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My midwife told me a glass a night with dinner is fine.  Now Im starting to feel guilty.  What have others heard on this debate???

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As long as you're not getting drunk, I think it's fine.  My previous mw suggested a shot of brandy if I had trouble getting to sleep.  LOL  I never took her up on that, but there were times at weddings and such when I was pg that I partook in the champagne toast or something.  And never more than one small glass.

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I have one glass- about 6 oz?  - with dinner- definetly not drunk.  It's just hard when there's so much out there about everything that could go wrong...

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If you're not comfortable with it, then don't do it!  It's always better to be safe than sorry.  winky.gif

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My midwife told me that if I want a glass of wine, then have one. She told me that it's a good idea not to have more than one, and it's probably not a good idea to drink everyday, but really it's just that we don't really know how much leads to FAS and it's likely different for everyone.

I think throughout my pregnancy so far I've had maybe 3 glasses of wine and I'm 23 weeks. I used to LOVE wine before I was pregnant, and now I don't miss it nearly as much as I thought I would. Every once and awhile though I will have a glass with dinner with DH.

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For some reason I don't really miss wine, but I am craving beer!  I was thinking that in third trimester, I would treat myself now and then to a Guiness.  I have always heard the same as others are saying - one glass, not every night, not a big deal.  But I know there are professionals who say that there is much they do not understand and "why take the risk?"  Well, getting in the car every day is a pretty huge risk, too.


But I agree with Earthlady - if it's making you worry, then it isn't worth it.   

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Maybe split the difference and have half a glass of wine? I had shabbat dinner with friends the other weekend and I just had a half glass. I don't think with a meal that it's that bad. I don't know if I'd do it every day just because my stomach isn't friends with wine right now.

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I don't drink at all, for reasons other than pregnancy... BUT, back when I was pregnant last fall (the time before this) one of the first things my family doc said to me when he confirmed my pregnancy was that I shouldn't be worried at all about drinking a few now and then, and he cited a ton of studies saying that plenty of women who drink A LOT still have healthy babies... I laughed and told him it wasn't really an issue because I don't drink.


I think he was a bit embarrassed because I laughed at him, but I was so surprised that out of everything he thought to tell me, he would focus on that, and it totally cracked me up at the time. Essentially I got the idea that some opinions are that alcohol has virtually no discernible effect on fetal development. Personally, I don't buy all THAT, but I'm sure a glass or two here and there is fine. I know plenty of mamas who indulged every now and then, and some of them much more than that, and their babes were just fine... most even better than fine.

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I've been told that it's fine as well. And I think a glass every now and then with dinner is totally fine. Although I've never done it with any of my pregnancies because I'm too paranoid :)

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So, is 6-7 ounces considered one glass?

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4 ounces is considered a glass

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