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Clogged sink--yuck!

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So the kitchen sink is clogged.  DH poured in Liquid Plumr.  Draining slowly and backing up still.  I want to dump some baking soda and vinegar into it, but how long do you think I need to wait?  Could the baking soda/vinegar react with the Liquid Plumr in an unfortunate way, causing me to accidentally gas myself?  I'd prefer to keep my sink from exploding, too.


I hate plumbing.



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Well, if that chemical ick didn't work, I really don't think vinegar and baking soda will. My guess is that you'll need to physically clear it... did you try a plunger, snake, or opening it up to get at what's stuck in there? Be sure to wear some really good gloves to protect yourself from the chemical residue.
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You might have junk in there the liquid plumber can't move... I recommend getting a zip it tool (found at both blue and orange stores and often in cvs/walgreens type places) and see if you can pull a bunch of junk out first.  the liquid plumber stuff can damage your pipes, especially if you have to keep using it if it doesn't actually fully remove the clog, making it grow too big often.


Otherwise, I don't know if it'll react with baking soda and vinegar.  You can always try pouring down a pot of boiling water... that could dislodge the clog too along with washing away the liquid plumber.

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Thanks for the suggestions.  The trap is clear and boiling water didn't help.  I can't snake it myself, but I think I can get someone to come out this afternoon to do that.  I just really don't want to have to call a plumber for this!  The reason I wanted to do the baking soda/vinegar thing is because I have always had better luck with it than the harsh chemicals.  I guess because I don't worry too much about having to do it several times, but the Liquid Plum'r I'm afraid will eat through our 60 year old pipes if I have to use it more than once.  Ick ick ick.  Thanks again!


ETA:  Next time I'm at a store that sells them, I am definitely picking up a couple of those Zip it things.  I hadn't heard of them before but they look like something I can use, at least if the clog is close to the opening. 

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Have you tried getting some water in the sink and plunging like crazy?  If you have a double sink, you'll need to block the second drain.

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