.. you might just start a trend. 


Eh. I dont know so much about that. I have a couple of people that refuse to call my kid Adaline or Ada because they think it sounds old lady, so they call her Addie (which I dont hate, but we dont call her that). My own mother responded to me telling her that her first grandaughter had been born by saying, "Adaline, really? Are you sure you guys are gonna stick with that?"

I get tons of compliments on it though. I dont really think its that weird, but lots of people do. We played our first one safe, since if she had been a boy her name probably would have been Max Danger.

My next girl will be Calliope Jane or Calliope Mae. I think after the first one, no one cares what you name your kids.

An old high school friend of mine named her first Zelda Avaline and her second Adaline Naayru, and she's the only other Adaline I know!

I think it's cute, not old lady! Sorry your mom responded like that!




OP I like both names! I always want to mispronounce Cassius, always had a time with Julius Caesar because of it. I think Silas is wonderful, DP and I have it on our list! My main concern is that with the popularity of the show Weeds it will become too common.


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Originally Posted by milkcake View Post

An old high school friend of mine named her first Zelda Avaline and her second Adaline Naayru, and she's the only other Adaline I know!


I think your friend is a Legend of Zelda fan :D


My son's name isn't weird, uncommon but easy to pronounce. It is however spelled oddly.

I sometimes get comments on the spelling, but whatever, he can spell it fine, and it's spelled exactly as it pronounced.


I agree, once babies are here and already named people are less likely to say anything.


OP, you probably had you baby already, so congrats :)




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i'm surprised no one mentioned that Silas is the name of the oldest son on the tv show Weeds.

I love the name. It was my top pick for a while, but it sounds awkward with my last name.


edit..doh! i just noticed milkcake referenced Weeds 2 posts up. I don't think it will become too popular....i love the show, but i don't know many others who watch it. Plus, it's not on basic cable.

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My son's name is Tyr (rhymes with beer).  It means strength.  The trick to names is.....don't share them before the child is born.  We shared his sex but never any names we were contemplating.

We still get questioning looks as I assume they think is is Tear as in sadness...so we always explain....


My hubby's name is Sky and his brothers are Solomon and Caiser and his sister is Nova....so lots of unique names.


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