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So sorry to hear about your GD Starlit. It must be frustrating since doesn't exercise help with GD management- and you can't walk around on bedrest! What an annoying situation! I can only imagine the desire to feel like a semi-normal pregnant lady with all the hoops you've had to jump through. I feel a bit like a twin-Mom freak being so big and everything, but I really don't have anything to complain about!!


I'm going to work until I can no longer work- I'm hoping to make it through my field season (mid-August) and be able to write up results from the summer before the babies come (I'm eyeing late September, but they haven't told me their plans). Who knows!!! I've shown no signs of pre-term labor and the cervix looks good, so from here I have no reason to believe they will come TOO early. Once the field season is over, things will be easier though. Heck, once this weekend is over things should be easier! I'm working tomorrow and Monday and dreading the crowds around our little chicks- poor nuggets! 


Abbey- how was the test??


I think I need to enjoy this warm summer's day with a swim somewhere...

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How are you all doing???

I have my next U/S tomorrow. SO excited to see them again! Praying we get good news about baby Boy's kidneys, and baby Girl's clubbed feet. I used my doppler this morning for a little reassurance because I haven't felt baby Boy move much at all this whole time, and I couldn't find it a few days ago when I last tried. Well, I did find it, on my lower right side, the opposite side it was before. No wonder I couldn't find it! Baby Girl's is usually in the same place as always, right by my bellly button.

I'm hoping both babies settle down into a head-down position. I don't know how soon I need to worry about that. My chiro is working with me on that too. I also have an appt. with him tomorrow too, before my U/S.
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I hope everything goes well on your u/s tomorrow! Keep us posted.


I just had another doc appt today and all still looks good. I will get the GTT test results tomorrow or Wed, but everything looked peachy.

I found out I have gained 20 lbs, which I guess is to be expected and probably good but still daunting, you know? I am starting to get stretch marks and am really hungry lately, hello growth spurt!

I have been super hot and tired and huge lately, you ladies? It's 80 in the house and we finally just got a window AC unit in a fit of heat-induced madness, and now DH is battling setting it up and I'm hoping he can get it installed before he heads out of town for the week tomorrow AM. It's going to be in the 90s tomorrow, and heat and I aren't friends lately. I hate the way I react to it lately, super grumpy and completely incapable of thought. 


How is bedrest Starlit and Abbey? You keeping busy? and the GD Starlit? 


Hope you all are well!

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I had my U/S today. The boy is perfectly fine, growing well (a bit ahead even). The fluid around his kidneys didn't concern the Dr. this time. He said that at 32 weeks if it's more than 7mm, it's a problem. Last time it was only 3mm, so not a huge concern. The girl is growing more slowly; she's almost a week behind. We couldn't get a good look at her legs/feet to check the clubbing, but from what they could see, it's more definite. I don't know how severe it is yet though. And, they are both breech greensad.gif . Boy is head up now (he was head down), and Girl is breech/transverse (their heads are right next to each other). So, I have some work to do to get these stubborn peanuts to turn around.

I have another U/S on Aug. 2nd, 3 weeks from now. Hoping Girl catches up, and they both turn around!

MBG - I feel huge, tired, & hot too! I work in a sweat box - a clean room where the A/C barely works, then I have to wear a plastic gown! Talk about a sweaty pig! Ugh! I drink a gallon of water there alone each day, plus what I drink at home, so probably 1 1/2 gallons a day, maybe more.

Glad all looks good for you!!!
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So glad the boy looks OK! Sorry the girl didn't cooperate, but I was talking to a friend who had a niece with club feet and she's totally fine now if that helps! Hope they turn head down and the next appt is even better.

Where do you work? Sound MISERABLE. I'm on the beach in the sun, which can be super hot, but I at least can dip my feet in when I think I'm going to melt.


I found out today that I passed the glucose test- phew! But I have low iron which might explain some of my crazy fatigue. I just chalked it up to carrying twins.


