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He got away with it again!!

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I am quite po'd right now.Yesterday we had court for cs.Exh owes about $20,000.He hasn't paid in 3 YEARS.We've been going to court about every 2 months.At the last few court dates,they keep telling him that he is going to jail if he does not get a job and start making payments.Still no job,I doubt he's even looking very hard.He's an alcoholic who finally got a place to stay(his family finally stepped in and now he lives with his brother).He gets drunk very often,I've had to get a restraining order since he would come to my door and just bang and bang for hours,yelling threats,trying to break in.I dropped the restraing order since he had left us alone for 3 weeks,and at the time was homeless and couldn't be served.Anyway.At the last court date they ordered him to attend a job placement program,and get some sort of treatment,and he needed proof of this by yesterday.Well we get into court,his lawyer said he'd be there for 10am,shows up at 12pm.Instead of going in front of the judge,we go into a little room with a lawyer for the state.I told them he's still getting drunk,not really looking for a job,not doing the things he was ordered to do.He had no proof that he had done these things.They didn't care!They let him go until June 30th.They told him this time he will go to jail if no payments have been made.They said the same thing the last 4 court dates!Wtf?I also think it's unfair that he gets a lawyer and I do not.No one seems to care about the kids!I even asked to go in front of the judge,and they wouldn't let me!It's just not right!hopmad.gifAll the other cases went in front of the judge!Parents who owed less than exh were getting sentences to the ACI,but the judge would stay the sentence,if payments were made on time,the parent would not go to jail at the next court date.He had already done this with exh!He should have gone to the ACI this time.He's got to dry out and grow up and get a job.What can I do?!?Thanks for reading and any advice you can offer.

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hugs mama!


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I sympathize! I totally feel like the court is against me at times too. Anyhow, hang in there and take care!

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First, big hug.  Second, get ready for the June hearing....  Third, some law schools have clinics where students can represent you for no cost.  Perhaps that might help?

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Thank you!I am going to call legal aid and see if they will help.Today he was picked up on a cs warrant,but they let him go right away!I guess it was a mistake,but maybe we were supposed to go in front of the judge.I am so frustrated.

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