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Twin moms - checking in

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How's everyone doing? Appointments coming up? Anything exciting happening?


Have any of you started thinking about stuff like strollers and cribs? Every time I think I have the energy to start looking at that stuff, I get overwhelmed really quickly - kind of wishing someone would just tell me what to buy. :-)


We have an appointment on Thursday afternoon and are hoping that Baby B might decide to share his or her sex with us.


Also, we kind of closed on our house yesterday, which is exciting...but there was some paperwork holdup with HUD (who owns the house, since it was a foreclosure) and so they haven't "recorded" the sale yet. It's a little weird - we can get into the house, but we can't change the locks yet. We were there this evening and saw from the record sheet on the kitchen counter that two people had come by yesterday...one realtor to show the house (!) and one guy named Chuck Thornton who apparently visited to Inspect.


What he was inspecting, I have no idea - but it made me feel weird to think about people just kind of coming in and out now that there's a SOLD sign in the yard.

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Congrats on your house! That would be weird to "own" it but still have a realtor show it?! Hopefully it will be all official soon and it can really be yours :)


I'm doing good here. I don't have another appointment until the 24th because we're going to visit the in-laws next week (hopefully it will be fun, it usually is!). I see the cardiologist on the 23rd due to some heart flutters I've been having. I'm trying not to be too anxious about it...it's definitely a "just to make sure nothing's wrong" check so hopefully all is normal. We don't have our anatomy scan until the first week of June (it's no fun being at the end of the month!)


I stopped in Babies R Us briefly last weekend to test drive whatever double strollers they happened to have in the store. I actually liked the Chicco...it steered great and it takes 2 infant carseats (I think, but I think it only takes a Chicco carseat...not so good). BUT the front seat doesn't recline and the back seat doesn't have a cup holder. Weird. Anybody else done any stroller research and find one they like yet?

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Hi Ladies!

Congrats on the house, dear abbey! I agree, that's a bit weird having people come & go as they please like that. Hope you get to change the locks soon!

I'm doing good, still very tired. Still not much of an appetite, I don't know what's wrong with me. Just like bstandlee, my next appt. is on the 24th, and our scan is June 7th. Feels like an eternity away! I won't be having another U/S before then.

I haven't even thought of baby equipment yet. There's not much we need, except maybe more clothes. We have car seats already. I guess I don't really know what we still need.
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I've done a ton of research on double strollers (I'm a stroller junkie along with certified baby gear junkie) and my TOP picks are either the Baby Jogger City mini Double (side by side style) or for twins the new Baby Jogger City Select. I also like the Britax B-Ready but one thing I don't like about the B-Ready is that the second seat sits low in the back and thus baby can't see out. The baby Jogger City Select is more compact and that back seat sits up higher than the front. Also the City Select has more positioning options. I recommend checking out reviews from Baby Gizmo on youtube. She has great vids with in depth reviews of all these strollers. orngbiggrin.gif I know I'm not a twin mom (as of now) but I thought I'd chime in since I have done so much stroller research.

For parents who travel a lot, check out the Go Go Babyz travelmates for airports! So easy. The wheels go on your carseat to make travel a breeze. Once you get in the cabin just pop off the wheels and put them under the seat in front and install your carseat. LOVE this product.
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Congrats Abbey! I hope that the situation resolves itself quickly and you can be owners without fear of strange things going on. I guess with a foreclosure there are so many hands in the pot still? I hope HUD can get its act together!


I'm still puking on occasion and having it rough at times. I am SO SICK of throwing up! The good news is I have more functional times when I can eat more normal food, it's just that when I don't feel well, it's pretty bleak. I still have managed to put on 6 pounds, which I was pleased about. Particularly since with my field work and everything, I've been burning a lot of fuel as well. 

I had a check up the other day and it was reassuring to hear the two hbs! My OB made me feel better about the strain of work and everything else.


This week may have been the most tiring of my entire life. We moved, peak nesting week was this week, and I'm just plain exhausted anyways! I cannot wait for a loungy weekend with tons of nesting!