Anyone else having occasional twin freak outs still?  


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Great news about Baby Boy's kidneys, Mama Love!  I will keep Baby Girl in my prayers!!  I also have one baby who is a bit behind the other in weight right now (at 28 weeks: 2.6 lbs- 18th percentile compared to Baby B at 2.15 lbs- 60 something percentile).  The doctor's don't seem to be too concerned right now as long as both are following their growth curves, and will just continue to monitor it.  I've got a breech Baby A at the moment (who had been vertex up to this pt!) =( and a transverse/ oblique Baby B.  Any recommendations as to how to get a breech baby to turn Mama Love (or anyone else) or does anyone know at what pt we should worry that they won't turn?


MBG, yay for passing your GTT!!!  GD has been no fun, but manageable thus far for me.  I have such an new level of respect for those who deal with this every day of their lives!  I've also gained about 20 lbs as of now- Barbara Luke would have me up a tree! (I think she wanted us to hit that by 20 weeks).  But I try hard to eat lots (although it's gotten quite a bit trickier due to the GD) and the babies continue to look good- my OB has no concerns so I'm trying not to stress over it. 


How are you both managing at work?  Abbey, how are you doing on bedrest- any new appointments lately?


AFM, I'm continuing to fall apart.  I've been back to L& D twice this week with regular contractions on the monitor so my Procardia has been upped. I have a lot of side effects with the Procardia and unfortunately have been only able to sleep from 10/11 pm til about 2/3 am every night for the past several days. My cervix has also dropped to a 0.9 cm  so I was also given steroid shots to develop the babies lungs more quickly.  I'm scared, because my OB said he has been really holding back on having to give me the shots until he was genuinely concerned delivery might be imminent within the next two weeks- although he did say it is possible for me to hold on much longer (and even mentioned someone with a 0.7 cm cervix since 20 weeks who went on to be induced).  It's just very sobering to have to think about the the possiblity of delivering sometime soon- I am nowhere near ready, and more importantly, either are these babies!!  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  Other than that, I have SO MUCH pressure every time I stand up, I get really worried walking more than a few feet.  I am terrified my water is gonna break at any minute- especially since my boyfriend works nearly 2 hours away with traffic and I have no one in the area to turn to.  If my water were to break when I am home alone- should I call an ambulance or attempt to drive myself to the hospital (which is 45 minutes away)?  I'm starting to really worry about these things now.  I can't wait til August when my brother will be here to help for the month!


Hope everyone has a great weekend, and I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!

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Reread the last several posts and wanted to add....


Mama Love, I don't know a lot about clubbed feet...  Is that something surgery can generally correct?  hug2.gif


And MBG- OMG! I can't believe you are surviving working on a beach right now!!  I cannot even imagine!

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Oh goodness Starlit! 

I really hope that they cool their jets and stay put. Sounds like your doc was being conservative with the steroids but also needs to ensure that things go OK if you deliver early. Let's hope that it was a precaution that ultimately wasn't needed! If they DO come early- didn't I read in one of the twin books that premature twins tend to do better then premature singletons? I don't know if that makes you feel better, but I find it oddly consoling. I hope that things improve, it sounds so stressful and exhausting!


I can't even imagine just trying to sit and keep the babies in all day... hope you are able to find some distraction somewhere.


You and your boys are in my thoughts and prayers! 


PS- walking on the hot beach is tiring and makes me grumpy, but honestly, I have no reason to complain to someone like you who has been in and out of the hospital! I feel seriously lucky and normally think I have the best job in the world- it's just when creating two humans- it's not so much fun.

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Hey, how's everyone doing???

I'm so excited to say that tomorrow (July 29th) is mylast official day of work joy.gif ! I'm so excited, as it's been so stressful for me. Now maybe I can actually relax & grow these babies nice & big!!

