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I used a diaper service for about a month when I first had my dd.  Gift Certificates for the service were bought as shower gifts and it was nice to be able to cloth diaper but not have to worry about washing them the first month.  If there is a service near you, I would highly recommend it.  I decided to cloth diaper for various reasons, mainly the cost.  This is why we are using prefold diapers and thirsties duo covers.  One size diapers were way to small for my girl for the first 6 weeks of her life but the duo covers worked great.  We rented covers for a few weeks from the service but weren't happy with them.  I would highly suggest trying to find a store near you if you want to look at the products in person.  Diaperswappers.com is also a great website if you don't mind buying used.  I think we have 4 dozen prefolds (this is what my mom suggested) but could have easily got away with having less.  You need to decide how often you want to wash them.  They recommend every other day but I only wash twice a week.


Hope this helps!

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Will someone please help me? I'm 53 and will be a first time gramma.I don't understand these new cloth diapers when I cloth diapered my childern I had cloth diapers with diaper pins and rubber pants. I don't understand these new cloth diapers, liners and those pants that go over them.Can someone please help me. I was the one who talked my daughter into cloth diapering the baby and now I don't know how to show her how to use them or even what kind to get. HELP!!!!!!!!!! 


Hey Tammy! 

I'm a FTM and haven't had my baby yet so I'm not a whole LOT of hel but I can give you a few websites that I found helpful. I'm a visual person so the world of prefolds was very daunting for me. This one has step by step pictures of the various folds for prefolds


Folds for prefolds

I found starting there the most helpful. There's a bunch of other pages you and your daughter can use to learn about prefolds. There are diapers out there now that are All in ones, would those be easier for you guys? I haven't gotten my hands on any of those and will only be using them at night but if you check out the Fuzzibunz website that may also be a good place to start for All in Ones. It's very overwhelming with all the different brands and styles out there. For me once I figured out if I wanted prefolds or AIOS, I was able to break down my "learning process". I know I still have a long ways to go as far as learning but it's less overwhelming knowing which type of diaper I am going to use. 


Are there any stores by you that you could go and talk to someone? I live about 2 hours from any CDing store but once I placed my order and had to call with questions I felt comfortable calling in and asking. 


I know I'm not much help but I hope I've given you a less stressful starting point. The ladies on the boards are also super helpful! Good luck and I really hope it all works out for you guys!


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Thanks so much for the advice. I thought my daughter was clueless when I suggested she use cloth diapers, but I guess it was me. Never thought things would change so much. Thanks again.

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I've diapered three babies with 3 different body types. I used the same diapers for all 3; Chinese cotton prefolds, with a snappie to close it and a bummis wrap to cover. My initial purchase was $120 Canadian. I bought the next size up on Ebay for $60 and that was all I needed until they potty trained at 2.
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I agree regarding green mountain. I'm not familiar with the second website. I bought all my organic prefolds from green mountain when my little one was five months old. I had tried a ridiculous bunch before trying prefolds. I bought the brown edged diapers, which still fit my 23lb, 31 inch toddler. :) So we've gotten quite a bit of use out of them. I purchased 18 and that's been a great number for us, as I didn't want stinky diapers sitting around. If you travel much or can go longer between washing, then definitely purchase more. I invested in 6 snappies and because f the way I pull on them, some have broken, but I still have three that are in great shape. I expect they'll last until my little one is potty trained. As for covers, I like the little beetles pants for winter and the wool shorts for summer. NOTHING I tried before these prevented leaks. Wool is amazing at preventing leaks and they have held up very well to washing. If they're not washed on gentle cold cycle, they do shrink up a bit. Then laid flat to try for a day and they're good to go, no lanolizing necessary. I tried lanolizing it was  a mess I didn't want to take the time to do. 

Tiny Birds Organics is where I bought my soakers, but they're no longer operating through the site. Instead, you can find the shorts here, on etsy. 


I hope that helps. I tried all-in-ones, polyester covers, and nothing felt as safe and natural as what I shared about above. Also keep in mind when you're making your selection that organic is a better option, too. Cotton is the most pesticide laden crop because it is so susceptible to little critters that eat the cotton. All those chemicals, naturally, remain in the fabric and then against your babies skin. Affordable organic options are available on green mountain, and little beetles are also organic, I believe.

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