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Had my 38 week visit to my OB and specialist (who basically just does a bio-physical u/s) today...some GREAT things and some bad:

Firstly, my OB is !!!!THRILLED!!!! with how everything is going, my glucose numbers are "amazing, despite no diet change" , I am actually measuring a bit small both with the tape and on u/s (baby boy weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces today), and my blood pressure is still holding steady at my normal base-line that we established at the beginning of pregnancy ( 130's-140's/88-90)...


She said today that she knows we already mentioned the possible need to an induction at some point down the line but as of now she is more than happy and comfortable to let me go until 40.5 weeks before re-assessing the need for an induction.


If at that point my health (and his) is still on track we can look at waiting until 42 weeks, thats as far as Im personally comfortable going as well so Im estatic that she feels the same.


I also found out today that the nurse I normally have (and ABSOLUTELY ADORE!) went natural with all three of her births, we had such a good talk and Im so pumped now!!




Now, after seeing my OB I headed over to the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist who I have complained about on here before...in recent weeks he has been a bit less of an ass but he is obviously one of those "fear monger" doctors.


We did my u/s and then he came in, confirmed that everything looks great and on track and then, for the THIRD FREAKING TIME in as many weeks asked me "Soooo, has Dr Stell decided when she is going to deliver you??"...


In the past I have said something a long the lines of "Oh, shes going with the flow....you know..." because Im really not good with standing up to doctors but I have been a bitch this week and snapped " Gee, I guess when the baby decided to come out!!"


He paused, made a note and then said "Well, at your next appointment Im going to go ahead and sweep your membranes"...Uhh...No your not ass-face...


I refused to schedule an appointment for next week...


Seriously, Im going on 39 weeks, you cannot accurately measure his weight past that point which is really the only reason I have put up going this often for this long anyway and everything "Looks great" according to you..not much is going to change in that regard between now and 40.5 weeks when Dr Stell will want another U/S to confirm position before letting me go to 42 weeks.


So you know what...F you...yeah...




Aside from all that Im feeling great! 


Jasper has dropped extremely low in the past week (commented on by both docs today!!) and is still head down/face down. 


My numbers are staying steady, if not dropping a bit and Im just so happy that everything is going so well!!!


Bah, thanks for listening!!

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dragonfly - that's great! And good for you for standing your ground.

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Originally Posted by DragonflyMom View Post


He paused, made a note and then said "Well, at your next appointment Im going to go ahead and sweep your membranes"...Uhh...No your not ass-face...


What a jerk! He seems to think he owns your body, what the heck is that about? Whatever happened to:"Here's a thought: if you like, I could sweep your membranes at your next appointment and see if that gets labor going. How do you feel about that? No? Okay, that's fine, after all it's your body and everything looks great."

Man, some doctors... what they gain in medical knowledge, they lose in humanity and simple common courtesy. 

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Dragonfly- good for you. I think when I had GD with my previous pregnancy, I really learned how to ask questions and stand up for myself a little bit better. It was something good that came out of a mostly stressful experience.

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Its nice somewhat, because my main OB is not treating me as anything but a normal pregnancy as aside from failing the stupid GTT nothing has been off so she sees no reason to treat me as high risk as long as my hyper tension does not get worse.


I actually would consider having my membranes sweeped at a little over 40 weeks...it was just the way he said it that flipped me off...Im to the point where I cannot seem to censor myself anymore lol!!

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its really important to have at least one supportive health care provider. I was able to be more "brave" with the medical folks, I think, because I had a HBMW who was very knowledgeable and focused also on making sure her clients felt empowered in their own self-care. She really helped me feel like I ought to stand up for myself. In my case, it really did change how the high risk OB treated me though he was still somewhat paternalistic, he definitely stopped his spiel and kind of took a more individualized look at my case. Its tough because you have to be able to trust your doctors, they know things that we don't know, and can make pretty big decisions about our care. However, they really do lose sight of patients as humans sometimes. I think the system and their training doesn't always help. (I *have* heard of medical schools that are trying to take a more holistic approach to training doctors to see their patients as whole people...)

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So I know a lot of you have mentioned that you see a spike in numbers in the third trimester...