I had a Dr. appt. yesterday, everything is fine smile.gif . I'm so happy to be done with work!
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Congrats Mollie!!! 

So exciting! It will be wonderful to be able to focus on the babies and relax. I really wish I had more time to nest nest nest. Glad that everything looks good!


Things are good for me minus the fact that the puking and nausea has reappeared. wah! In my u/s last week I found that both of mine are bigger than the average singleton- 58th and 62nd %ile! Sheesh! At 28 weeks they were 2 lbs 10 and 2 lbs 11 oz- so they are rocking out- not huge, but big and healthy. They seem to do super fantastic and taking whatever they need from me no matter how much I'm sick and things, which is how it should be- even if they kick my butt.


They are head down so I'm hoping they stay that way and realizing that I really have to start to think about labor. It seems like having twins 2 months early is not super unusual, so I feel like I need to be prepared even though I still haven't experienced any pre-term labor symptoms.


How are the bed rest ladies doing??


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Thank you MBG!

I have another U/S on Tuesday. Hoping we can see baby Girl's legs/feet better to determine the severity of the clubbing. Depending on how bad it is, she just may need braces, or casts, and at worst, surgery. I'm hoping it's a milder form, of course. And let's hope she's had a growth spurt! She was on the small side last time.

It's so nice to be able to relax. It's only the weekend, but I don't have to worry about the upcoming work week anymore. Wish I could have a party joy.gif .
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Mollie- how was your u/s? Get a look at your girl? She growing well? I hope it relieved concerns!!

Enjoy your work-free time. I hope you really are able to take care of yourself and RELAX!! I can only imagine that would be difficult in your full house. 


Starlit and Abbey- I'm assuming no news is good news? You both must be near/past 30 weeks which is big, yes? I've been thinking about you all a lot and figure it's a good sign you're not here... right??


AFM- I'm large and not-so-in charge. I just saw one of my coworkers who didn't know I was having twins and looked TERRIFIED when he asked my EDD and I told him Oct 13th. He honestly looked petrified and seriously concerned for my safety as no one should look this pregnant at 30 weeks with one. He sheepishly asked "are you sure it's just one?" to which the whole office laughed- as they all know there are 2 in there.

Another coworker who I hadn't seen gasped when she saw me since I've grown so much since I saw her last- which was only a week ago! 

I am just feeling more and more uncomfortable being this big, and wonder how far I will really go. 


Are you ladies also trying to prepare for a potentially 2 month early delivery? I thought I should, but am growing more concerned about a late delivery with mammoth babies... still, I have most of the essentials I think for in case they decide to grace the outside world with their presence a bit early!



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MBG - I had to chuckle at your coworker lol.gif . The U/S was good, never did get a good look at Girl's feet, and I doubt we will before birth now. They are so curled up in there! She is also measuring a wee or so behind, the Boy is a week or more ahead. So, I'll have another U/S in 3 weeks, and then boiphysical profiles weekly after that. Let's hope she's just small, and that she stays on the same growth curve. If there's any problems with her not growing, we'd have to deliver early. She was estimated to be 2lbs. 3oz, he was 2lbs. 13 oz. Oh, and they are both head down now joy.gif ! I hope they stay that way!

I also feel huge! It hurts so much to move! I'm SO glad I'm not working anymore, I couldn't handle it now, and I've only been out a week!

Hope all the other twin moms are doing well!
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Yes, no news has been good news!  =)  I will be 32 weeks on Monday and am still holding on- we're so excited!  I've been preparing myself as much as possible (which admittedly, has not went very well)  over the past couple of months for a 2, 3 month early delivery so I am ecstatic that we are at this point despite all the issues and I now have renewed faith that we could make it to near term!!  Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers! =)  I've been MIA lately because not only have I been busy, despite my near lack of mobility orngtongue.gif with end of the semester school work, my son, and getting ready for a possible move at the end of the month (eek!)  I was also starting to overwhelm myeslf with all my "research" , lol! 


