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ALCAT testing results- OMG, how am I going to do this?

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DD2 just had food groups 1&2 done in the ALCAT tests and out of 100 food items, she is reactive to 41.  This includes gluten, wheat, oat, rye, egg yolk, egg white, beef, chicken, vanilla, honey, baker's yeast among lots of others (but I feel easier to remove).  I am mostly vegetarian (eat some fish), but try to stay away from soy.  I have at least 1 month off all 41 items and I can slowly add them back in.  I don't want her to become reactive to things by having too much (say rice and beans).... how in the world can I do this.


Luckily, dairy and most nuts seem ok.  Any tips?

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nothing ladies???

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Who administered the test?  Who is guiding you through this?  Do they have any suggestions?


I am not a fan of pulling huge amounts of food like that.  In MOST cases it is totally unnecessary and overkill.

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My naturalpath suggested it.  DD2 has been a very slow gainer since 4 months and .we are trying to figure out why.  Gluten is a big player, but the others should be taken out temporarily then re-introduced (to me since we are just breastfeeding).  


I can start re-introducing in a month, one food at a time..... Gluten is seems is out for life though.

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I would suggest asking your healthcare provider what to do then.  It is a huge amount of food to take out and without proper guidance, I think you could get into trouble nutritionally.  Anyone who suggests pulling that amount of food (even for a short time) should be able to back that up with suggestions on what you CAN do during that time.

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ALCAT gives results in levels, right? Like green/yellow/red = slightly reactive/medium reactive/highly reactive, or something like that? When you say 41 foods- are those all the top level reactions, or everything? You could try just taking out the highest reaction foods first and see if that makes a difference.
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1. Did they give you the rotation diet to go along with it, or was that only if you ordered more foods?

2. What are the foods you can have?


We did ALCAT. I tested DS on 50 foods and I think he reacted to about 35 of them. So I had him tested for an additional 100. I had my DD2 tested for 200 foods. I had rotations for both of them. And they weren't intolerant to the same things either. I took all the foods out of their diets and I was amazed at the difference. There were 50-60 foods for each of them that were removed, I think. It's been 3 years and we still rotate anything that's been added back in over the last year, and they still have 5-10 foods each that they're avoiding.


Think about the foods that you can have, especially if it's only a month. And then start adding back yellow first.

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I am a Certified Integrative Health Coach.  One of my clients brought her Alcat test results in because her dermatologist suggested this kind of testing.  While we can have sensitivity to various foods, my experience is telling me that the Alcat testing itself is not absolute.  You can have this testing done on a Monday and then again on Friday, without making any nutritional changes, and the results will be different.  So please, a word of caution on strictly adhering to the Alcat results.  Also, what is of most concern to me is the fact that the actual results are not provided to the patients/clients.  Where are the actual blood test results that led Alcat do interpret or determine that, for example, someone should avoid kale? What parameters are used?  What's a normal test result?  What's abnormal?  I know my client did not receive the actual results.  She only got the multi-colored sheet with the sensitivity report.  I want to see the actual results of how her body is reacting to certain foods.  Plus there are other methods that are easier and cost-free that accurately determine how the body reacts to food.  Hope this helps.  www.thewellnessboss.com

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