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So I did the three hour test today, glad thats over with and will know on Monday if I passed or not.


19 hours with no food or drink was NOT fun....I totally chugged a liter of water when my 3 hours were up  :(

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Originally Posted by DragonflyMom View Post

So I did the three hour test today, glad thats over with and will know on Monday if I passed or not.


19 hours with no food or drink was NOT fun....I totally chugged a liter of water when my 3 hours were up  :(

Why on earth did you have to go 19 hours? That's crazy!


Ugh, my numbers have really crept up the last few days. Maybe its the 32 week peak? Strangely my fastings are still okay. I guess my post meal numbers are technically still okay, but they are at the high end of okay and 10 to 15 points higher than I've come to expect. Sigh.

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shonahsmom - it's funny how even when they are still in the ok range it's stressful to see them go up. I find it is almost like watching my weight - any small movement up freaks me out.

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agreed, its hard to see them going up even when you know they are okay. Shonasmom, if your fastings are staying low then be happy. That is the hardest one to control. Meals, if they actually go above the "okay" numbers you can eat smaller amounts more often, you can add fat to slow absorption, etc. If they creep up a bit, don't worry. I remember that, yeah, around early 30s was the worst and then the numbers gradually began to fall on their own to where I had to start adding food on purpose.

Originally Posted by lifeguard View Post

shonahsmom - it's funny how even when they are still in the ok range it's stressful to see them go up. I find it is almost like watching my weight - any small movement up freaks me out.

DragonflyMom, hope you get good results from your 3-hour. That is a long and nasty test, sounds like they didn't get you right in there first thing? That is not nice at all.


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 I've noticed my insulin resistance is going up.  And up and up.  My readings are still good, I've been able to compensate, but I'm up to 50 u of insulin a day, pre-pregnancy I was at around 30-35, I think, and first trimester I was down to about 15 some days.  I'm still doing pretty okay with moderate carbs, I've been doing a lot of omelets, I was doing a good bit of beef, but I don't like beef much, and have burnt out on it.  I'm pretty in to tuna fish, but try not to eat oo much of it.  I am absolutely in love with sour cream and salsa.  Seriously, I think I could just eat a bowl of it mixed together with a spoon. 


I'm feeling good, just drained.  I didn't anticipate the diabetes management on top of pregnancy on top of moving on top of working all the freaking time (six day weeks until the end of the month, many of them ten hours) to just zap me.  I feel fine, I just feel zombie like.  Which my husband reminded me was not a surprise (his exact words "You're working all the freaking time and you are ****ing seven months pregnant.  You're not ****ing superwoman")  I had to concede that he was right.  I had a glorious sleep in yesterday, until 10am.  It was beautiful.  And I finished painting the nursery.  And got the baby clothes washed and mostly put away.


I've been really crappy with following up with my endo.  Frankly, I will likely get in one more appointment before kid is born, but I have a handle on this, my A1cs are awesome, I'm able to adjust, baby looks awesome (and not godzilla sized!) and my blood work shows no issues.  I just haven't been able to see the point in monthly or twice monthly endo visits.  I get why people might need them, but I've never gotten much out of that relationship, and things are going well.  I would be all over it if there were problems, but there aren't, and frankly, I can't afford the copay for that many visits if they aren't necessary.  Anyone else feel similar?  Maybe because I've done the diabetes thing for so long?  Part of me feels a little guilty because I "should" be in there more, but I also know that it isn't a one size fits all type of thing.


DragonflyMom: Nineteen hours?!?!?!  That sounds like hell!

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I was told not to eat or drink anything past 7pm the night before and my appointment was at 930 am with no eating or drinking until the test was over at 1230 pm and then I had to wait for the doctor to see me and we ended up not getting out of there and to a gas station for a snack until 2pm :(

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okay wanted to post that I made tofu chocolate pudding and its great. I usually make it in a pie with a nut/coconut crust (I just eyeball it and sort of blend stuff together, press into a pan and toast it) but this was even easier. I don't measure but I thought I'd share- you will all see that its very low-carb. *editing to say: i should have mentioned that I swear you would NEVER think this is made with tofu if you didn't know.


(all amounts are approximate!)

in the food processor: whirl 1 carton silken tofu with tbl vanilla, about 1 tsp cinnamon, and a mix of a little sweetener that works for you (I like my chocolate pretty bitter so I don't use much.. a few drops of stevia, maybe 1 tsp each xylitol and agave). Add a couple of ounces of unsweetened chocolate and process until totally mixed. When that is smooth, spoon into cups.

