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Ha! I've been telling everyone, and I'm only not-yet seven weeks. I CANNOT hide this green shade in the morning. I haven't been puking either, but just feeling bad and sooooo tired. I'm a nurse and work 12 hr shifts....the last 2 days were awful, so glad I'm staring down the nose of 4 days off. We are having my youngest daughters 2nd birthday party this weekend and I need to clean and go to the store, but haven't. Other than that, I'm hoping to just chill for this weekend. We see a midwife next tuesday, I think it's just an interview and hope that I like her, she's my closest option. My old midwife moved and is living about 2 hrs away, so too far for my liking for a december birth.

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Originally Posted by wendizbaby View Post

think I might be feeling better.  Maybe.  Don't want to jinx it, but the last few days have been better.  There IS a light at the end of the tunnel!!  jumpers.gif

That's encouraging! I forget what it's like to feel good :( squeezed lime in water is helping today.... I think I might call my midwives and ask for something to help, I am just sinking

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My Mother's Day gift from DH and the kids arrived today (there had been a shipping delay) so I have a whole BUNCH of chocolates.  


These http://www.purdys.com/Himalayan-Pink-Salt-Caramels-P406.aspx may be the best craving cure ever.   Sadly, I'm afraid to eat more than a nibble of chocolate as I fear it will make me sick.  

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Those caramels are so pretty.

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I'm counting down the days until the 31st, which is when I have my first appt with my MW, I'll be 10 weeks, and we should hear a HB. I'm trying to keep hold of THAT thought. "We should hear a heart beat" instead of "what will we do if we don't hear a heartbeat?" Sigh. I'm such a planner, and this waiting period is really hard for me. I want to make some plans, I want to write how many weeks I am in the calendar, all the way up to 40, I want to buy a Pregnancy journal... but I don't want to do that if we're just going to end this one with heartache. So. I wait.

I hear you on the waiting.  I so want to fill out my calendar, too.  Luckily, I have my 8-week appointment next Tuesday, so it's getting closer, and if all goes well then, I'll be able to fill it in, but it's so hard to wait.


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Ummmm... \i just tried to post, and there was a popup spam box IN my reply box. So weird... 



Anyways... I officially told my first person today. DH told one of his friends last week (he needed someone who had btdt, since he's having trouble adjusting to me being pretty much a useless bump on the log... lol), but I hadn't told anyone. Anyways, I told my boss at work. We were trying to hold off, but A/ I work part time midnights right now, because they've been very slow with training the next in seniority to take over from me... and it's starting to kill me. I needed to push her to get me off of them And B/ I'm totally growing out of my uniform. 


I posed it simply as a uniform problem, but I know she'll likely speed up the training process now. But yes, literally, I wear a suit for work (provided by them), and I have the option of pants, or a skirt. I've completely outgrown my pants, and the skirt is going soon. I didn't know if they had maternity uniforms to order, or if I would be finding my own, but when I ordered my original uniform, it tooks weeks and weeks to get it in, so I wanted to be able to order one soon if needed. 


But, good news is that she said once I tell people, I can wear black pants, and just any white dress shirt on top. Yay!  


I'm ignoring the fact that I totally started tearing up while telling her and she was like "oh, what's wrong hun!" and I was blubbering on going "no, it's ok, I don't know why I'm crying. I honestly don't know why I'm crying!" It was a bit mortifying. 

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Hi all, so happy to hear all of your stories and about your great Dr. appointments. I am not scheduled to see a midwife again until 12 and a half weeks. I went at 6 weeks and had an ultrasound and saw the heartbeat but now that seems like forever ago. I still have no idea what I am going to do for maternity care and that is stressful. The midwife I saw at 6 weeks delivers at a hospital and was not on the same page as me at all, so I am trying to switch to a birth center with midwives who are more in line with my idea of a gentle peaceful birth but my insurance doesn't cover it so I may have to switch again. Am I being ridiculous to hope I can convince insurance to make an exception and potentially waiting till 20 weeks before I know who will actually be there to help deliver the baby? It is stressful. Anyway I have been emotional and still having some m/s issues. The only person who isn't annoying is my 2 year old daughter who I just love more by the second. She is the best, and I just hope my heart will feel this way about baby 2 (little E, as we have named him or her).

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I am enjoying this chat thread.

