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Looking for buddies (SOUTH BEACH DIET)

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I am excited to end my ups and downs and finding something that I can stick with forever. I just finished up 3 weeks of the Master Cleanser and am looking to start using the South Beach Diet. I have been reading up everything I can on it. I would like to start my phase one on June 1st. I need to loose about 40-45 pounds. My hubby might give it a try as well. Both of us have diabeties in our family so we really need to watch out for it.

I am looking for some South Beach buds. So....whos with me :)

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Okay ladies, I start this tomorrow. I will post daily updates for those that are interested. :) I need a place to keep track of what I eat and someplace to be held accountable.

I went grocery shopping and have a few things to start me off on the right track.

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Good morning. Today is day 1. I am 185.5 pounds. I am a little nervous but excited to get started. Today begins phase one.

Breakfast is 2 eggs, scrambled with tablespoons of red bell pepper, green onion and a half of a wedge of laughing cow light cheese. I am saving my coffee with no fat milk for when I have my meeting at the coffee house.


Man I need to get back to the gym. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a light workout before work, I hate working evenings.


Have a great day everyone. I will post rest of the days intake later.




coffee with fat free milk

lunch was mixed greens with 5 oz. of tuna and salsa as dressing. and cherry tomatoes

snack: low fat cheese stick

dinner: steamed cauliflower with a little no fat milk and can't believe its not butter blended (South beach calls it mashed "potatoes")

6 oz of grilled chicken breast

snack sugar free jello


I was SO busy today. It was not the best day to start a new way of eating. I had almost no time to plan and was ravenous by the time I got home from work. I need to plan better.

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Good morning. So I found out that I should NOT have bought that huge Costco sized tub of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter". I guess the spray is okay but not the spread. Hum, what to do with this HUGE tub of %^ap?

I also need to figure out a way to get more water in me. It has never really been a huge prob. for me but for some reason I am just dreading it.


I did not get to the gym but had a shot 10 walk to work and 10 minute from work.


I will try to hold of on weighing myself for a few days.



: one boiled egg, one slice of low fat sandwich meat, cup of veggie juice

coffee, 1/2 cup no fat milk, sugar sub.




lunch was tuna on organic mixed greens (yes again) with beans and salsa.


dinner was steamed zucchini with grilled chicken and a grated low fat cheese stick with some drizzling from marinated artichoke hearts.


snack was the ricotta cheese desert that was in the recipes in the SB book. YUCK. I did not like that at all. Well, it was fun using the blender,lol. Now I have a large container of Ricotta cheese that will useless as my $%ap butter tub. Live and learn.




Do you ever feel like your talking to yourself? redface.gif


BTW I bought a Blendtec blender (talk about buyers guilt) and I am reading up a lot on raw food eating. It sounds pretty cool. I would love to add a lot of raw foods in my diet (has NO desire to be totally vegan let alone raw)



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Good morning Candice. ;)

I really enjoyed breakfast this morning. A slice of low fat sandwhich meat spread with 1/2 wedge of low fat laughing cow spreadable cheese and then crumbled a boiled egg over it. Rolled up and eat'en with a smile Yahoo.

I will take some veggie juice to the movie as a snack.

My husband is getting tired of me being on a "diet". Even though I tell him that I am going to be eating healthier forever. I really love that he loves me at a size 16, I really do. But I do not feel good physically at this size. My body hurts, I get way more headaches (had another migraine yesterday) I get tired easily. I really need to do this.


I named my new blender Molly. Yes I name things,lol. Molly after one of my very favorite Harry Potter characters. Because my blender really does perform magic in my kitchen. :D

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It was really hard yesterday to avoid eating popcorn at the movie theater. Popcorn is my very favorite snack. I could live off of the stuff. But I didn't have any.


I weighed myself. Three days completed on South Beach Diet and down 4.4 pounds. I know most is water weight but it is nice when your pants are not tight.


Breakfast was a very quick scrambled eggs in two slices of low fat sand. meat and a wedge of laughing cow cheese. That stuff is GOOD!