Im appear to be having the opposite happen...woke up at 59, had frosted mini-wheats mixed with cheerios for breakfast and was at 120 two hours later.


Had two, yes TWO hamburgers for lunch a long with a large portion of brownies (the corners are soooo good) and a small glass of OJ and two hours later I was at 108.


Had black eye peas, ravioli and a sundae cone for dinner, two hours later I was at 102.


Fudge yeah!!



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Dragonfly, I'm so jealous. I don't even want to talk to you. ;)



My hemoglobin A1 results came back normal, yeah! So yes my numbers were getting higher more easily but I guess I just have to avoid those trigger foods for a few more weeks.

Good thing I refused the insulin the doc was trying to put me on. Turns out I didnt need it after all. Hah.

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btw, Dragonfly I totally get you with OB's who think they know everything.


See my other post. My OB dismissed me at 37 wks. yes. can you believe it.

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phew, got new health insurance card and it covers my glucose strips again. I will pick them up later today and can test a little more easily (was going up to use my mom's meter at least once a day but a little haphazard).


does anyone else spot check when not pregnant at all? planning to? I am thinking about whether to do that. I will talk to the midwife about it, she had GD with her third (who is in high school now) and then developed insulin resistance a few years later (which she keeps in check with strict diet and plenty of exercise). We have discussed the higher risks for type II and how to be proactive with diet and lifestyle for reducing that risk... (basically, eating pretty low carb for the rest of my life, sigh).



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emmaegbert - what a relief! I did test periodically for the first bit after having ds but didn't continue. I do however have regular A1C's done - if those were coming back concerning I'd track more often.
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Emma: I'm glad that your strips finally got taken care of.


We're discussing dates for getting kiddo out tomorrow.  I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that this will happy naturally, but at the same time, two weeks+ of prodremal labor and I'm not dialated...even a fingertip.  I met with the doc in the practice I really dislike last week and she was beside herself that they hadn't induced me yet (just 37.5 weeks!), so she contacted the MFM to look at my records...the other doctor I saw reported back to me that the MFM doctor told the crazy doctor that they don't like to induce healthy moms with healthy babies for sport.  Seriously, she asked me why no one had thought to get the baby out of me yet and was all a tizzy, despite flying through the NST and having a great biophysical four days before.  I'm glad the other docs in the practice are less alarmist, but I am feeling ready.  I'm a bit nervous about the sudden changes that happen with blood sugars right after delivery, but if I managed the first trimester, I'm sure I can't manage it!  

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livacreature, can you avoid that doc from here on out? B/c I hear you on being ready (sort of) and I get that with T1 there are other risk issues they are managing, but you have been really closely monitored this whole pregnancy, right? Funny b/c at my last prenatal, my MWs just told me that they think that (finally) the pendulum is swinging away from early inductions (based on research that keeps showing higher incidence of problems in babies before 39w I think this was. That was in the context of a discussion of the fact that they WOULD attend me at home if I was a little before 37 weeks, a moot point now as 37w came today).


So far I am just so glad for my MWs. They even scheduled my prenatal appointments through week 42. So, no pressure about induction from them (though they would like me to start biophysicals at 40w).


Lifeguard good point about A1Cs. I think I will make that a regular part of my health care, though once a year would be a lot for me to manage getting to the doctor (what with spotty health insurance being  a fact of my life here in the states).



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Oh yeah, I'm not seeing her again.  The only other time I saw her, I mentioned having a blood sugar, post-prantal of 140, and she told me that I was going to have either a horribly deformed baby or a miscarriage because I was treating it so flippant.  And she totally ignored my husband, except commenting to the nurse that the room (the largest in the practice) felt crowded.  The biggest perk to scheduling is to avoid having this woman anywhere near my vagina.  She's nuts.  


They won't intervene until after 39 weeks unless something is looking off, I'm pretty comfortable with that.  I just want to know exactly what to expect with the interventions if that route happens.  They have already agreed that pitocin will be a last resort for me, the anxiety isn't worth it to them.  My control has gotten a bit more difficult in the past week, I'm going low a lot and having some higher readings than I would like.  

