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I think the bracelet idea is pretty cool. I'd be into doing it.

And speaking of beads...I've got to get my butt down to the bead store to find a really cool one for my midwife. She has a necklace with one bead for each baby she's helped out with since she's started her HB practice.

As for the QoW. I'm having one shower this time. I had five last time! One from my girlfriends, one from my co-workers, one from my Mom/hometown friends, one from my church and one from my MIL's friends/home fellowship. This time, it's just going to be the office folks. I expect we will get quite a few packages after the baby is born though. There's not that much stuff we need...some non-mainstream stuff that no one's going to get us anyway. But beyond that, not much. For the office shower, I sent them a registry list at a cloth diaper on-line place but I don't think anyone will be brave enough to actually order anything. The other thing I specifically asked for was meals for after the baby was born and for gift certs for take out from local restaurants. I also registered for the few things we did need from BRU and also a bunch of books for both kids.

Got to go. Meltdown in progress.
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I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one thinking my stomach isn't all that big. I mean I'm still wearing my regular clothes (granted I lost 45 pounds before we got pregnant and I've always worn my pants on my hips... but still... ) My midwife said my measurements are all on track (I did lose a 1.5 pounds last month... but I blame that on the stomach flu)

And I love the bracelet idea.
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I am 30 weeks and find that my walking is sometimes impaired from the pain in my pelvic region. Apparently this is the round ligaments thing? Is it supposed to hurt THIS much? Seriously, I have been unable to lift my right leg tonight because of the pain.

QOW: No showers here. I think my "people" are tired of celebrating our children. First, there was a shower for a newborn we were adopting 2 years ago, but that adoption fell through (Thankfully, we still have the newborn stuff). Then, my sister threw a shower for our 2 before they came home together. Then, they came home and gifts were sent. Then, we had a baptism and gifts were sent/brought. The baptism was just this past November, so we do not expect much this time around. Oh well. I've got cloth diapers from ds (both will be in them at same time) and my breast and bed. We're set.

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Finally, something I can do!! I loved making friendship bracelets when I went to camp, and I've got loads of embroidery floss around. I'm sure I could figure something out. I don't have any beads, though; those are not exactly toddler friendly! :LOL How many of us are there, anyway? I could easily make a dozen bracelets in the same colors, and then we could mail the beads seperately on a separate string, and cut one loose as we have our babies to attach to the bracelets... does that make sense?
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I really want to pop into the due date threads more often, but I usually miss them for one reason or another.

I feel like I'm ready to explode and I'm only 29-30 weeks. I don't think I ever felt (or was) this big with with the other 2, but maybe it's just selective memory. I have heartburn and have to pee all the time, when before it was one or the other depending on whether baby was high or low.

I'm thinking of having a shower for myself just for the celebration, not for gifts. I didn't really get a shower for the first 2. With dd, I was admitted to the hospital at 32 weeks, so even if we had planned something, we wouldn't have been able to have it. A few friends of mine planned something the night before we were scheduled to induce at 35 weeks, but dd decided to be born then instead of waiting the extra day.

With ds, he also came early and I was very overwhelmed with working full time and taking care of dd, who was only 23 mos when ds was born. Ds was born at 35 weeks, but I was put on bedrest at 34 weeks.

With this baby, I'd like to throw a celebration with invites that say 'no gifts necessary' but don't know for sure how to word it. I would like to ideally wait until after he's here, but I'll really be overwhelmed then. I have finals at school the 2nd week in May and if this baby comes early like the first 2, I'll actually have a May baby instead of a June baby. (He'd be here the last week in May if he follows the same pattern of being early.)

I really don't have anyone near me who could throw a shower for me- so I'd have to do it myself. Is that too much, even if not asking for gifts? (We really don't need much anyway.....)
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QOW: A friend of mine from church is throwing a shower for me at church on May 2nd. I'm excited about that, though I don't need much more stuff other than a few big-ticket items that I doubt we'll get. It is definitely the thought that counts, though! My MIL offered to throw a shower, but since she lives 16 hours away, she offered to throw it there and then mail me the gifts (all me and DH's relatives live in that area). I thought that was really weird and declined... I don't think the ladies at work are doing anything - I work at a small non-profit, so there's only 3-5 of us that are permanent employees there.