Coffee with no fat milk and fake sugar.


snack: Veggie juice


lunch (which tasted so great) romaine lettuce salad with kidney beans, laughing cow cheese wedge, grilled chicken and salsa. yummy.



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Since I like SB, and I see you ARE talking to yourself lol.gif, I'll chime in orngbiggrin.gif. I really like SB--it has become pretty much a life style diet for me in the last couple of years. I hope it works out for you. I can't believe you don't like ricotta cheese! yummy.gif


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Oh my goodness I actually got a response, yahoo. I really wanted to like the ricotta cheese. I think that I had some old beans on my salad before the ricotta dessert and right after the dessert I felt really sick and needed to run to the bathroom. It might be that I am associating that experience with the ricotta. I will give it a try again. I have that big tub after all.


I had a hard day today for a silly reason. I joined a facebook group for South Beach and asked about Coconut Milk. Someone was very rude to me and seemed just really annoyed that I was asking. I guess you should never ask "why" it might tick someone off,lol. I was blunt with her but not rude. Then I asked her if she could message me privately and we could start over. I had full plans keep my trap shut and let her have her way in the goal of peace. She never messaged me, instead she deleted my messages and kicked me from the group. It is insane how upset that made me. It has effected me all day long. I ate a little more than I should have today. But I have been good about sticking to the rules, except taking a few spoon-fulls of the broccoli cheese soup that I blended. It had full fat cheese in it.


Today is the end of day 5. 9 more to go on phase one.

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hug2.gif I'm the same way--an on-line thing like this can throw me off balance, and make me upset, even if I do know, logically, that it shouldn't.


Sorry, can't help you with coconut milk--I have no idea. It's been a while since I did the phases...Since then I simply focused on 'no sugars, low carbs'...


Give ricotta another try! I love it even plain, but it is also yummy with some cocoa powder and stevia. Try different textures as well. There's an extra smooth ricotta, and just smooth, I guess lol.gif. Oh, how I love ricotta! joy.gif


9 days is nothing, you can do it!

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Hiya Candice, I am gonna try the South Beach I am desperate to lose some weight but want a really healthy way to do it. I am vegetarian but think I can modify it to suit me. Am gonna read the book over the next few days and start very soon. Will join you xx
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Amanda I have a few things on vegatarians and South Beach, it is very do-able. Glad to have a buddy.


End of week one weight-in. I have lost 6.2 pounds. I was surprised. Still a long way to go but I will focus on just eating healthy and keeping my over eating under control.



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Wow, I lost another couple of pounds. 10 pounds is 9 days. That is almost as much as I was loosing when I was on my cleanse and I wasn't eating anything,lol. I wonder if the scale was wrong. I am getting tired of phase one. I will count down the days. Next Wednesday I can move to phase 2 and have my fruit protein shake. Yummy.

I am surprised that I am still loosing because I eat dinner late. I get home from work at 9:30 and eat. Then it is off to bed an hour later. Not the best plan. I also eat quite a bit more than the recomended amount in the SB recipes. But I guess it is the right types of food that I am eating.

The last few days I have been drinking a ton of water. It makes for a lot of trips to the bathroom but totally worth it.



Yahoo it is Friday.

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I'm starting Monday or Tuesday (whenever I can stock up on groceries).  I am excited to lose the last bit of baby weight.

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My scale (I use the wii) must be broken. I weighed myself and was UP 4 pounds. Putting my total loss at 6 pounds. That sound more real that 10 pounds, Ugh. Oh well.


Naomismom, looking forward to having a buddy. :)

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So looking forward to some fruit. Tomorrow is my last day of phase one.


I am down a total of 6.5 pounds. Not the 8 to 13 that they say you will loose on phase one but I will take it. I am nervous that the weight loss will stop when I intro healthy carbs.

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You're so close!  I found a great article about a woman who did SBD and only lost 6 pounds in phase 1.  She was discouraged but still, 6 pounds is a lot in 2 weeks.  She lost about 1-2 pounds per week after that.  That is plenty fast for me so I am trying to keep my expectations low.


