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ISO: affordable wrap for newborn

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hey all!


had a ring sling with the first... don't feel comfortable using it with the newborn... looking for a wrap, but on an extremely tight budget... something like the moby would be great... i can afford a little bit, or trade (i have gift cards that i could trade, $20 to victoria's secret, $30 to kohl's)... 


anyone that has one, i would love to have one!... this is my 2nd child and i'm pretty sure she has some reflux issues, and i'd really like to be able to carry her in an upright position...



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Wondering if you could just go to a fabric store and make your own?  I know a few gals that just went and got some fabric and used that without sewing any borders, etc. 

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If you have a Walmart anywhere nearby check their clearance fabric.  I found a great gauze/woven wrap for $1 a yard once.  I cut it lengthwise and made two wraps for less than $3 each.  I didn't bother to hem the rails, and they've made it 3 years now without unraveling.  Should I have? Probably, but I had a newborn and it wasn't happening. :)

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I agree with just making your own! Even if you paid $5 a yard for the fabric you'd only be out $25 (5 yds x $5) for your wrap and more than likely would get 2 out of the fabric :)




Just an idea for selection. Now I'm even tempted to buy some for myself :D

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Here's some info on making a wrap.
There is a lot of cool DIY stuff on there.
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If you have a sewing machine and time, a twin sheet will make a wrap. divide into 4 lenths, tie one into a loop to make a simple sling to hold your baby while you work, then sew the other 3 strips end to end with french seams--wrong sides together, then right sides together enclosing the first seam, then sew down the flap formed by the seam (I tested mine by pushing my foot into the seam as hard as I could)

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The pouch sling (also used fabric from a thrift store sheet) ended up being more versatile for around home, when I didn't need to also carry a backpack. The key to using it when she was tiny was tucking a folded up hand towel into the pouch under her head so she wasn't buried.


Tutorial: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=346500.0


They're using a heavier fabric, for summer, I recommend a thin cotton. Plus, then you can use your pouch in the shower and it'll make a little baby bath right on you, then wring out and hang to dry and it dries in a few hours.

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Joann's always has coupons out, so you can pick up some fabric for cheap.  Knit jersey and cotton gauze make perfect diy wraps on the cheap!

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check out this website - http://www.thebabywearer.com/  lots of women are selling off their wraps - you may find an affordable one.  I would stick with a knit fabric for an infant - but you can get them for about $5.00/yd at Joannes.com  - dont forget to print your coupon!   - Also take a look at local consignment shops - Craigs List etc.... baby wraps and carriers are love them or hate them sort of items....those who hate them will try to re-sell at much lower prices!!  good luck!

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I agree that it's super easy to make your own stretchy wrap with fabric from JoAnns.  You can also probably find a used Moby for around $25 on thebabywearer.com's For Sale or Trade board.  I don't know if anyone would be willing to trade for a gift card, but you can always ask.  I'd also ask around your local parenting/moms groups.  Stretchy wraps only work for a few months anyway (they're not supportive enough once the baby hits around 15 lbs) so a lot of moms just have them in their closet waiting for the next baby.  My Moby is always being lent out to someone or another.

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