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Originally Posted by nymama531 View Postcan we have a group to keep us all in touch post partum because this weight has got to go after baby comes....and posting pics and having all your support has been great!!


I think there is a weight loss thread started in the Dec Groups section that I hope to be active in.  There is also a big weightloss/fitness forum too.

I really look forward to being fully recovered from surgery so I can get moving again.


I think you all look great!  Thank you for all the well wishes.


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I saw dsb's postpartum photo and decided to snap a quick shot to post on here.  I am nearly 1 week postpartum and pretty much living in my pjs.  :)  Each day, my tummy goes down more and my boobs get bigger.  Ha.  



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Love the after-baby shots!


Not quite sure which thread to use now, so I'll use both.


My 36 week photos--since I haven't really taken any since 32, these are a little shocking to me. There is definitely a full-sized baby in there now!

36 weeks.jpg


36 weeks shirt.jpg


Looks MUCH more normal with the shirt down!


36 weeks skirt.jpg


A little blury, but the curve is cute and shocking.

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Everyone looks amazing! I'm waiting until 36 weeks to take my next photo. I am feeling very WHALE like!

Can't wait to share my own POST babe photos, LOL!

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38 weeks!



And here's one from my mother blessing :)


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thirty eight weeks!

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this is me at 38 weeks, I had terrible contractions in bed tonight...maybe a thanksgiving baby?

Originally Posted by nymama531 View Post

thirty eight weeks!


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luxlove.gif  Great photos!  You are all beautiful, and your bodies rock!  jammin.gif


* "My body rocks!" is my favorite birth mantra.  I taped it to the wall beside my birth pool during my last labor, and I will be doing the same this time around.  Along with my other faves.... like "I will soon be holding my baby"

MamaEcho, I love your belly art!  love.gif

nymama531:  Peaceful labor and healthy baby vibes:  goodvibes.gif

Azadehhast:  What beauty and grace I see in those pregnancy curves! 


I don't usually feel that way with all of pregnancy's symptoms, but still photos capture that spirit of beauty


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officially my last belly photo!  c-section scheduled for tomorrow morning; i can't wait to hold this guy in my arms!!



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I love it!! Good luck on your c-sec!!

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You look great, melissarana!  Good luck tomorrow!  I love the names of your children, by the way.  Can't wait to hear what you name your new guy.  

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Melissarana:  Beautiful photo!   I hope you're enjoying your baby moon.  love.gif

Here are my 38 weeks photos:


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Those are great!! Love them!

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Due Date: December 31st! Almost there.....:):)



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