MBG, how is the nausea/ vomiting?  Hopefully it has let up some again!  Congrats for big, healthy babies- it's got to be reassuring to know that despite the fact that you aren't feeling well, they are doing great!  I lol'ed at the story about your co-worker!  I, too, am feeling huge and uncomfortable- (are you guys tossing and turning as much at night as I am??).  Any time I leave the house now, I am stopped several times.  On my way to my last appointment, a lady passed me in the parking lot and burst out laughing and then said, "I'm sorry you just look so funny.  Cute, but funny."  (I have the huge twin belly, but the rest of me hasn't really gained weight yet and I've got a smaller build).  I didn't quite know what to think....


Yay for vertex babies!   I'm eager to see at my appointment on Tuesday whether my Baby A has flipped back to vertex.  Mollie, I'm glad that you are enjoying your time off of work!!  I also have a smaller baby and a bigger baby (20 something versus 60 something percentile, 1% away from discourse according to the peri) and so far there hasn't been much concern since our smaller little man has been falling his growth curve.  I will be praying that your u/s and biphysical profiles go well and your little girl continues to follow her curve!


Abbey- I hope everything is okay!!!   Hoping to get an update soon! =)

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Hooray Starlit! Congrats on making it to 32 weeks and let's hope for a bunch more! It must be such relief to make it every week- every day! I'm glad you've been too busy, that's got to be essential with bedrest. And I cannot believe that someone laughed at you! I'm sure you do look adorable, but on hormonal cranky day (which seem to be most days lately) I would be livid! Funny?! I guess it's flattering that you're so small everywhere else but the belly, but still...


Mollie- so great they are both head down! I just had the big talk with my practice about protocol when Baby A is head down and B is not. I was hoping for the 'oh- that usually works out, we can flip or deliver breech' but got the 'no one here is qualified to deliver breech around here'. wah! I'm so hoping that both will be head down so I don't have to make the choice of C-section or taking the risk of delivering one vaginally and the other C-section (shudder). I hope yours stay that way! Do you know what the protocol would be if B was breech?


AFM, I found out today at my appt that I've only gained 3.2 pounds in the past month. I have NO idea how that is possible. My belly is gigantic, the babies are big, and I'm sure they alone have gained at least that. I guess I must be losing weight elsewhere? I don't feel like it... but maybe it's muscle or something. I feel like Dr Barbara Luke would smack me if she looked at my weight gain, but the babies are (or at least were) looking big, so clearly my weight is not a good estimate of theirs...


I hope everyone gets/stays head down and that all babies grow as they should!

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Starlit - joy.gif Yay for making it to 32 weeks! Hope there's at least a few more to go for you, despite the discomfort! Did you laugh or cry when the lady started laughing at you? I haven't received any comments from anybody, but have gotten some strange looks. I sure hope I look pregnant by now, and not just fat!
Originally Posted by Mainebirdgirl View Post

Mollie- so great they are both head down! I just had the big talk with my practice about protocol when Baby A is head down and B is not. I was hoping for the 'oh- that usually works out, we can flip or deliver breech' but got the 'no one here is qualified to deliver breech around here'. wah! I'm so hoping that both will be head down so I don't have to make the choice of C-section or taking the risk of delivering one vaginally and the other C-section (shudder). I hope yours stay that way! Do you know what the protocol would be if B was breech?


AFM, I found out today at my appt that I've only gained 3.2 pounds in the past month. I have NO idea how that is possible. My belly is gigantic, the babies are big, and I'm sure they alone have gained at least that. I guess I must be losing weight elsewhere? I don't feel like it... but maybe it's muscle or something. I feel like Dr Barbara Luke would smack me if she looked at my weight gain, but the babies are (or at least were) looking big, so clearly my weight is not a good estimate of theirs...


I hope everyone gets/stays head down and that all babies grow as they should!