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Hey- Anyone else join their local Moms of Multiples group? I did and yesterday was the big sale of baby stuff they host every spring. It was amazing! Not only did I get some great deals, it was fantastic to talk to so many moms of twins! Everyone was so nice and eager to talk. It was really encouraging and fun- and they suggested I go to some of the playgroups this summer just to get to know a bunch of them.

It was particularly nice given the same day I met a new neighbor who was nice, but when I told her there were twins in there, she looked horrified. I mentioned about how we're trying to brace ourselves for the anything- and she said "brace yourself for no sleep and crying, a lot"- and went on to talk about how hard things were with her two singletons. Grrreeeat. I LOVE horror stories from singleton Moms that imply you will not survive your first year with twins.


Anyway- that made the conversation with twin Moms so much better. They all were so encouraging and excited- no horror stories at all.

It made me think of something I've had a number of people tell me- that only people that are tough enough to handle twins are given the opportunity to have them. Maybe it's true??



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I have looked briefly online for a mothers of multiples group but we live in a small town and I think the closest one is an hour away. But I've heard great things about them. How exciting that you got connected! I agree: I only seem to hear horror stories from singleton moms...other twin mom's/grandma's are super excited!

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@tutucrazy:  I would also look into getting some sort of tandem double stroller.  for a while all we had was a side-by-side double jogger (baby trend expedition) which is great for walks but doesn't really fit through standard doorways etc.  we also had this problem with the double umbrella stroller (ours is a jeep one).  i've test drove the strollers you did mention and they all ROCK!  now our problem is we're expecting #3 in oct and have the twins so we need a triple :)


@Mainebirdgirl:   It's not as hard as you would think.  I survived my first year(they are now just about 13months), and my girls were preemies and both have CP.  My family thinks I am crazy because I have them on a schedule (albeit loose, but you can honestly tell time by what they are doing/how they are acting) AND I cloth diaper.


@bstandlee:  we have the chicco keyfit 30's and chicco cortine together.  I like the system, but it is bulky and only accepts chicco car seats.  there's a graco brand that accepts their snug ride 30's...the duo glider i think.  plus the chicco carseats dont snap onto shopping carts or anything.  have you thought about the infant carseats and a double snap and go frame?  those are super light weight and dont take up much space


@MamaLove:  how o you do it?  I am petrified that I already have twins and have one baby on the way in October!


@Abbey:  Congrats on your house!


Everyone sees to be doping so well!  You ladies will all be great mommies to multiples! :D

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@fochaux Yeah, that is actually why I'm not going with the Baby Jogger City Mini. It is a side by side and I live in Brazil, which means NARROW aisles and door frames! I'm going to buy the new 2011 baby Jogger City Select (I think). My son still uses the stroller quite a bit and so with this next 1 (or 2) I will need something narrow enough to get in and out of cramped Brazil stores. I'll wait first to see if I'm having 1 or 2 b/c that might change things. Maybe I will need a triple too! Yikes!
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fochaux - I just do what I have to do smile.gif . Can't do more than that.

I had my appt. today, everything is good! I'm 18w2d today, my fundus is measuring at 24cm, and Baby A's HB was 136, Baby B was 140. I've been having some anxiety over the babies' well being as I haven't been feeling much movement lately. she said that's normal, and it's still early. She's guessing Baby B is behind Baby A, which is why I only feel movement in the middle to right side, nothing on my left.

I'm so relieved everything is OK. Our Level II U/S is 2 weeks from today joy.gif ! So excited for that!
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How are you all? (and I'm still so sorry bstandlee)


I'm tiiiiired. The weather has finally really perked up here and is beautiful, and I have tons of gardening and other things I want to do, but I run out of steam so fast. It's started to get me down- I'm normally an energetic person who likes to do things, and I'm just getting so frustrated. Today I explored a new lovely patch of woods near our new house with my dog- which normally is one of my favorite things in the world to do. Within 10 minutes I was creeping along at a snails pace, and then the mosquitoes found me, and then I was just a cranky, tired, miserable, b-. Even the lady slippers couldn't cheer me up, and I LOVE orchids!


