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Wearing 40 lb 3y.o.? Need help!!

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When my youngest DD was a baby, I LOVED my wrap.  I have always loveloveloved my ring slings.  I gave a mei tai a try and my daughter always HATED it.  

She is not a baby anymore, but still thinks she is.  She just turned 3 and is 38 lbs or so and wants to be carried all the time.  I neeeeed something with the ease of a ring sling, but that will support a growing girl.

I have three kids and I need something that I can throw on, on the go.  I so wish she didn't freak out at the sight of the mei tai! 


I prefer an unstructured carrier, if possible.  I just need a high weight rating.  Help!!

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A good quality wrap would work. What did you use before? 

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Originally Posted by SubliminalDarkness View Post

A good quality wrap would work. What did you use before? 

I agree.  I wear my almost 4 year old in a wrap still.  I typically will only wear her in a hip or back carry though.  I'm still using my cotton blend wrap but am thinking of upgrading to a rucksack style wrap because it doesn't stretch as much. 


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We have an Ultimate Baby Wrap, but it is stretchy jersey and I don't think the weight rating is high because of that.  Also, I need something with the convenience of "toss it on, throw the baby in, oh, you want to get down now, ok, back up."  I would have to wear the wrap 24/7- lol. eyesroll.gif


I never did try a wrap in the hip position, though.  Maybe it is worth buying a sturdier one....  I would take recommendations on that, too...

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Yea, you definitely don't want a stretchy wrap. You want a good quality woven wrap. As we got to the end of our babywearing days when DS2 3, I pretty much exclusively wore him on my back in a short wrap. I really liked a carry called the Ruck under Bum which uses only a small amount of material and is quick up and down. 

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How about a buckle carrier, like the Oh Snap by BabyHawk or Boba (both are taller than the ergo)?

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My kids (and I) haven't been fans of the buckle-type carriers in the past.  They were uncomfortable.  However, maybe we should revisit them.  They have a higher weight rating, right? I am a little uncertain about shelling out the bucks when I don't know the products very well....

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Here is a link to your local baby wearing group(s) they might have carriers you can try or borrow and decide what will work for you.


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