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non-vax pediatrician in Austin?

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Hi! I'm new to Austin, Texas and I'm looking for a non vax or delayed vax friendly pediatrician. I found one through Dr. Sears' site, but it's pretty far from the NW area of Austin where we are currently living. Anyone familiar with pedi's near 620 and 2222? 


Thanks for any input :)



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I wish I had a good answer for you.  I have mostly found non-vax tolerant docs in the area.  I know of a few vax friendly docs in South Austin and there are some who don't take insurance (Central Family Practice).  We went to Treehouse Pediatrics for a while but I couldn't get my child in for a relatively urgent well-child exam when I needed to.  I have heard they are now closed to new patients.  I know it's far but we currently trek up to Georgetown to see Dr. Heatley, a family doc.  She is treating my kids appropriately enough, but I think I am still on the search for someone more to my liking.  I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.  I am ok with driving up to 45 minutes or so if I find a physician I really like.  It's certainly not my preference though. 

I have heard some good things about Jefferson Street Family Practice.
http://attachmentmama.com/2009/12/how-to-choose-your-pediatrician-ap-friendly-doctor-recs-for-austin/ - I found this and it may be helpful. 

Good luck!

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My ds is recovering from a vax injury and we looked long and hard for a good pedi that would be open to no longer vaccinating him and taking vaccines for our other children on a case by case basis.  We finally found one in Cedar Park.  I'll message you the details now!

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He is in South Austin, but we see Dr. Brode at Austin Regional Clinic at South 1st and 290.  He is a family doctor, but very friendly to whatever decisions we make regarding vax. My older DS is fully vaxed (except for pox) and my younger DS is not yet vaxed (we may do a delayed and/or selective schedule later on...well, I guess we are doing delayed and will do selective orngtongue.gif). Anyway, Dr. Brode never pressures us to do vax.  Last visit, he did mention that there was a whooping cough outbreak in Austin and they are particularly susceptible to it as babies and he also mentioned a measles outbreak in Houston, but he just mentioned them as bits of information and didn't pressure me about getting the vaxes either way (and we didn't).  If you look at his Yelp reviews, I think a couple other reviewers also mention him being very friendly to parents with vax concerns.  Anyway, I know it's far but I HTH!

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Thank you all! :) 


I also found this thread under tribes with lots of opinions and information!





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