Then whip some cream, with a little vanilla and a tiny squidge of sweetener if you like (I used a drop or two of stevia), and spread a layer on top of the chocolate.

Let it chill for at least a few hours. It really tastes better if you let it set up for a while. I am not sure why but it improves. I made 6 generous servings from that- but the yield depends on the cup.

If you can't eat any dairy, then I think it would be fine- but I really like it with the cream. Maybe some berries or whipped chilled coconut cream to top? (I don't quite know how to make that but friends did and it was pretty good).


okay off to a bath and bed. DH was here for the weekend but I was still eating very well.. oh except my once-a-week ice cream. we'll see how the fasting numbers look tomorrow.


oh- you can also make a really tasty avocado-chocolate pudding using a very similar method (recipes online are easy to find). But avos are so expensive here I didn't want to do that! Would be lower protein but also very low carb.

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My evening/nighttime cravings are awful! Unfortunately if I give in it really affects my fasting numbers, even with the insulin. One of the big difficulties is that I am having such difficulties falling asleep & staying asleep & when I'm tired I REALLY just want to eat & eat!!! Last night I tried leaving my last meal until immediately before bed but then I got a foot cramp kept coming & going & I couldn't fall asleep. It took every ounce of willpower not to go hunting in the fridge. At least my efforts were rewarded with a nice low number this morning but man it is making me dread the evenings.

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I eat at night but keep it really simple and pretty high protein/fat. Actually I have a better number if I do eat, so even if not hungry I make myself have a spoon of peanut butter. But Lifeguard, I know you eat like that all the time! I do have a plan in place for my before-bed snack so I know what it will be, which helps. Speaking of which, it is bedtime right now. I am letting myself get way too overtired.


GD this time has been so much milder. I am not sure if its that I just manage my diet so much better after having the practice, or if its b/c I started at a lower weight (pretty significantly lower when I think about it, as I lost about 20% of my body weight), or b/c I was pretty much on the diet from the get-go... I am exercising a ton less so its not that. Or just good luck? I figured once you have it, you can expect to get it every time. I wonder if I would have passed the test this time? Doesn't matter b/c my MWs don't care that much, and I really didn't want to do the test, so I am happy with what we are doing, but it makes me curious.

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Ugh, my fasting was 106 this morning. Its usually around 90. I tested twice and got the same number. I know I don't need to panic over one high reading, but its still disconcerting.


Last night I ate dinner kind of early and just felt really full after a small meal and was hungry again at 8:00 and had a second small dinner and then had my regular bedtime snack at 10:00. Maybe it was too much food too late?

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emmaegbert - I go through the why's & what if's constantly. I'm much more active this time & eating better but my starting weight was higher than last time, but I've only lost weight this time, no gains. What are the factors that are really important? I am very hopeful with the plan I am following now that I will get my weight way down after this pregnancy & maintain - it'll be interesting to see if I develop gd with the next pregnancy.

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I was 106 this morning too!  And I missed the days that wasn't a "high" morning reading, rather an okay, no worries reading.  I was fighting lows all day, until dinner when I tested and was 123.  I had been 59 an hour before and treated with 10 carbs.  Frustrating.  

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Ladies- don't worry about one random high fasting. it happens. you might be getting sick, something you ate didn't agree with you, who knows.


Lifeguard, it sounds like you and your DH have made some amazing life changes that are going to impact your health so positively- GD or not. I am definitely hoping that this diet will help me avoid the PP weight gain that I experienced with the last two pregnancies and get back to my preferred/healthy size after baby. Its amazing you haven't gained anything. I gained only 17lbs total with #2 and I didn't actually end up with net weight loss (not sure why that would be, she was 9lbs, but it is). However, at least I didn't end up with a weight gain either. Gaining much more this time but it makes sense, and it bothers me much less than I anticipated that it would.


I've complained about it before so please excuse me but I need to vent. I think my mom (who I am living with for 2 months) is intentionally trying to torture me. She decided to bake brownies tonight. And she bakes fresh bread every few days. and there are 1-2 half-gallons of ice cream in the fridge at all times. its so freaking MEAN. She has type II, which she is frankly NOT controlling particularly well right now. But she knows perfectly well what I can't have! My DH thinks that she is "rebelling" against my diet, which doesn't really make sense, except that it does if you know women who are compulsive eaters, which sadly we all probably do. He very nicely forgoes all the carby treats (which he shouldn't have anyway!) when he is visiting and eats with me.

