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Zinnia mae arrived late monday

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Too lazy to repost pictures. check out our blog...

will return with birth story when i have worked it out in my head a little more. 

Short story- water broke at 3 am. still little to  no labor at 5 pm monday the 9th. Downed some castor oil. 2 hours of active labor and 2 pushes and out.


DH got a little crazy with the pictures...



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Congratulations! She's adorable!

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sooo cute!!

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congratulations jessica.  she's beautiful.  love the photos with the kids.

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Congratulations!! pics are adorable.

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That sounded fast! :) Congratulations! So cute!! Welcome Zinnia!

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She is adorable! Wow, I love her name too!

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Adorable!! Congrats!

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congrats!  love the pics... she's beautiful :))

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congratulations ! welcome baby zinnia love.gif sweet name !

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Congrats, she's beautiful!!
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Congratulations!!! She is precious.  Love her name and love the pics of your children together.  They just seem so very excited.  Enjoy your babymoon.

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Congratulations, mama!  LOVE her name (and I'm assuming your first is Posey Grace?  So *perfect* together!!!)

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Congratulations, gorgeous photos!

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Z birth story

Sunday was mother’s day and we celebrated with lots of chocolate and a walk to a sushi restaurant for dinner.  I ate lots of fish and was thinking about your due date being the next day.  I  knew you  would be coming to meet us  soon. 

Three o’clock that morning I woke up and rolled over.  When I did my water holding you broke and I had to get to the bathroom fast or make a mess.  I lay back down and tried to sleep.  I finally had to get up and have some breakfast because I was hungry.  Your dad stayed home from work and we told Posey and Waylon that you would be here today or tomorrow.  All day we waited for my body to start working to get you out.  We knew you were ready but it was so hard to wait.  Later that day Amy came over and we went for a walk to encourage things to start.  Then my friend Sarah rubbed my feet at special points to encourage the birthing to begin.  It was dinnertime and I was getting tired from being awake for so long, Amy was playing with Posey and Waylon and helping to make salsa for dinner.  The midwife Jaymi came over and suggested castor oil to get things moving.

I knew castor oil would not be fun, but I did not want to stay up all night worrying about you in there without enough water.  I mixed it with yogurt and blueberries and took it like medicine.  Amy helped daddy put Posey and Waylon to bed, but I still did not know when things would start to I encouraged her to go home.  I was beginning to feel some light surges at this time, and I decided to lay down and get some rest before things got too exciting.  The effects of the castor oil soon became intense at the same time that the surges became stronger.  It was not long before I really had to focus and make noises to help get you out.  Daddy knew then it was time to call Jaymi back.  She came and helped me focus and remind me how to direct my energy.  I did not want to get in the tub too early because I wanted to have you in there, but be able to move around if I had to.  I got in the tub and threw up everywhere. This was better than the other that was coming out because of the castor oil.  I got out of the tub, and dad washed it for us. 

When I got back in Jaymi turned down the lights, and it  my body took a break. I closed my eyes and rested to prepare for your birth.  After a few minutes, my body was ready and it was helping to push you out.  Two really good surges and your whole body slipped out at once.  Then I was holding you and saying, “oh my, oh my”.  I couldn’t believe you were here. What an amazing journey.  I looked at you and knew just who you were even though you were stranger to my eyes.  We had many names we thought about, but I knew you were a bright spot in our family and we named you Zinnia Mae.

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