I'm still sick a bit too- nearly puked in my bed at 5:30 am on Friday. It's getting better, but it still can be rough!


wah wah wah. Just had to get that gripe out. I think I just realized that I'm not going to have the good pregnancy that I had hoped for. No 2nd tri honeymoon for me :(


In better news- we're having a boy and a girl!! I didn't think that I had any preference at all, but for some reason when we found out it was one of each, I was thrilled! I'm just so happy for DH, who definitely would have been terrorized by twin girls (which was what my hunch had been). Even better is that they look really healthy and everything- "textbook", was what the tech said which made me happy. Also- she said my cervix was "nice and long"- which made me super happy since short cervix= increased risk for pre-term labor. YAY! As not super as my pregnancy has been, I want these little ones well-cooked!


Hope you ladies are all doing well and enjoying the spring!


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Hi MBG! Congrats on the boy & girl! My latest update is thepost above yours. I hate being outside with the bugs, drives me nuts.

I'm doing OK, still tired, still can't sleep. I've been really depressed the last few weeks, no idea why, I should be so happy greensad.gif . I posted a thread in the main pregnancy forum.

Other than that, things are going fine here. I'm feeling and seeing movement already (I'm 19 weeks). It cheers me up a little, then I panic a bit when I don't feel anything for awhile. I rub & poke my belly to get things going, which helps sometimes, but I mostly just have to wait.
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I'm holding up, but now on bedrest!  =(   I've been in and out of L&D twice and spent a night in the hospital, too.  My cervix was a 1.9 at our Anat u/s (although it went up to 2.5 by the middle of last week!) and I've been having frequent contractions.  I was given Indocin at the hospital to stop the contractions and am now on Procardia and bedrest (and I'm having a hard time with both).  We discussed the possibility of a cerclage, but since my cervix measured a bit longer last week- we decided to just stick with the meds to stop the contractions and bedrest.  I am sooooooo uncomfortable.  If I walk more than just from bed to bathroom to the couch, etc... I feel SO much pressure it's scary, to the point where I can't stand up.  I'm having weekly appointments now and my next one is Wednesday... I'm anxious and nervous to see if I've had any more cervical changes.


Congrats on the boy and girl MBG, and I'm sorry you are feeling down lately Mama Love (although I can totally relate!).  I hope you all had a good Memorial Day weekend and have a great week!



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Wow Starlit! I hope you can bake those babies for a long time! {{{HUGS}}}!!
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Oh no Starlit!!! I'm so sorry to hear that- I would go craaaaazy. I am completely terrified of bedrest. As I mentioned in my previous post, I feel I shouldn't complain about my pregnancy being rough when I'd rather have them stay in there for a looong time.

I hope that you're able to keep things under control and gain a semblance of a life again. Can you work on your computer while laying down? I feel I've heard of some bed rest resources online. Have you checked them out? I can try to find them from my books and send you some links tonight.

Are you a trivia geek? I can spend HOURS on sporcle.com. It is SO much fun.

Do you have people to hang out and watch movies with you? Or just distract you in general? Do you knit? Every wanted to write down the story of your life :\ ? Oh man. 

I know my local Moms of Multiples group has resource people for MoMs on bedrest- do you have that? I want to enlist my group to help you or something.

I feel like if I were in your situation, I'd be so overwhelmed/scared/bummed that I'd just lay on the couch and freak out. If there is anything we can do from afar, let us know! 


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Yeah, I've been doing MUCH  too much of the laying around- Googling- and freaking out- which I completely know better than to do, but for some reason can't stop myself!!   I am hoping this is just a scare and somehow a passing phase, but I'm terrified that this is gonna be the way things go the remainder of the pregnancy.  I have appts with both my OB and the peri tomorrow and I'm hoping things are looking good and my cervix is long- - at least longer, since I know it's not gonna "gain" substantial length at this point. 