Yesterday was day 1 for me


Breakfast: scrambled eggs & turkey bacon

Snack: nuts

Lunch: chicken on spinach

Snack: nuts

Dinner: lean beef and refried beans on spinach

Snack: nuts

Yes, I am fully aware that I consumed way too many nuts but I was really hungry and it helped keep me on track.  I still ate way less than I normally would.  I can't have cheese so I had to make a substitute.  Today's goal is to only eat one serving of those.  I had a sample of my kids' breakfast this morning, but I know I can do this today!

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My period surprised me this morning. I wonder how much I would have lost had I not been starting my cycle. That explains my mood for the past few days,lol. I am thinking of staying on phase one until after my period ends.


1-2 pounds a week sounds great :D I wouldn't mind that at all.


I was hungry and grumpy yesterday. I was having a hard time getting my "2 cups of veggies" per a meal. So I sat next to my daughter to watch her play "Plants vs. Zombies" (so addicting) and ate lettuce out of the bag like it was popcorn. :lol It actually gave me some sort of satisfaction too. I miss that motion of pigging out and mindlessly munching.  But I did it without the guilt part, yahoo.


I am almost out of all my SB stuff. I really need to get to the store.


Naomismom, (what is your name? or you okay with me calling you by your user name? I am Candice, or Candi, or candipooh is fine,lol) ) I think your food list sounds good. Very yummy looking actually. I am now craving nuts. I am getting tired of cheese sticks.


My hubby is getting a little frustrated with my dieting. I try to ignore his grumbling but it is hard too. I am a people pleas-er by nature so when I hear the grumble part of me want to say 'screw it'. But then I remember how much better I feel. Even now at 179 pounds I feel so much better than I did at 190 something. I can move around easier, I can better chase the kids at work (I worth with children who are autistic, some are runners) and get up and down from the floor with them.


The biggest thing I miss.....popcorn. Especially movie theater popcorn. We have been to the movies 4 times in 4 weeks (we are movie freaks and a lot of good show have come out,lol) I have not had one little curnal since starting SB. I read that is (I think it was) phase 2 that you can have one serving of popcorn as your carb. The serving was 1/2 cup. Oh my goodness. That is so stink'en funny. 1/2 a cup??? I can down about 20 times that in a 2 hour movie. I think my best bet is just to stay away altogether. I may, during phase 3, have a cheat day every once in awhile. But that is so far off I can't even count on it.


Today is my anniversary. 14 years of marriage.  Wow, that is a long time. :D I count my Blendtec blender as an early present. I can't wait to blend some fruit smoothy with it.


Wow, call me chatty today. Have a great day all.

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You made it!  Enjoy your fruit!


Why is your hubby disliking the diet?  It is because you make all the food and he has to eat it too?  I've been making real meals for the kids and DH and then skipping the carb portion and loading up on veggies.


My name is Anne. :-)  Thanks for asking.


Today is day 3.  I am doing great!  Yesterday wasn't perfect but it was much better than it would have been not on SBD.  I've taken a few liberties in order to make this diet work better for me.  For instance, the chicken I made last night had an apple sauce that it was cooked in (it had no sugar other than the apple).  I didn't eat much of the sauce but didn't let it get me down either. 


Breakfast: Kids snacky thing, turkey bacon and scrambled egg

Snack: low-carb yogurt

Lunch: Salad w/chicken and beans

Snack: 2 servings pistachios

Dinner: Chicken and mounds of steamed broccoli



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So my total weight loss for 2 weeks of phase one is 7 pounds. I am going to stick with phase one for a few more days. My period started. I am on day two of my period which is the day that I am most bloated and hormonal. I don't want to end phase one on this note. I will go 2 or 3 more days.


Your "chicken with mounds of steamed broccoli" is very typical of me for dinner. Either broccoli or zucchini. It is quick and I really like broccoli. I am getting pretty tired of salad though.


Off to have some coffee, so glad that it is allowed. I need to get rid of this headache. It is a Wednesday which means my hardest day at work.

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My husband started South Beach last week and I am just doing it with him out of solidarity (I don’t really want to lose weight). We chose it because it seemed the healthiest. We try and eat the traditional foods diet but my husband was not losing weight so south beach seemed the closest to traditional foods.  

He has been on it a little over a week but not weighed himself yet.


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