I am 7 weeks, 2 days and the nausea is absolutely TERRIBLE! I feel like I have been pregnant for ages, LOL! I was not sick like this with my three girl pregnancies, but WAS with my son, so I am hoping this new little one will also be a boy. It would be great fun for our little guy to have a brother. I am feeling like this may be the last babe for us. We will not discuss or do anything permanent for quite some time, but I am TIRED and totally feel like I fail at my job as wife, mama, house manager, etc. when I am expecting a baby. I know things will turn around during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. I have healthy pregnancies and easy deliveries, thank God. I just have so much to be thankful for that I hate to whine and complain. ;)


We are telling friends and people we know who will support us. We are NOT telling my parents of hubby's family for a while. My mom and dad have already let me know that they are not supportive of another baby. They really have a problem with my hubby being a visionary guy who does does work a typical 9-5 job. They also said something to the effect of "what if you have another baby and its not perfect" and "I guarantee you, if you have one more baby, one of the older ones WILL suffer."


I feel sad that they are so concerned about us. We are happy, healthy, hubby has always provided for us, etc. My parents don't babysit, give us money, etc. so I really don't understand what their problem is. 


Wow, guess I needed to get that off my chest, LOL!


I will have another ultrasound a week from today, excited to see heartbeat! And hoping to feel better by 10 weeks like last time.

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Amanda, how incredibly sad that your parents feel that way! It seems so unjust! You have my total sympathies. Wow.


Jeninejessica, I giggled a bit at your emotionalism. So typically pregnant, huh? Dh and I just finished watching all 8 seasons of The West Wing, and I was weeping in the finale. The West Wing, of all things: least emotional show ever.


I'm getting a little jealous of you all, hearing heartbeats and having ultrasounds, while here I am with my trust and waiting and believing that I really AM pregnant. My belly's actually growing a person, not just fat, right? Maybe I just have the craziest stomach bug ever. Ok, really, come on! Two positive tests are evidence, even if everything my body's doing isn't! And I've made it to 9 weeks (hooray!), so I'm starting to feel pretty good about the chances of actually birthing a baby this year. I'm thinking this pregnancy will be about learning to trust more deeply in my own body's messages.

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jeninejessica- I had to laugh too, only because I cry all.the.time normally, so my coworkers are like "huh, mo's crying, again." LOL.


I'm really jealous of everyone having ultrasounds too, I don't know why, but it doesn't quite feel real yet...and I can't wait for an u/s or to hear a HB. My lasnd not preg I was perfectly fine not having an u/s and now I'm very anxious about it.

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Originally Posted by Azadehhast View Post

I'm getting a little jealous of you all, hearing heartbeats and having ultrasounds, while here I am with my trust and waiting and believing that I really AM pregnant. My belly's actually growing a person, not just fat, right? Maybe I just have the craziest stomach bug ever.

I am right there with you!
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Its funny...  I felt really pregnant for a week, and then not for a week, but always just a little queasy.  Well, last night I officially tossed the cookies for the first time.  I hope its the last.  With dd1 I did one time and with dd2 I didn't that I remember.  Now hopefully I can start to feel better.

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I just came back from our u/s (sorry! I know y'all were just talking about that). Heard the HB and saw the bean, and of course I'm in love! Can't wait till December!
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I am 10 weeks today and have an appt on Monday.. I'm really looking forward to hearing a heartbeat!! And I'm also hoping my sch is clearing up, but I will need a new u/s to know that.


I took my DF to the airport today.. he's going to be gone for a month!!! I've been crying or on the verge of crying all day.. I miss him so much already :(

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Anyone measure ahead with previous babes? I'm 8 weeks but measured 10w4d at the ultrasound. With DD I measured right on, so I have no previous experience.

SierraBella-((hugs)) I know how you feel! DH is military and gone all the time, but I miss him a lot regardless of how much/little he's away. I hope you have some fun things planned to pass the time.
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Originally Posted by rah0315 View Post

Anyone measure ahead with previous babes? I'm 8 weeks but measured 10w4d at the ultrasound. With DD I measured right on, so I have no previous experience.

SierraBella-((hugs)) I know how you feel! DH is military and gone all the time, but I miss him a lot regardless of how much/little he's away. I hope you have some fun things planned to pass the time.

DF is just in the reserves, so this is just a once a year thing.. but it's still so hard! I'm selfishly hoping he doesn't get deployed between now and when he gets out 1 1/2 years from now (he went to Iraq before i met him).


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JenineJessica- I was SOOOO nervous when I told my boss I was pregnant with DS1!!!! It was totally fine though lol...with DS2 and this one he found via FB LOL...no he is calling me "Preggers" of well...better than "Crash" which was my old nick name (because I've been in my share of car accidents - NOT all my fault, and NONE recent).