I am able to use my computer, and am also taking 2 classes this semester (May/ June) that my professors are now allowing me to do from home so I try to keep myself busy with that.  The hardest part is... and I'm sure everyone who is put on bedrest deals with this (I just wish I was better at dealing- lol) ... is that I hate not being able to be up and active with my very high-energy 6 year old.  I had been hoping to do a lot of fun one-on-one things with him this summer, before the twins arrive, but now I can't even get out of the house.  The other thing is my house is a DISASTER, lol, and only gettting worse.  My bf is great and does as much as he can, but he works full-time an hour and a half away, afternoons one week and 12 hour overnights the next- so he can only do so much.  He keeps such a great attitude but I can tell that he's already burning out.  Our closest family is 3 1/ 2 hours away and busy with their own lives, and we have no friends/ community here so that's hard, too.  I'm trying not to get too down and am reminding myself that this is only temporary- - - and best of all, the babies are looking great and measuring on track right now~!  So I know it is worth it, as much as having a hard pregnancy/ being on bedrest sucks, you're right MBG... I'd take it all any day of the week to keep my babies healthy.


I'm definitely going to look into a MoM group, thanks for the idea!  Also, I'd love any bedrest/ distraction links!  =)

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Sorry, crashing the twins thread to say I'm so sorry, Starlit! Yikes! I can imagine how tough that must be.


Have you considered calling Sidelines? A friend of mine used to volunteer with them. She did phone/email support and occasionally in person support for moms on bedrest.

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We don't mind the crashing at all!  smile.gif  You'd think being on bedrest, I'd have plenty of time to update on our main board, but for some reason I'm too busy "researching" all the possible what-ifs.  eyesroll.gif  I swear, I'm my own worst enemy sometimes! 


But anyway, thank you so much for the link! I had never heard of the organization before, I'm going to check it out right now!

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Sidelines was the one I was thinking of.

There's also this list:


Get of google RIGHT NOW (unless it's to research goofy videos to cheer yourself up)

I recommend this one:


It always makes me laugh, then again, I have a stupid sense of humor.


My college roommate who was on bedrest is coming to visit tonight! I'll ask her for ideas.


In the meanwhile, look up your MoMs group, play some sporcle, and can you look into a cleaning service for a few visits? I know we couldn't really afford it and I'd have a hard time paying for it, but I think in this kind of circumstance it may be worth it. Hey- maybe your MoMs group or some resource people might even offer to do that to help- I'm sure that's a really a common problem. Also, another thing I have a hard time doing but everyone tells me I should get used to- asking friends for help. Or anyone- neighbors, classmates, etc. I think with twins, we'll have to get used to asking for help- so you may as well start now!


Good luck with your next appt!!!



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Arrrgggh for being on bedrest! That's rough.


I am sorry for being so absent - we did get moved into our new house, but since we're on the edge of town limits, we still have no internet there, and work has been crazy enough that I have been working through lunch, eating at my desk, and not having time to pop in and see how everyone is doing. I've missed hearing your updates!


Here's my update: I am not on bedrest, but I've been having enough contractions (and that awful downward pressure that feels like babies are going to fall out!) that I've been told I have to lie down for an hour at a time, four times a day, and monitor for contractions. If I have more than 4 during any of those sessions, I have to go in right away to be evaluated. Also, they've upped my water intake to 64 ounces each day in addition to what I drink with meals, which I'm having a little trouble getting in.  It feels hard to rest like this while trying to work and take care of our two-year-old, but I have to keep these little people cooking as long as possible, so I'm trying really hard to work at it.


This weekend we're at my mom's b/c my sister is getting married today. I'm in the wedding, and it's hard to rest in the middle of all the action!


Also, we found out that both of our babies are girls...so now we don't know if they are identical or not. Kind of cool. I could get a little worried about two girls as preteens, but I'm sure it will be a fun adventure!

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