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Yeast Infection

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So, I've had a UTI for the last two weeks. My midwife is awesome and an herbalist and only does traditional medication as a last resort so I spent two weeks in almost misery trying to get rid of the UTI before she finally agreed to get me antibiotics...of course now I have a yeast infection. I'm doubly miserable b/c the UTI isn't 100% gone yet. Honestly, I'm almost afraid to ask her what to do b/c I just want this gone NOW. All the mainstream preggo sites say that I can use the typical OTC stuff...so, oh wise Mothering women...should I suck it up and call my midwife? Are there natural remedies that work fast? Or should I just head to target and get a pack of monistat one?


This is not to say that I don't trust my midwife 100% for my birth...I'm just very entrenched in "normal western medicine" and after the last two weeks I'm scared to try something that might take another two weeks...


Oh and I think I'm getting nipple thrush....weeee!

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Ok, I texted my midwife anyway to see what she says to do...but I still want to hear your experiences with yeast infections and pregnancy. It's very frustrating. My last pregnancy I was SO healthy. This time I've had non-stop morning sickness, a uti for the last two weeks, some random virus/cold/fever thing the last couple days and now this. *sigh*

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heh I got a yeast infection right after finding out I was pregnant, and waited a week to get in to see a dr and then got impatient and just used plain yogurt with a clean syringe for 5 days at bed time. Cleared it right up!

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You can use the 7 day yeast treatment cream. By the time I notice I have an infection, get to the store to buy something for it, I'm usually so miserable I just want it gone. No, the not the most natural way to deal with it but dang, I can't stand those infections. Used yogurt once and it did help--would definitely try it again if I got another infection and notice the symptoms before the misery level. Word of caution on the UTI--not sure how long you've been on the antibiotics but they should clear up the symptoms relatively quickly otherwise you might not be on the right ones. Did your mw do a urine culture? I will not mess with a UTI--ended up in the hospital with a kidney infection during my last pregnancy b/c I was on the wrong antibiotics. I'm all for preventative care for UTIs but once the symptoms come on, I don't mess around (and I do not take antibiotic use lightly--really, promise!).

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Boric acid suppositories (in gel caps) work quickly and are less harsh than otc medical treatments.  I pretty much struggle with a minor yeast infect the entire time I'm pregnant.  In my last pregnancy my midwives suggested this and it worked within a day or two.

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Last year I struggled constantly with vaginal infections that caused bladder irritation.  Perhaps not exactly the same thing- but I took antibiotics over and over, treated myself with OTC and vaginal creams over and over, and finally found the only effective thing to be vaginal probiotics (yup, just stick the whole probiotics tab up there) and D-mannose for the bladder issues.  Sometimes, in bladder infections that wont go away (or if the problem is actually BV and not yeast) the only thing that will carry out the bacteria is D-mannose.


I still use vaginal probiotics because I know I'm so prone to infections. 

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Update. My midwife actually had all sorts of info on it in the notebook she gave me. It ok'd monistat, so I did that...not totally gone yet though. I'm going to get some plain yogurt and garlic tonight and try that. I've also been doing epsom salt baths, using my peri bottle with hydrogen peroxide/water, inserting probiotic capsules up there as well as using the monistat.

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Did your midwife inform against using more than one method at a time for the infection? lol Just curious.

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I've done boric acid as well. I filled capsules (you can buy them empty) with the powder, then used 2 a night for a week. You can do both at once, but I usually did one right as I  was getting into bed, then another the first time I get up to pee. 


I've also had really good luck with garlic. 1 peeled clove nightly, and sometimes I even put a new one in in the morning, just depends on how well it stays in while I'm up and moving around. I've seen one website that advises to be very careful when peeling so as to not nick it because it'll sting?! I might just be lucky, but its never stung for me or been irritating at all.  I purposely nick mine like crazy and then crush it a little bit with the flat side of a knife to get the juices flowing a little. I have no idea if there is any benefit at all to doing this, but since it doesn't sting/burn for me, I figure can't hurt might help. 

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Her treatment plan had all these things in it. Though, the monistat was not high on the list, she approved it.It seems to be just about gone now. Thank goodness!

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Oh my - I am so in a similar boat.  Had my first yeast infection EVER this pregnancy.  My midwife told me to get not monistat, but something that began w/ a "c" and is right next to the monistat.  Cured it in 3 days.  Then I developed the most epic cold / sinus infection.  I was having such severe coughing episodes that I started spotting after each episode!  After that I went on antibiotics... and yup, welcome back yeast infection!  Happened to meet w /my ob (my practice you see an ob, then a midwife, then ob and so on) and he ok'd me for another round of the otc stuff.  Going today to get it. 


BTW: yeast infections are terrible!  I'm crawling up the walls.  I feel so sorry for women who battle this regularly. 


Good luck!

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