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Enki 2nd grade- what books do I really need?

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Can anyone help me with this? I'm very interested in the Enki stories but I don't see myself watching the videos (I rarely have time to sit and watch a video but I love to read in the evenings and enjoy planning our blocks). We've been using Christopherus for K and 1st and now we're interested in Enki, mainly because I've heard the stories are high quality and the approach seems to go more in depth than Waldorf.


What do I need to teach 2nd grade math, language arts, science/nature? I'm thinking the foundation guides, teaching guide for grade 2, and the nature stories, and math for grade 2...would that be enough for me to use the program? I'm wondering if I can find our own trickster's and tales stories at the library if we have the guides and know what to look for.


I'm not opposed to buying the full package, I just don't know if I need all of it. We have a solid rhythm and plenty of seasonal songs/verses for our stories. I would like more tranistional songs but otherwise I'm mainly looking for stories and some movement exercises to go with them. We have Joyful Movement from Christopherus but I've heard the Enki movement book offers more.


Thank you for any advice/help.

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I just finished Enki Grade 2 - The Sage AND trickster stories are awesome!  I would buy the whole thing.  The Science Nature Stories aren't done, yet.  I was one of the many that wrote a Grade 2 science story but Beht is working on finsihing Garde 3 before proof reading the Grade 2 nature stories.  The ENKI NAture stories are very UNIQUE.  You can't find them anywhere.  The trickster stories you can find them but the ENKI trickster stories are tweaked to fit the ENKI curriculum.  You want to leave out the moral of the story.


The movement exercies are relevant for Grade 2 and are very different from Waldorf.  Also, you get relevant nature stories movements and Sage story movements.


There is a YAHOO Group called Enki Experience where you can all kind of these questions and also there is a free consult once a month.




Good Luck smile.gif

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Oh I forgot---- The trickster stories are part of the Sages book, so you get it together.

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Thank You, Nicholas' Mom! That was exactly what I needed to know. I rsvp'd for the conference pre-purchase chat today but I really wanted to find out from another Enki parent if they felt the entire package was worth it for 2nd grade. I'll make sure to ask about the science stories and if they'll be sent once completed.


Good to know about 3rd grade! I was hoping it would be done by the time we get there.


Would you mind telling me how you liked the crafts for 2nd? And the music? I'm sure we'll get the package, I really want to be able to use all the materials and I know I'll need the guides to pull it together. Do you watch the videos ahead of time or use them at all?


Will you be using Enki for 3rd?


Sorry so many questions. I'm on the yahoo group but Enki Experience still seems so vague about the answers to these questions.


Thank you again!

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When you say "watch the videos" what do you mean...the culture dancing?  or the "how-to's" video?


The crafts book isn't done for Grade 2 but on the Grade1_2 Yahoo group there are lots of ideas of what we did for culture blocks.  For seasonal crafts, we did some same ones from last year, but didn't do too many because we had culture crafts, too.


I love the Grade 2 movement music cd and also you get some cultural dance music to use for circle time.  Those are worth it, too.  I would say anything Enki Grade 2 and above will be different from any other curriculum and everything will mesh well together---- provided they are complete.


I am waiting for Grade3.  It's supposed to be out within the next month.  I can't say anymore about Grade3 books.  I am continuing with Grade3 and can't wait to get them.  I just love the stories that Beth writes that you just can't find anywhere else. smile.gif

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Just ordered the 2nd grade complete package! So excited, can't wait to get my hands on them. I was originally concerned that the package included videos that I wasn't sure I'd even get a chance to watch before presenting the material to my son. After reading your description and the pre-purchase consultation I learned that there are intro videos to watch but it can be a 1 time thing, not before each block. So that helps.


Thanks again for all your help!

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Great!  You won't be disappointed!  thumb.gif

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