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When were you able to start using your One Size Diapers?

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I'm expecting my first in August and am really excited about cloth diapering. I've decided to go with mostly one-size pocket diapers (still deciding which brand), but it sounds like they aren't great for newborns.  The thing is that I can't afford to buy a whole separate newborn stash, so I'm contemplating using disposables until my LO can fit into them.


So, if you used one-size diapers on your new baby, how old and how big was your baby before you actually could use them?



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I used my Bum Genius 3.0 when my daughter was around 11lbs.  She was 2 months old. 


To stay "cheap" for the first month or so you could get prefolds or flats and covers.  If you get Thirsties Duos, those covers work on newborns and will last until 6 months or longer depending on your baby.  The flats/prefolds will have multiple uses for when you are done using them as diapers, although you might just keep using them along with the one size pockets.  Thirsties covers have a decent resale, so you'd make some money back off of them.

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5 months and around 12 lbs..



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Thanks for your responses!

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I am going to be the odd one out - we started using FBOS on DS when he was 6 days old. He was a little extra leaky at first until we got the elastic settings right and his thighs chunked up a bit (probably a couple of weeks before we got the right combo and switched to the toddler insert - he was a heavy wetter). DS was 9 lbs 2 oz at birth.

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My DS was small, 6 lbs when we left the hospital. We started using Fuzzibunz OS when his cord fell out at 10 days old. We started using his GroVia OS shortly thereafter. For us there was NO reason to but a newborn stash. Maybe a set of newborn prefolds, but otherwise a waste of money IMHO.
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we started using sunbaby OS pockets when DS was 7 weeks and somewhere between 10.5 and 11 lbs. but could probably have stared using them earlier, at about 9-9.5 lbs, or earlier if them being a little leaky didn't matter (didn't have them yet). if you have a 6 pounder, then a newborn stash is probably worth it (if you go cheaper and get prefolds or used diapers) if you have a 9 pounder it isn't. 

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Thanks again for all your thoughts! Since money is so tight right now, I think I'm just going to wait and see what this LO needs before buying anything other than the OS diapers.

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Most os diapers won't fit baby until they are about 10-12lbs. :)

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We actually asked this on our blog and the consensus was 11-12 lbs and 6-8 weeks was the average.  Rumparooz OS and FB OS will fit the earliest.  BumGenius fit the latest.

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Thought I'd come and update with my own answer.  River was born on 8/14/11 at 10lbs even and we've been using Fuzzibunz and Bumgenius One Size diapers on him since he passed all his meconium (we just used disposables the first few days).  I'm so glad that I procrastinated on buying a newborn stash, because I had no idea I was cookin up such a big baby!


But even though they fit him well enough the keep him contained, the dipes definitely look huge on him and make all his clothes seem too small. Oh well, I guess it's good that it's summertime so he doesn't really need any clothes much.


Thanks again for all your replies. I guess the biggest lesson I'm learning so far is that every baby is different!




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I saw this and wanted to chime in. We started our twins in bumGenius 4.0 diapers when they were between 6 and 7 pounds and only had two incidents of leakage and that was due to saturation, not a fit problem.


Just wanted to encourage other moms that you can try them even when the baby is little!

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Congratulations cat13!!! biggrinbounce.gif

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Originally Posted by Caracol8 View Post

Congratulations cat13!!! biggrinbounce.gif


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Glad to find this thread, and I'd love to see other reviews from mamas. I have FB size small, which say they fit at 7lbs, and then AMP size small, which should start at 6lbs, and AMP OS, which should start at 7lbs. But everyone I seem to talk to says that even those which claim a 6-7lb start weight-- don't anticipate them to fit until closer to 10lbs. 


Just trying to get a majority answer! lol

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CONGRATS!!!  If I could cook a 10 pound baby, I wouldn't do newborn diapers!  I did GroVia newborn AIOs and loved them though, DS started fitting into the one size diapers properly around 10-12 pounds. For DS that was about 10 weeks old... for DD that would have been 6 months! When I switched to cloth with her, at 8 pounds and 4 months NOTHING fit her properly, it was extremely frustrating!


I like the idea of a rental for the newborn phase though!!

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My son was 9lbs 15 oz and the one size diapers still mostly were a bit too big. But the babykicks one size pockets have a newborn setting and it is so incredibly tiny (and adorable:) I'd say when he was about 12 lbs is when everything fit better. He was around 9 lbs when we came home and when I did try a one size diaper it was HUGE and it leaked. I did a newborn rental and I really recommend it. I got it from http://itsybitsybums.blogspot.com/2010/04/newborn-diaper-rental.html. It's really reasonable and great diapers. (these ones are kissaluv fitteds and thirsties covers) I used them as soon as we got home and it was great.

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I'm expecting my second in November, but I didn't start cloth diapering my first until she was 6 months (not because she was too small). From what I know, there are a few one-size brands that are truly adjustable and great for newborns (like the Rumparooz). We're planning on using Bambo Nature disposables for the first couple of weeks and then cloth. 

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I had a lbs 10oz baby and we were using Fuzzy Bunz One Size diapers when he was about 10 days old...when his umbilical cord fell off. We used disposables before this. They worked with no problem for us, no leak problems. We were concerned that they may float on our LO but they were fine, just made for an extra fluffy bottom...extra soft to snuggle.  :)

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The bumGenius one-size didn't fit ours until a few months.  For our 2nd baby, we used Thirsties, but I really loved how the bumGenius all-in-one XS fit her.  I wish I had had more of those!  I too like the idea of rental for the itty bitty diapers because they're only in them for ~6 weeks (or, at least, my 2 kids were).



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