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Zephyr Anders is here!

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My baby boy Zephyr Anders was born at 10:46am on Mother's Day. He was 10 pounds even! I am still in shock from the birth. I started having waves at 3am and they were extremely manageable through just deep breathing until my midwife arrived around 7am. When she checked me I was already 8-9cm. We both couldn't believe it because she said I seemed nothing like someone in active labor (thank you Hypnobabies!). I got into the tub and my waves got much more intense and closer together so I was vocalizing through them. I stayed in the tub about an hour but couldn't get comfortable so I came back to the bed and labored on my side. My midwife checked me again and I was complete so she suggested I pee. My water still hadn't broken. She went to the kitchen with her assistant to get towels and blankets and my husband and friend helped me to the bathroom. Those 10 feet felt like a mile. My legs were jelly and I couldn't support myself. As soon as I sat on the toilet I heard a loud pop and a splash as my water broke. Totally unexpectedly he started crowning and I was screaming because my body was pushing him out and I had no control whatsoever. My midwife ran in knowing what was happening and nothing was ready so they just grabbed bathroom towels. She told me to get onto hands and knees and my husband had to practically force me because I could not control my own body. His head was already out and I pushed once to help deliver his shoulders and the rest of his body right there in the bathroom. I felt like I was ripping apart but I didn't care because it was OVER. They helped us back to the bed where I delivered the placenta and mw announced I had not torn. I am completely shocked I birthed a 10 pound baby without really pushing and didn't tear. Everything I read by Michel Odent was right on and I experienced a true fetus ejection reflex. orngbiggrin.gif


My milk is already in and he is a great nurser. Big sister will not leave him alone and big brother is sick so he hasn't been too interested yet. That's for the best considering I don't want him passing germs to baby just yet. I am so happy with my experience as this is my last baby and it was my first home birth and first birth without any meds!

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DDCC...What a great story! Congrats! And I have to say, Zephyr is one of my favorite names, love it! Enjoy your babymoon.

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congrats! can't wait to see photos of him :D sounds like a wonderful labour

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Congratulations on your new "little" one!  Welcome to Zephyr - enjoy your babymoon :)

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Congratulations !!! Love your birth story.  Good for you without a single tear.  Look forward to seeing some beautiful pics of your new guy.

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Wow - sounds like a great birth! Congrats smile.gif
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Congratulations!  Sounds like a wonderful birth!

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he's a beauty!!!

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beautiful picture!  sounds like a crazy and amazing birth!  congrats... he's adorable!

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Awesome! Congrats!

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Everything sounds like it went wonderfully! Enjoy the new little boy!

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congrats adriana and welcome zephyr.  beautiful!

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Very cute. Congrats!


I experienced the whole my body is pushing and I'm not doing it thing with my second. It's so cool! :) I remember it feeling just amazing. 

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What a beautiful birth story and an adorable little baby boy you have there!!  Thanks for sharing some of the details of that most intimate moment...sounds like a pretty quick and easy labor & delivery...and love that you experienced a fetal ejection.  That's AWESOME!!!

Congrats again and welcome to the world sweet little one - we're so glad you've arrived!heartbeat.gif

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Congratulations! What a cutie! I loved reading your birth story.

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congratulations ! wonderful birthing. hope you're enjoying the little one so much love.gif

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Congratulations! What a sweet little chub!
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