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emmaegbert - I could not do it! I have ZERO resistance to those things & canNOT have them in the house. I tried baking some nice, fairly healthy muffins for ds with the intention of freezing them to defrost one at a time. They made it to the freezer & he got a couple but in reality I ate most of them - it's sad really. I think a LOT of people are very uncomfortable being around someone who is doing well eating a restricted diet. Dh & I have both found that people almost go out of their way to "sabotage" us. My Mom always seems to put baking out when we are there yet she is supportive - it's like she doesn't realize she is doing it - although her partner points it out!


If I remember right you said you had lost weight right before this pregnancy? I had lost 70lbs just before ds & gained 40lbs with his pregnancy. I am fairly convinced that losing weight right beforehand makes it harder to keep the weight gain down as your body hasn't yet had a chance to adjust to the new lower weight. I just could NOT seem to get a handle on it last time - it would show up in 5lb chunks out of nowhere. I'm glad you are not feeling stressed about it.

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well I had lost about 40lbs in the year before I got pregnant. Though really I'd been at that point for several months before the pregnancy. But perhaps that is part of what is going on. I don't think my weight gain is crazy... like maybe 25lbs? So I am expecting total of 30-35. Anyway. I gained 30 with my first and never really lost it, but like I said, I am feeling okay about it. I know how I lost the weight (low carb diet and moderate exercise) and I know it will come back off this time. I want to hang on to that good attitude! (or maybe I am just so freaking stressed about other stuff in my life right now, like finishing school, unplanned pregnancy, financial pressure, that the weight gain isn't top in my mind? whatever, I'll take it, I don't need anything else to worry about.)


Glad to know I am not the only person who has such a heartless (even if somewhat unintentionally so) mom. 


as for "treats" for the kids... yeah, they have to be things I don't really like that much or it doesn't work. But I also have the most ravenous kids (and they are skinny! but they eat so much), so I am motivated to keep their favorite foods in stock.. basically I pay the price by being mercilessly pestered if I sneak their food.

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Hello again! The two hour test results are in, and the verdict is... glucose tolerance impaired. As I understand it, it's like a mild form of GD. My numbers were wack, fasting was 4.2 (or 76) so low, 1 hour was 6.5 (or 117) , so well within limits, and then the 2 hour number was 12.2 (or 220), so through the roof! It's like my body did really well for a while and then said:"Oh, to heck with it." and gave up. I'm awaiting a call from the diabetes center or something like that, and I will have to be testing my blood sugar. According to my OB, it should be easily controlled with just cutting out stuff like ice cream, chocolate, and soda. I don't drink soda, and we can't afford ice cream and chocolate at the moment anyway, so I should be good. orngtongue.gif So... I guess I am officially joining you ladies, and I'm looking forward to having kindred spirits to gab with!



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snugglebugmom - those are funny numbers - usually you see one of the first two high. Take what the diabetes nutrition tells you with a grain of salt as many of us find that they recommend way too many carbs. You'll figure out what works for your own body fast enough.


My fasting numbers are going back up again. I increased the insulin a touch last night but I think I will increase it a bit more tonight as I was still a bit higher than I'd like. I've started testing in the early morning when I get up to pee & again when I get up for the day out of curiosity & it definitely goes up the later in the morning I test but getting up earlier to eat breakfast just is not in the cards for me.

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So what exactly is a healthy blood sugar supposed to do while we sleep? Like, in a non-diabetic or a pregnant person without GD, is it supposed to just stay fairly steady all night? Is it supposed to have a natural dip and then rise? Or a natural rise then fall?


I'm just curious. I had two days of high fastings and then today it was back to normal. I didn't really change anything up. I feel like if I had a better understanding of what its supposed to do, I could figure out why it gets wonky sometimes and what to do about it if it becomes problematic.

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This explains a little bit.http://www.livestrong.com/article/476355-do-blood-sugar-levels-rise-or-fall-while-sleeping/     I found that when I have higher-than-I-would-like fastings, it helps me trouble shoot if I test at 3am (or other early morning pee break time).  Sometimes I find I am going to low and rebounding high, and other times it went high while I was asleep and was lower by morning.  They are different trends with different solutions.

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fasting this morning was 71, does that seem a little low to you guys? I felt fine. I know 70-90 or so is normal, right? I've had many mornings in the high 70s, and many in the low 80s as well. I have only been checking one post-meal per day (per my MWs suggestion) and they have all been under 100 (at 1 hour). I am only 29 weeks- this is crazy, could the hormone peak already be over?



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