I feel huge, too. I've had horrible heartburn the last couple of nights. This baby seems to be huge, though! I can't believe how active it is - I feel movement every few minutes all day every day. Its still poking its butt out all the time, too! Its too cute...
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Well, I don't feel like I'm all that big, but I definitely don't fit most of my clothes now. It's actually getting depressing, because I really need some clothes and we are totally broke. I tried seeing if I could just get some bigger sizes at Lane Bryant (I have an account there) but nothing worked right.

I love the birth-bracelet idea, and I just found my beads, I'll have to go find a great one

We got some bad news about my SIL, who's due a few weeks before me. It seems she was in for an appt yesterday (not sure why a Sunday but FIL is not the best with details or accurate info : ) and the baby's heart rate was very high so they wanted to take the baby now (she's about 34 - 35 wks) They sent her to the hospital for some testing but the lungs are too immature so they are keeping her there until the lungs are developed enoug hand then taking the baby asap. Like I said, I don't know all the details and it sounds very weird to me that just a high heart rate would be enough to neccesitate an early section, but it's still scary and all. They have a 2.5 yr old and having to deal with a hospital stay and then a preemie with possible special care issues just seems so hard. Could you please send her some prayers/healing??

OK, gotta finish up here. 'Night all!!
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I love the bracelet idea, too, although it will stretch the limits of my artistic ability.

Julie, I cleared out my PM box. Sorry about that!
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Each momma would keep her bead and bracelet on, until we hear from all the mommas in our blessing.

We could, instead of one bead, all mail several beads (however many mommas we get together) and $ for shipping to a central location and then one person could mail out the collections to everyone on the list. Then we could schedule a day/time for our online blessing, when each of us gets to give our blessing as we all string our beads... That would entail a bit of work and more expense for all, though (and one organized person!!)

Anyone have any other ideas? I've seen a few online baby shower things while looking around, but they dont seem to be what we are looking for...

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Brooke- I like your idea of all of us sending in enough beads so everyone has the same bracelet and then one person mailing them back out to everyone. It really should only cost 37 cents(is that the cost of a stamp these days?) to mail them out to everyone and unless the beads were large you could use regular envelopes or you could get small heavy duty mailing envelops. Maybe if everyone sent in a dollar and the beads it should cover the heavier envelops and postage. I need to go to BJ's sometime this week so I could check out how much the heavy duty envelops are. I could even be talked into organizing the beads and having them sent to me. The bracelets would just be a string of embrodery floss though, nothing fancy. Let me know!
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Well, I could do something semi-fancy with the bracelets (not over the top, but more than just a bit of string) and mail them. The beads will definately need to go in padded envelopes; when things like that go in regular envelopes, the mess up machines at the post offices and cause loads of trouble for everyone. :LOL The cheapest of the padded envelopes would work nicely for it. How many of us are there, anyway? Have we all signed on to the roll call?
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Hi everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted much! Last week I had a cold (along with the rest of my family) and then I had contractions every 20-40 minutes for 24 hours! It really scared us but everything is fine, I wasn't dialating.

I would love to participate in the bracelet idea, however we decide to do it.

Paula- I'm in a lot of pain too, my hips are killing me and some days I have sciatica so bad I can barely walk. My midwife told me to go swimming but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Here's a question for you all, my mom is really against us having DS (3.5yo) at the birth. Of course, we will have someone there to watch him or take him elsewhere if need be, but we'd very much like to have him there if he wants to be.

It's very important to me to have my mother there, she was a huge source of support to me with the birth of my DS. But I'm worried about her negative attitude about having him there. Any comments/suggestions?

