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LLNOE users?

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I just found out that the boards at LLNOE got hacked! The site is down and I'm feeling pretty lost.  Anybody know of other similar boards that are worth a visit?


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Is that what happened? I've been trying to get on there for two days. I don't know of any others. I've been reading Financial Peace in my spare time and that has kept me busy while baby naps. Sorry I'm not much help but thanks for the FYI.

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Yeah, my bookmark wasn't working so I tried to get there by google and I found a notification about it. Dang! I was all excited to update my siggie! They are trying to figure out how to recreate it, but in the meantime, all the history has been lost, which I guess means they'd have to recreate all the stickies, etc.  Bummer!

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I've been waiting too. Makes me sad that someone did this to them. :(

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They have a yahoo group temporarily until the new boards go up, but there isn't that much activity...

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