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Calories when pg & bfing

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How many calories do you need to eat when you are pregnant and breastfeeding?  Is it 300 + 500 for a total of 800 additional calories?  DS is nearing 4, so I'm thinking I don't need 500 calories to breastfeed, but I am hungry all the time.

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the nutritional needs are additive. I never calorie count, I just eat to satisfaction. but focus on eating a lot of nutrition-rich foods, and choose protein/fats over simple carbs. 

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Thanks, I realized after posting the question that I don't intend to calorie count either. lol  Still, it's nice to know what the answer to the question is to justify how much I've been eating!  Thanks again!

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For most adults, it's 2,000 to 2,200 calories per day to maintain the same weight. For each fetus or nursling you need an additional 200-500 calories. 


Pregnant & nursing: 2,400 - 3,200 calories per day.

pregnant with twins and nursing, or pregnant and nursing two babies- 2,600 - 3,700 calories per day.


A good square meal is about 500 calories, good snacks are about 300. A fast food burger & fries meal is about 1,000 calories.


I have never counted calories, but I have kept in mind, that I need extra food. I tried to eat as normally and as desired, but with at least one extra protein food and one extra fruit or veggie each day.

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Eating to satisfaction is good advice if you maintain a very healthy balanced diet and your body is trained to recognize "almost full" as a stopping point. But that doesn't include many Americans...


I overeat by habit and inclinaction when nursing and pregnant and eat a lot of carbs. However, I've found the longer I've nursed and/or after multiple pregnancies I really need far, far few extra calories than I needed with my first. Basically, I've gotten into a habit of "eating more" because of pregnancy and nursing and it has just gotten worse. So, yes, calorie counting is a good approach if your diet isn't perfect or if you are not maintaining your weight.

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Well, now that m/s has struck with a vengeance, I'll be lucky to keep anything down.  Calorie counting can be saved for later. ;-)

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