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Apartment hunting in Chicago

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Hello Chicago mamas!


I will be hunting for an apartment in Chicago soon, and I am nervous about the logistics of finding a family friendly apartment. 


I had to search for an apartment in New England with a baby & it was a big time-suck with many phone calls to many family-unfriendly landlords. ... All for the better in the end, because, really I don't want to live in a place that's not family-friendly... But still extremely frustrating!


But what's the vibe in Chicago? I know of some of the more family-friendly neighborhoods, but are landlords or management companies hostile to families? (For example, where I am now, many landlords unfairly try to use our lead-paint laws as a way to discriminate against families...)


Are there any good rental companies/agencies that can make this process easier? Should I plan to leave the toddler at home while hitting the streets myself?


Just curious if anyone has any experiences to share!

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Hi momma!  We found our apartment through Apartment People (www.apartmentpeople.com).  They are a free, walk-in service where you give them your price-range and ideal neighborhoods, and they take you around to the different places.  It worked for us, and I trucked a baby along on the search without any problems.  I haven't encountered much discrimination against families, but I do live in a very family friendly neighborhood (Roscoe Village/Lakeview), and LOVE it.


Anyway, do you know the neighborhoods well?  The biggest caution I have is to make sure you are living in a safe 'hood where you feel comfortable.  PM me if you have addition questions!

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Thank you, Rach! I've just been looking at some apartments in Roscoe Village, so I will definitely keep it in mind. And it's good to hear that you haven't come up against must discrimination. I may PM you as I really buckle down & start searching!

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