A1cs are a good measure, I agree with Lifeguard on that. :)

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livacreature - wow - that doctor scares me from here. I really hope you don't have to have any more contact. I was induced with ds (& the way things are going here I'll be induced again this time) & it really was pretty low intervention. We did the cervical gel - that was more than enough to get things going. After that everyone pretty much left me alone until the birth itself. I did end up with a (unmedicated) forceps delivery & bad tear but I blame that more on pushing too hard & too soon & tiring myself out (I never had the desire to push) making my pushing ineffective after sooooo long. This time the only thing I see being an additional intervention will be the iv for the antibiotics as I am gbs+ & obviously I hope to avoid forceps again. Induction definitely does not have to mean a pile of interventions - it does mean being more aware of it & your support people being more aware of it.

emmaegbert - do you have to see a doctor for blood tests? Can you just do the test & pay for it on your own? I'm not familiar with the health care system there, I know here you MUST see the doctor for a requisition but this is one test I certainly could see just doing the test on my own & then only seeing a doctor if it is high.
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just met a super cute 14week-old baby (and her mom) at my son's school today- she is third baby and the mom has t1- mom said after all the constant monitoring and oversight, she was just so relieved to have three uneventful, healthy pregnancies and three totally healthy babies. Some doctors really take this risk management stuff too far, and turn it into a scare-fest. Ugh.


I will check about the A1Cs in the future, I never thought about just asking if I can order tests for myself. But... here is to hoping that in the coming year I actually have decent health insurance!


My numbers seemed a bit higher for a while there but are creeping back down I think. I am 37 weeks so I guess that makes sense.



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emmaegbert - I definitely agree that the emphasis on "risk management" gets out of control sometimes. Most definitely with my first pregnancy it caused me more stress than was necessary.

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Meh, cervix is still really high and closed, so we are waiting and starting evening primrose. Lots of contracting, but my cervix is grouchy, per husband. I had a bad random high last night, almost 300 which took almost a days worth of insulin to get down. I agree with the risk verse fear mongering. I was never told what to expect, just the worst case scenarios.
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emmaegbert, you can get home A1c test kits. I haven't tried them personally, but I know some T1's who have and have done them the same day as their lab draw -- they reported pretty close to lab results.


livacreature, in both of my pregnancies, BGs got more unstable right at the end. Hang in there. Also, for what it's worth, I had pitocin after 18 hours of labour with my first, and it was manageable (unmedicated.) Not fun, but manageable. Obviously everyone needs to make her own decisions, but just FYI, if I could do the first one over again, I would consent to pitocin much earlier than I did, as I would totally take pitocin over the c/s.

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This might not make any sense.. I'm not sure what it is that I want to say, but I am feeling... I don't know. guilty or something.


Darwin is perfectly healthy. He's three days old, no signs of blood sugar issues, my blood sugar was in the low 90s the one time I tested during his short labor. He's got no signs of jaundice yet. He was born quickly and easily... but I am feeling strangely guilty that he was so big. He was 9 lb, 12 oz and that was after  HUGE meconium poop.. my MW said he was probably closer to 10 lbs at birth.


Its so weird because I measured exactly right the whole time, I actually lost a total of 5 lbs and all of my midwives pegged him around 8 lbs. I just have this nagging feeling that I wasn't controlling the GD as well as I thought I was. My GD was basically self managed. When I told my MWs that I had suspected GD the last time and that I managed it well with diet and self monitoring and that I intended to do the same this time, they were totally fine with it. I updated them a few times on my numbers and they were like "cool, we're not worried." I tested 4x a day, ate a diet that kept my numbers in check.. but I don't know.. maybe I wasn't keeping it in check as well as I thought I was. I just feel like there is no way he'd be so big if my numbers had been better or if I had gone on insulin. I don't know. Does this make any sense? I just.. I don't think I naturally grow big babies. My 2.5 year old DS was 7 b, 6 oz. I had GD with him too, but honestly I was really, really neurotic about my numbers and my diet and never, ever allowed myself a single cheat, where this time I was more laid back and did allow myself the occasional treat and didn't stress too much over higher than ideal numbers here and there.


But now, knowing his size, I feel like I put him in harm's way. Does that make any sense? This might just be crazy, postpartum, sleep deprived thinking but I just am trying to process.

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