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You should be able to get the padded envelopes at BJ's or Staples in "bulk" fairly cheap. I llike the idea of "fancier" bracelets too! With the padded envelopes it will probably cost a little bit more to mail maybe 50 cents, because of the size the weight should be minimal. So eilonwy I think you got yourself elected!!:LOL
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Okay.. I'm thinking three or four colors... what should they be? I think DMC has a website; I've got just about every color they make (I buy huge amounts when they go on sale! :LOL). I'll post a new thread on this board, and a poll. Right after I deal with POOPY PANTS AGAIN!!! (where's the "pulling my hair out" smilie?!)
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As far as the bead/bracelet thing goes, I know nothing about beads or blessingaway things, so I'm afraid it wouldn't hold the significance for me. But if there's some way I can participate that I might be able to understand and connect with, please share.

eilon -
i've also noticed that when newbean is head down (still flipping around alot!) and turns his/her head, i lose my balance.
How can you tell what the heck position babe is in? I never have a clue how OBOL is situated in there.

irish - I was having that kind of pain pretty bad around wks 24-28, and my midwife did say it was the ligaments. The funny thing is that it was my left leg, and she said it's usually the right one.


For the last several days, OBOL's movements have changed. Where I used to get kicked, now I just feel him/her squirming/rolling/turning in there. It's the coolest thing. I kept reading about how everyone said feeling the baby move was one of the the best feelings in the world, but when I was getting kicks I wasn't all that thrilled. I mean, I thought it was cool and all, especially at first, but it would almost startle me in a way. I used to *hate* having my stomach touched so it made me kind of sqeemish IYKWIM. Now, these movements, these I can see people saying that about. They make me feel in such awe of the little person in there
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Well yesterday I got the bright idea to do a somersault (on the floor, not midair!) because dd looked like she was trying and I wanted to show her how...

OUCH! What made me think that being almost 8 months pregnant wouldn't somehow get in the way?!
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Greaseball- sorry but:LOL at the thought of you doing a somersault!
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Okay, i'm getting ready to do the poll now! I just have one request: could we please call it something other than a blessingway bracelet? There's a whole huge thread about the term "Blessingway" in TAO, and while I don't expect anyone to read it (it's really long!) all, I think it would be much more respectful to call it something else.

Oh, and how can I tell it's a head? Well, it's bigger than the tush, and harder. The buns are only semi-round, but the head is most definately round. And when it rolls around in your pelvis, you definately feel it, and it seems way bigger than I know it is. Like a bowling ball rolling around in there! :LOL
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So I guess I should have read all this BEFORE reading the bracelet thread and posting my addy. Seems silly to send addies to me if Rynna is going to be doing all the mailing! So I'll just go find a cool bead and mail it and that's all I need to do at this point, right?

Could someone tell me the gist of the whole disrespectful to call it a blessingway thing? I just don't understand how honoring a mama on her journey to birth/ "blessing her way" is disrespectful of a word. Not that it matters that much, it is just an easy term to use that most people know.

So have we settled on how much $ to send with the bead? Or should we send stamps instead? Seems easier/lighter/safer to send 2-3 stamps then cash/change. Oh, but we would need to help out w/ the cost of envelopes, huh?

Smithie-no prob-it wasn't anything important. I am excited to get started!

Okay, here is a topic that is going to make me sound bad but why is it customary to give gifts to your mw and asst? I mean, you are paying them to perform a service, it isn't like they donate their time to you. Don't get me wrong, I love both the mw's I have had. My first mw I sent a thank you card and a pic of our son. But I have been reading all these threads about what sort of gift to give and now I feel like "Am I a total jerk for not getting them gifts?" At the same time I feel like I shouldn't be required to, like it shouldn't be one of those unspoken but understood polite things to do. I am not going to have the money or the time to invest in a thoughtful gift and I don't think I should have to anyway. That sounds really bad and like I said, I really love my mw's but come on, isn't the fee and a heartfelt thank you enough?
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Rynna, I know the tread you're talking about. We could call it a birth blessing bracelet, or something like that. I can't believe NewBean is turning around like that! That must be quite a feeling. Mine has been head down since at least 20 weeks. His head is down so far, I don't see how he could turn at this point! My mw had me feel his head at my last appt. It is soooo cool. It rests right at the top of my pubic bone. I've had a tremendous amount of pressure on my bladder and urethra. Then, of course, he sticks his feet up into my ribs!

Steve's Sweety, at your next pre-natal, ask your care provider to tell you what position the baby is in. I knew mine was head down because I constantly have feet in my ribs. I had no idea the head would be so far down, though.

OMG! I can't believe you tried a somersault, Grease! :LOL That is too funny!
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