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Jack's Birth...finally!

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Jack Thomas was born April 21....and I'm finally getting a chance to post our birth story.

Wednesday night (4/20) I noticed I was having a ton of BH contractions, so I started timing them around 8 or 9pm.  They were coming around 5 or 6 minutes apart.  I went and took a shower to see if moving around would get them to pick up.  They seemed to stop until I sat back down, when they came regularly again.  Around 12:30am, I called my monitrice and let her know.  She said to try to rest and she'd be ready to go whenever things picked up.  I called my parents and let them know I might be in labor.  They got ready and called back an hour later, and I told them the contrax were still coming, so they left their house around 1:30am.  About an hour later, the contractions started to hurt, so I called my monitrice back and she headed over.  She got there at 3am.  Contractions stayed pretty steady at 5 minutes apart or so.  My parents got there at 4am to watch DD.  My labor slowed down for a minute, then picked up again.  About 4:45 or so, I started having intense contractions and I felt my baby move DOWN DOWN DOWN.  It was super intense and I started thinking maybe we should head to the hospital soon.  At 5am, I had another contraction and felt a pop and a gush as my water broke.  We scrambled to get the car loaded up and me to the hospital with DH and monitrice.  It totally felt like a bad TV show.  I was crumpled in the ER moaning while they rushed around getting me wheeled to labor and delivery.  I never made it into a hospital gown.  They barely got my pants off in time.  They checked me and I was at 7cm.  Then I felt myself pushing almost immediately while they were trying to get an IV in my arm (for antibiotics--I was GBS+).  They noticed I was pushing and gave up on the IV.  I was laying on my side and my monitrice was trying to get me to lift my leg up.  I didn't like that and said I wanted to try all fours, but the doctor (who was totally freaked out) insisted on me being on my back.  She kept saying things like "good-sized baby" and "dystocia" and "heart rate dropping."  My monitrice tried to keep me calm and get me to push the baby out.  The doctor started talking about an assist and I heard her ask for lidocaine.  No way in hell I wanted an episiotomy, so I closed my eyes, screamed my head off, and pushed until he was out.  He was born at 6am, one hour after my water broke.  8 lbs, 11 oz, 21" long.  I found out after the fact that the dr did use the vacuum, but only for a few seconds and according to my monitrice it was kind of silly and unnecessary.  She also said he was never stuck and I had plenty of room to get him out.  There were like 50 people in the room by the time he came out.  They cut the cord and whisked him away.  By the time I finally got to see him he was bundled up in a hat and blanket.  Jack did have to get extra bloodwork drawn because I didn't get any antibiotics.  It wasn't the birth I expected, but I'm okay with it.  DD did great at home with my parents, so that helped a lot.  Jack is awesome and cuddly and sleeps all the time and we all love him so much!  DD adores him.  He's nursed great since his tongue tie got clipped and I'm enjoying him so much!!

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Congratulations!! Sounds like a fast and furious labor. , thanks for sharing your story!

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Woo! Congratulations!!

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