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Joint and foot pain

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It's been about 2 weeks that I have joint pain at night, and by day it's mostly my feet. It's extremely painful to walk... It started with a slight fever of not even 24 hrs., and a sore throat.


By the time I got to the Dr., the throat was fine, and it was mostly my feet then. He sent me for a blood test for Rheumatic fever.

A friend mentioned that it sounds more like an infection, since it was a sudden onset, and I don't normally suffer from joint issues.


What other blood tests should I do to figure out/ rule out? If It's viral, not much, but if it's a bacterial then then I would want to take care of it.


I'm in a lot of pain.


What can I do naturally to help with it? Specific vitamins??


Thanks, Ana

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It does sound like an infection perhaps. If it were me I think I'd do a round of olive leaf - it's a broad spectrum anti-viral and anti-bacterial and it won't mess w/ your gut flora like abx do.


If it feels like inflammation that's causing the joint pain maybe try some cat's claw?


Good luck, I hope you get it figured out soon.  Keep us posted!

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Did the doctor test you for Fifth Disease? That can cause joint pain in adults. I had it and wasn't really sick (just a bad headache and slight fever for a couple days) and I never got the slapped cheek rash.

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Thanks for the suggestions. The dr. sent me for some reg. blood tests after I went to him again and said I would like some additional testing over the Rheumatic Fever. Now for white blood count, glucose, TSH... He didn't send for any specific infection. According to the blood count he'll see from there.


My MIL suggested Mag., as she had something similar and that worked for her. She had taken ABX... I do the Mag. test in the morning - 1/8 tsp. Epsom Salt in water, and the water is regular, so I'm definitely low in it.


It's a few days with the Mag. and the pain is slightly better. Still full time pain, but not as strong. I'm still walking really slow.


I'll have the blood test results by Tues.

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The preliminary blood tests show that I have inflammation in the blood. I sat in the emergency room all night in the Montreal General, and half the next day, but they sent me to the Rheumatology dept. I got to see a great Rheumatologist. He sent me for more thorough blood work, but said he feels it's either an infection, that on the way affected my joints, or it might be arthritis in the feet, and some Plantar fasciitis. This Friday I have an appt. again, and we'll see the results of the blood tests...


A naturopath recommended I take Bioflavanoids 1,000 mg. 3 x's a day, since she said it's something in the blood. I'm trying whatever I hear. My feet are a bit better, but my wrists started hurting more. It's been 5 days on the Bioflavanoids. When it gets horribly bad I  take advil. I don't want anything stronger, since I'm nursing.


We'll see what happens Friday.

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Get tested for lyme disease.

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Originally Posted by deditus View Post

Get tested for lyme disease.


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Thanks everyone. The blood tests show positive for some arthritis signs. The blood sedimentation, and some other stuff was high. The parvirous (?) was also positive, I don't have it in from of me to remember what exactly it's called. Hep. were all fine. The Rheumatologist found some bumps in my elbows that I wasn't even aware of. She sent me for further tests to see some more specific things. Also, in 3 weeks, I’ll have an ultrasound on my joints to see what’s there. The original x-ray showed something on my foot, so I had more x-rays done, both on the hands and feet.


I have "Poly Arthritis." the joints in most of my fingers, wrists, in my feet. The signs I have usually develop to Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, if it came as a result of the strep I might have had, it will clear within a few months. The strep number on the blood test was:Normal is a maximum of 187, and mine was: 1,024!


I'm taking: Naproxen: 500 mg., Hydroxychloroquine 300 mg., Prednisone 5 mg. I'm also taking Omega 3, High dose of Vit. D, Bioflavonoids. I'm also taking Probiotic before taking the medication. After starting with the medical stuff, I finally found some relief to my pain. I'm able to get out of bed without limping after 7 weeks. I do have to be careful with my diet. Too much junk and the next day it hurts more.  


The Dr. Said I don’t have to stop nursing yet, but I know that it isn’t the greatest for my baby to get this stuff. He’s 17 months and really upset not to have his mommy for comfort. It’s 4 days that I completely stopped, and am still nice and full of milk. I would love to nurse him...

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Originally Posted by abemom2 View Post

Thanks everyone. The blood tests show positive for some arthritis signs. The blood sedimentation, and some other stuff was high. The parvirous (?) was also positive, I don't have it in from of me to remember what exactly it's called.


Is it parvovirus B19? That is Fifth Disease. I had that and it eventually went away on its own. So hopefully yours won't develop into anything else.


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Good news to report.  I had my appt. and the ulstrasound showed very little inflammation in my hands, and nothing in the foot. After 3.5 weeks of the Predisone (cortisone) at 5 mg. the lowest dose, the Dr. is lowering my intake. Cortisone can't be  stopped suddenly. This weeks it's 4 mg., next 3... If my body doesn't flare up, then at the next appt. in 5 weeks she'll lower the Naproxen...


I'm taking a Glucosamine, HA. every day, and a Glucosamine MSM cream on my joints, even though they don't currently hurt, to make sure it stays down.


The Parvirous in the new test was fine, and the strep number went down from 1020 to 555 in 2 weeks, so it was probably strep that caused this. I forgot what it's called, something Reactive...



Thanks everyone for your advice throughout, and I'll post when there's more good news.

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