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boarding a goat? (not a joke)

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Okay,  this maybe sounds really strange..but my husband (after going to the sheep and wool festival!) has decided that he really wants a goat for our family. Raw goats milk, cheese, etc....a good, wholesome activity for our children, the whole deal. Actually, my husband decided that he wants to go live full time on a farm, but that's not going happen right now....at least not while he's paying off student loans. :)


We live in Baltimore county, just over the city line (about a mile within the beltway) I don't think we can keep a goat in our backyard. is there such a thing where you can "board" your goat or other animals?  do things like that exist? where would I find out about them?




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Check out http://www.mdfarmbureau.com/Baltimore.asp  they might have info (or even some contact numbers to see what your location is zoned for).


chicken revolution - baltimore might also have some info about zoning codes.


My parents raised chickens in arbutus! we desparatly wanted sheep but i think the rule is you can't keep livestock on less the 1 acre in baltimore county.  We eventually moved to New england (for other reasons) and had a small flock of sheep.


As for boarding - I would call around to local farms and talk to them about your family's ideas. Most farmers are pretty down to earth :P  Some farms will offer work share for kids to come in and help with feeding and cleaning. also contact some livestock 4-h groups. I'm sure someone cold get you connected with some goats and place to keep them!




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I'm in Baltimore City, just a block of two inside the county line, a mile inside the beltway....One of our neighbors had a pot bellied pig.  They had to put a sign up in the front yard with their intentions so that anyone with objections could contact the zoning board.  Not sure if it would be a similar process in the county as well, but they got their pig!

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