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I need to... POOP! Constipation anyone?

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I'm so backed up lately greensad.gif I'm not in much pain yet, a little tender in there... but I feel just so heavy with it... and blah. I'm going in small amounts each day, but nothing satisfying like I need. I even had a huge curry dinner last night, which always cleans me out, and I mean of EVERYTHING! But that was 24 hours ago, and nothing yet!! irked.gif


Anyone else? How are you dealing with it?


Oh, btw, I stopped my iron for a couple of days and it didn't help at all, so it's not that. My system is just on strike from the pregnancy hormones, I guess.

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I have been on and off lately.  If I forget to take my probiotics, that seems to really back things up.  I usually try to eat a big all fruit smoothie (with prunes or prune juice, if I have any) and that seems to get things going for at least the day.  Cheese and bread are my enemies right now.  :) 

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Constipation has been plagueing me this pregnancy as well. I honestly haven't found a great solution. I take metamucil twice daily & that seems to sort of keep things moving but certainly not at the rate I am used to.


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Oh, me too. It has been terrible... and painful. Yesterday, I was in such pain that I started to wonder if it was pre-term labor. I almost called my midwife!


I don't know if it's related, but I will crave milk (chocolate... I can't drink regular milk), drink a big glass, and soon afterward I am able to go. I always thought that dairy caused constipation.

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A good probiotic really helped keep me regular this pregnancy. Also for me a cup of black tea with cream and sugar will always get me moving...my grandpa says the same thing about coffee with cream and sugar.

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are you taking a calcium supplement? Pretty much all calcium supplements have magnesium in them to help absorb the calcium. The added benefit of magnesium is that it helps you poop :) If you are not taking one right now you could start. Look for one that says calcium/magnesium. My midwife wanted me to do liquid, but I'm not sure if it being in liquid form is that important. It always helps me. Extra calcium in pregnancy is so good for you too. It helps with leg cramps and is good for your bones and the babys. 


If that doesn't work try a clorophyll supplement. Man that worked for me! I followed the dosage on the bottle and had to back off after a couple of days because it was making me go too much. It also helps with iron absorption. I took that after testing low on iron. 


To lifeguard- you probably don't want to keep taking metimucil. I was told (by the receptionist at my dr.'s office before I switched to a midwife) to take it, but then my dad who is a pharmacist looked up its safety in pregnancy and kind of freaked out and made me stop taking it after 2 days. :( I'm not sure what it is about it but I trust my dad so I stopped. 


I also have a friend who said that a bowl of oatmeal and a walk every morning helped her.


Oh, one more very natural suggestion that pretty much always works for me. Drink a huge glass of water in the morning before you eat any food. It sounds weird, but every morning I remember I poop right away. Sounds too simple to work, but it does.

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I've been having the same problem. Ugh! I take a calcium/magnesium supplement, I eat my oatmeal/fiber, etc. And usually that is sufficient to keep things moving just enough. But a couple of weeks ago we spent several days at my in-laws, who don't eat very healthy. When we got home I was stopped up pretty bad. I tried just about everything I could think of, except prune juice.. none of the local stores have prune juice! (what's up with that??)

When I saw my midwife last week, she suggested that I drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning, and that if I couldn't find prune juice, Cherry juice works just as well.

I bought cherry juice on the way home and drank a big glass full. The next morning I saw results.. in fact I think I lost a couple of pounds, lol. Things are still slow, but are gradually getting back on track. I have a really hard time remembering to drink warm water in the morning (what with getting DD dressed and fed, etc. I just forget) So it's possible I would be seeing better results if I could remember to do that. smile.gif
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I have been living on prune juice and bowel buddy cookies....lol

I even used a glycerin supository....HOLY CRAP!!!!

I have been gagging through one coffee each morning to help with the nausea...

Best solution...my kids got a stomach bug....while everyone else in the house had watery diarreah-I got a daily soft poop :) Thank you stomach bug ;)


I am back to being constipated again....I have serious hemi's from my last 2 pg's....going for the prune juice right now....but will def try cherry juice because prune juice SUCKS!!!!

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Before I became pregnant I found the TLC Original 7 Grain Snack Crackers worked for keeping me regular. I was planning on eating that by the box full (I love they way they taste and yes I feel slightly guilty about my gluttony) to help with any constipation should it arrive during pregnancy. Alas! Now that we are pregnant and the system is not running as efficiently as it used to, I cannot stand to eat these once delicious crackers. Whoa is my tummy!


thisiserica thanks for your post. I was going to try Metamucil this morning as I read somewhere it was safer for pregnant women than taking a laxative. I like the idea of a natural alternative.

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I drink Natural Calm to stay regular.  If you take too much though, watch out!  LOL.

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Probiotics and natural calm keep me pretty regular, but if I really need help, I have some coffee and that always does it. lol

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5 prunes a day works

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Originally Posted by thisiserica View Post

are you taking a calcium supplement? Pretty much all calcium supplements have magnesium in them to help absorb the calcium. The added benefit of magnesium is that it helps you poop :) If you are not taking one right now you could start.


I've had really good luck with the Natural Calm magnesium drink.  It has helped tremendously, actually.  I'm working on my iron levels at the moment, and don't really need additional calcium in my diet, so the Natural Calm is great for that because it's just the magnesium.  It also helps me sleep...  I usually take it before bed, and then in the morning...  Well, the plumbing is functioning a lot better.  I know they make a cal/mag version, if you need the calcium.  But I just get the regular stuff and it works wonderfully!

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Thanks everyone for the wonderful suggestions!! I'm going to try them ALL until I find one that works! Already on probiotics and I guess they're not doing much greensad.gif I just started a calcium/magnesium supplement and no luck from that yet! I think I will try the natural calm next! I have the kids formula here that I got for my son when he was having some issues going, and I remember it cleaned him out completely within a few hours!!


Prune juice is usually kind to me but the thought of drinking it right now makes me grossedout.gif The cherry juice sounds yummy though!!

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Ditto the liquid magnesium drinks (e.g. Natural Calm) or liquid Cal-Mag (magnesium/calcium/Vit D).  My midwife recommends it for all her clients....but the liquid magnesium has the added benefit of causing diarrhea if taken too much at once.  I take 1.5 tbsp of a liquid cal-mag before bedtime (in addition to trying to have high fibre diet) and usually I need to go first thing as soon as I wake up.  If I don't feel the urge first thing, then I drink a big glass of water before I get out of bed.  If still nothing, then bring on the hot fluids!

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I had this problem early in pregnancy... knock on wood, it's gone away in the second trimester, and I'm praying it doesn't come back! 

I looked for foods that have a naturally laxative effect, and loaded up.  Mainly, I ate a ton of kiwis and drank an ocean of water.  The combo seemed to keep things moving most days!  Good luck!!

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I've had a lot of luck with a few handfuls of dried apricots (and adding a few prunes to my morning oatmeal). However, your case sounds more serious. I assume you are drinking tons of water? Good luck. This too shall pass (hee hee).

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when i was having problems with it i was told by my midwife to chomp on organic celery all day long - lots of roughage and water content. good luck, i feel your pain!!!

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