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Relocating to Indiana!

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Hello mamas, :)

I'm Tamrha and soon we are locating to my husband's native Indiana. I've always lived in NY (long Island actually) but we've lived here together for about 15 years. We have two sons, 6 and 4 years old. I'm a Doula certified through Childbirth International, almost done with my Childbirth Education training as well. I'm leaving a lot behind here... besides this business in this particular community, I';m leaving the LI BirthNetwork that I recently 'birthed' to two of my partners. Its a tough one, but necessary. I hope thatr since Indiana doesn't have a chapter under BirthNetwork National I can 'birth' one there too :)


I have a great community of natural minded mothers here, and hope to find some in Indiana too. I homeschool my children with a Waldorf influence (to a certain degree) and will be looking for other families who homeschool as well. We are not Christian, but we are always open to any faith as long as they can be open to us as well. We have a great co-op going here, that I hope I can start here as well, or find one we can fit into. Some of the mothers have also started a wholesale co-op in which we purchase as a group from companies like Frontier Herbs (that has TONS of other companies products! Its heaven!!!) and Mountain Rose herbs.


So yeah... I'm soon to be a transplant. Where's my tribe????



Tamrha Richardson CD (CBI)


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Welcome to MDC and to Indiana!

What part of the state will you be moving to? Will you be close to your in-laws?
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We'll be in Putnam County, about 50 miles west of Indy I think, near Crawfordsville and Greencastle.  & yes, my in-laws are very close by. :)



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I more people will chime in soon. I am in the very southeastern part of the state, hours form where you will be.

What I can say is there is a number of homeschoolers in our area, activity and advocacy in the homebirth community, and LLL of Indiana is an active area. I hope you have a smooth transition and are able to build a network of support around your family.
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Keep in mind, too, that while you wouldn't want to do it every single day, 50 miles is perfectly reasonable in IN for going to do things.

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Welcome! I'm not sure what's available in Putnam County to be honest but we're in Indy and there are plenty of "us" here. My DS is 5 1/2 and we have a very loose tribe here in Indy. We homeschooled this year (DS wants to try a new school out with some of his friends in the fall, we'll see what happens) and we are also a part of a local food buying co-op that purchases from Frontier, UNFI, etcetera. I'd love to hear what homeschooling co-ops (or just loose tribes) anyone else is a part of, too...we're keeping all the options open for the future!


Feel free to PM me to chat some!

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While I don't homeschool (I have an 18 month old, haven't really thought about school yet) I went to school in Putnam county, my mom lives between Greencastle and Crawfordsville, and I live in Danville. :) Welcome to the area and I hope you enjoy it! Keep a close eye out in Greencastle's newpaper and on their website, there are lots of fun fairs and activities all the time in the area. Turkey Run state park is really beautiful and a fun place to explore, and Indianapolis has a Childrens Museum and a great Zoo as well.

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Welcome! I have family near Crawfordsville and would love to meet-up once you're here. I'm a Rhode Island native, raised in Waldorf culture (I'm also a former Waldorf teacher). While Indiana has a very different culture, you can still find like-minded folks around. You may have to look a little harder, but we're here. smile.gif Indianapolis has a Waldorf group that meets once a month and would be worth the trip down. If you're interested, please let me know!
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