MamaEcho- I totally *know* (I think I have only met you in person once or twice) you from my local mommy forum/group! Too funny! With DS1 I ended up re-meeting an old family friend through a DDC here also! Crazy...


Well, my week has been chaotic, but, I am adjusted into a "new" (went back to my previous employer) (from an awful job) and my kids switched out of an awful daycare back into their old and wonderful daycare, I had a job interview, and had to wear my skirt backwards so the extra room for my butt allowed space for my belly! I also had my 9wk appointment and heard/saw the heartbeat and saw my little one....who was not moving at all other than the HB...anyone else had this before??? Both my boys moved like crazy each U/S...I'm trying not to worry - the HB seemed really strong...I just cannot believe he/she did not move at all! Maybe it just means this child will have slightly less energy than my boys...I think I deserve that....LOL!!!


Oh and then another blessing, I just got some great maternity clothes off freecycle that look brand new, and I spent about $30 between Goodwill and Ross and got like 10 shirts and 3 pants/skirts...I am super happy about that, sense I got rid of ALL my maternity clothes last summer, thinking it would be several years until I needed them again... now if I just new the sex so I could start collecting baby clothes at yard sales...I guess I can start with gender neutral onesies and gowns though...what does a December baby wear? My boys were born in spring and summer so light sleepers and onesies or just a cloth diaper was plenty! Ooooh...which reminds me I need new newborn covers!!! Yay!!! So fun!!! Now if I can just convince DH I need to spend the money....LOL


So this has been a great week!

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Starting to think about clothes for the baby here too - just saw what looked like a consignment shop when we were out driving today, so I may go poke around and see what they have. I'm thinking warm...wool and fleece and layers and baby legs! Oh those cute baby legs... love them. And they're great under gowns, I'd imagine - both as a second layer and as a bit of protection from bare skin during diaper changes in chilly air. We don't keep our house all that warm, so I think we'll be dressing the baby as warmly as we dress ourselves.


We were at IKEA today, looking at kitchen cabinets, and took a detour through the baby section. I really like some of their cribs and carpets and bedding choices - cute and not very expensive. I really feel like it doesn't make sense to spend much money on a "nursery" that the baby will grow out of in a few years, but they had some sweet things that looked like they would transition well through at least early childhood. I also love that they are not the commercialized characters - I know a lot of people don't mind them but the Disney Princesses etc make me crazy, with the marketing and pushing brand loyalty to younger and younger children. But the cute animals and such that they have at IKEA make me smile :-) There was one bedding set that was all veggies - if I were having a summer baby, I'd be all over that! So cute and colorful!


We're trying to figure out a sleeping arrangement that makes sense for us. I feel like a cosleeper is our best option, but the space on my side of the bed is very limited. An arm's reach cosleeper would totally block half of the drawers in my dresser. Assuming it fit between the bed and dresser at all, which would mean it would have to be a very small one. I thought about building one like this one: http://www.babybunk.com/ If we built our own, we could make it a bit wider than the one the baby bunk people offer - theirs looks awfully narrow to me. It doesn't look THAT hard to build to me - I'll probably have our builder look at it sometime while he's here working on the house and see what he says.

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I am so tired. So, so tired, it's unbelievable. Yesterday I slept in and made DD late for school (DS was ready to go when I got up, so I sent him out the door just barely on time) I'd gone to bed at 10 the night before, so t here was no reason for me to not get up at 7:30! I think I'm going to have to start setting an alarm. Then I slept from 11am until it was time to pick them up, then flopped down on the couch when we got home and ordered chinese food for dinner. I was hoping the tiredness would start to go soon, but it's getting worse! I'm 10 weeks now, I'll get my energy back any day, right? Please?

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Oh, I can relate to the fatigue.  It's awful. I don't remember ever having this level of fatigue previously, but maybe I blocked  out that part of the memories. 

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Heather (I'm Heather too BTW), I LOVE Baby Legs! My 22 month old came into my bedroom yesterday wearing them on both legs and one arm and my 4 year old had them on both his arms...they still wear them pretty often as an extra layer, and they were really great for potty training and ECing! I am going to have to buy or make more though because they will not give them up!


I am still pretty tired too...I really feel like that my whole pregnancy though...except, to be honest, this is my first time being pregnant and not being in school and working 2-3 jobs (I am not in school and only working 1 job), so hopefully that will help...I also nursed through my last pregnancy and this time I am not...

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