MBG - my OB said that if baby B is breech, they will either turn him/her, or deliver him/her breech (I don't know which would be born first). I was so relieved to hear that, so here's hoping they stay head down! I was just reading Dr. Luke's book last night, and felt she'd smack me too! I know I hould be eating more, but I just can't. I tried yesterday, and I'm paying for it today (very upset tummy here). I really have no idea how much I've gained, I can't remember where I started at.
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Mollie, that's so nice your OB will deliver breech! It seems like in most places, as long as the first is head-down they will go for a vaginal delivery. I think more and more I might go with a birth doula to help with things. I am meeting with one on Sunday and when I spoke with her today, she said she had attended a number of twin births and had always seen them both delivered without c-section as long as the first is head down. It might be nice to have a pro there to help support/advocate just in case.


I had another u/s today- 32 weeks, and 4 lbs4 oz and 4 lbs 5 oz. The little honkers are in the 70th and 65th %ile! The girl (baby a) is still head down, but  boy (baby b) is tranverse; the doula I spoke with said that's great positioning and he would most certainly go head down once she's out- I like that positivity! Although I've been telling myself all along that I'm OK with a c-section and it may be out of my hands, as things go on I  really hope I don't need one.


How are you all doing? Are you getting more and more appointments? When was the last time that Abbey has piped in? Hope she's OK! your babies still hanging in there Starlit? Mollie, you enjoying your time at home and are you more relaxed? 

I'm essentially out of the field- thank goodness! The office work is easier on my body, but I am really ready to check out of here for a while. I love my job, but my brain is completely somewhere else and I have so little patience for things, I'm not the best coworker these days. 


Anyone else turning into a huge grump? Please tell me I'm not alone!

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MBG - wow, your babies are getting big! And yay for being in good positions! Glad you have a desk job now, the field work sounds like it was pretty hard on you for awhile.

I have already hired a doula to be with me. We've chatted over email & Facebook, but we'll meet hopefully after my next Dr. appt. on the 25th. We've met before, a long time ago for breastfeeding struggles I was having. I am *much* more relaxed being home now, although I was DH would understand my need to rest more. He seems to get upset & frustrated when I'd rather rest with my feet up than be outside doing stuff. My next U/S is on the 30th. I'm getting grumpy too, well, more irritated & short tempered with people lately.

How's the prepping for the babies going? I have the clothes sorted, diapers ready, and the pack-n-play out (not set up yet). I'll have to wash everything, and find a place to put it. I'm still not ready mentally for these babies to come. It's going to be a huge change! I posted in the birth forum about some fears I'm having about the birth. I hope having a doula there helps.

Hope all the other twin moms are doing well!!
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Mollie, sounds like DH needs to realize that creating 2 of his babies is a lot of work! My DH should have a few words with him. He's been a little bit over-protective of me lately, especially as I get bigger and more uncomfortable, but honestly, I am grateful for the support. I can definitely relate to anxieties around the birth, but Mollie- I'm sure you're going to be amazing! You're a pro, seriously. 

I'm a little bummed, the doula I met with is way more expensive than I would like and I'm not sure if we really 'clicked'. I have a hard time shelling money for a birth doula even though I think it's a wonderful idea. We were given money from family for 'help' with the babies that I want to go to paying a night nurse- as the long-term support seems more important than just support for the birth process, but I don't know... Birth scares me, but I think that maybe lack of sleep with twin infants is scarier to me.

At the same time, as we get closer to the twin arrival, birth is sounding more terrifying. Ack. I don't know. I'll stop rambling.


We're doing pretty well in terms of prep. Clothes and things are washed and put away. Crib is set up, changing area is ready, gigantic twin nursing pillow is sitting perched next to the rocker. Since these are our first (and second), we've been really wanting to get things settled early. Now I think I have a lot of mental prep to do! DH is really excited and says he's ready, but I'm not sure if he entirely knows what we're getting into- not that either of us do...



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