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Oh my golly.. your belly is so round!! it's beautiful!



Here's my 20 week pic.. I think I look less pregnant more fat.. but.. whatever. hahaha


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I'm not going to be able to post here for months yet as I simply Do Not Show At All.  I'm not really complaining about that (much) because I still haven't told everyone yet but my gosh, it's amazing to see how everyone else is changing then go toss on my plain old boring jeans out of the dryer and find them looser than they were. 


I guess that wide pelvis is good for something after all- it's plenty of room for baby to stay deeply snuggled in. 


The rest of you are GORGEOUS. I have belly envy. 

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I wasn't able to crop this photo because I'm not at my home pc.  17 weeks, 3days.

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feel like I'm getting bigger, but the pictures look awfully similar.  Here's 17 weeks



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I'm just amazed at the difference in all our belly sizes!

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Originally Posted by mamaecho View Post

I'm just amazed at the difference in all our belly sizes!


I agree!! What variety!

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Oh, I love all the differences here! Amazing what the human body can do!


I will be 17 weeks tomorrow. And when my shirt isn't pulled tight, I mostly just look extra chubby.

I'm glad, though. I am not looking forward to the glares and questions I'm sure to get once I look very pregnant with 4 kids in tow. ;)

This is totally blurry. My 7 year old takes these. Hubby will be out of town until I am 38+ weeks! Yikes.



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This is my fiance Jonathon & I, photo taken by a close friend. Due 12/24/11. This is my second child, but my daughter is nearly 5...so this pregnancy stuff is all coming back to me :)

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luxlove.gif  Great photos. heartbeat.gif  Yay!  Our babies are growing!  joy.gif

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Here's my 21 week ;)


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this proves my Riley is basically brilliant.. I think the resemblance is spot on ;)

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Here's me at 18 weeks!


A close up of the belly.  I love this shot!


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20 week photos!  It got really big, and then dipped in size for a couple days (I managed to full empty my bladder I think for the first time in weeks) and now it's starting to get back to normal size again. This was one of the bigger mornings. 





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Here's my 20 week shot:



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Hrm. I posted my pic on Saturday, but it seems not to have made its way here. Try again!


I can't believe how pregnant we're all looking! How fabulous.

Mamaecho, you have such pretty dresses! And I love the drawing, so cute.


I need to get some pretty dresses myself, because I am wearing the same three things every week.

Here's my 19 week pic:

19 weeks.jpg

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I'm totally brand new to this thread. Due December 4 with baby #4.


20 weeks:


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19 wees 3.jpeg

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Beautiful ladies!!!

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22 Weeks!


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This was the first belly pic I took - 20 weeks. DH keeps meaning to get around to "real" photos (and mom is bugging me for them!) but he doesn't remember when I feel presentable enough to be photographed. xD


In any case... I'm loving the differences in bellies! Makes me feel more like I'm normally sized. =)



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