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A mess ROTFLMAO.gif


It *should* be a queen sized bed, dresser, armoire and night stands. We just moved though so things are crazy right now. But it will also hold many books, some winter items in the closet, spare blankets and sheet, photos, my jewelry.... various things that won't prevent it's use as an extra bedroom (because we def have those nights where I'm not tired and want to lay down and read, or my husband is fidgety and I can't deal with it, etc...).

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I guess I should also have said that we have turned one bedroom into an office, with bookshelves, computer table/desk, drawers, and filing cabinet. It's a 5 bedroom house, so in total there is the master bedroom, a bedroom each for DS and DD, a guest bedroom (with only the bed and a night table) and the office. Clutter tends to end up in the office rather than the guest bedroom, for whatever reason.



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Thanks for all the replies!


We used to call the room (or at least my girls did) Uncle T's room. My younger BIL during his bachlr days would stay there 3-5 times a year. He lived on the east coast and came thru the midwest several times a year for business. If there was a holiday also he came in for, he would also bunk in since my ILs would have someone staying there as well. Its away from the family, he could come and go as he pleased and also see old buddies who also happen to live nearby our home. Now he is married and has another job on the west coast, he is not passing thru as much. Also, I think they would be more comfortable at a hotel. They stayed here once, no doubt to see if she could handle his crazy family LOL.


Other than that, we have had friends stay in there or a newphew etc. It has a bed my parents gave us in there, they were getting rid of, and odds and ends. I am thinking of buying a sleeper sofa so it could be set up as a den and used more often than just as a dumping ground and a few times a year as a guest room.


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Our guest room has a queen size bed, two nightstands, a long dresser and a tall dresser. We store extra bedding and board games in those drawers. It also has a closet in which we store winter coats and bulk food items. It's right near the laundry room so I tend to toss clean laundry in there until I have time to fold it.
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LOL. No extra room here...infact my little baby (born in January) doesn't have a room. I am not worried...I figure he won't NEED a room for a while (couple years) but I would like more room!

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our extra room holds my piano, a bookshelf and cedar chest both filled with fabric (uh, and books), the litter box, a small cabinet with sewing/craft stuff, my knitting basket, and the closet holds bathroom and misc stuff since there is no storage in the bathroom and no hall/linen closet.


that is "extra" beyond our kitchen, dining, living, two bedrooms and a bath.  so it's not a big house or anything, but this is our non-essential, therefore "extra", room . . . i guess. :p

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Twin bed, DS's dresser, desk with printer and a few books, DH's guitar, all my craft supplies and some misc things that don't have another home.
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Our guest room has a full sized bed, a dresser, and a desk with an iMac on it that doesn't get used much. There is a tiny closet that has a few odds and ends. There is a fireplace (my house was built in 1720 and there were 5 fireplaces.) Oh, and right now it has my parents in it. :) It gets used several times a year--my parents, ILs, sister, friends, etc.

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My kids wanted bunk beds so they share a room now, and ds' old room is an office/guest bed. It has our desk/computer set up, filing cabinet with our printer, dd's old hutch/changing table, and ds' old  twin bed. It also has a kid table where they like to draw and all their art supplies is in a rubbermaid three drawer thingy next to that . The closet has file boxes, and a bookshelf filled with old textbooks and school stuff. The top shelf has stuff like art supplies and extra office supplies. No room for a guest to put their clothes or anything.


 I would like to have a real guest bedroom at some point with a queen size bed, but for now  this works when my sister comes to town, or mil, which is like 4x a year or so.

When SIl comes with her family (her dh and 3 kids) they sleep on our sectional which we take apart and turn into a sort of bed (its huge) and the kids sleep in sleeping bags on the kids floor. This happens maybe twice a year.

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We have three bedrooms upstairs... two guest rooms and the third is DS' room.


Guest room 1 has a queen size bed, two nightstands, 6 drawer dresser, mirror, bookcase and antique trunk under one of the windows that acts as a seat. We store our heavy winter boats in the top of the closet. 


Guest room 2 has a queen size bed, two nightstands, two lamps, some books, small chair, chest that stores extra blankets and an elliptical machine. We store some of the glass xmas ornaments in the top of the closet. 


We get a lot of visitors (family and friends). The two rooms tend to get used at least once a month.



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