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Anyone know the Gender of their baby ?

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 Anyone know the gender yet ?


 I had a early u/s and we are having a BOY, we will have it confirmed on 6/8.  


 I have a few pictures here http://dreamingofanunassistedbirth.blogspot.com/   but blogger is having issues so not sure when the pictures will go back up.



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Congrats!  But didn't the heart rate predict a girl?  I guess it's not terribly accurate...  lol.gif

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 Yeah  but the heart rate thing is a wives tale so . I also did intellagender  and it said boy on 5/7.  Now the fun of trying to find a boy name we agree on lol. I even compared my pictures to girl u/s pictures at 14weeks and feel pretty sure of the place being 100% sure when they said boy. 


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Congrats Kami on the precious boy!!!! 

We are still waiting to see what this lil one is LOL!

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Nope, I'm still 2 months away from finding out, but..  Congrats!

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That's awesome! I'm soooooo jealous that you found out already! I am due early in nov so I will find out in about a month I'll definitely update when I find out. I can't wait! !!!!
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Congrats!!  How did you find out? Dp and I are so anxious to find out, we are considering going to one of those 3D places. They say they can determine gender at 15 weeks, which is next week. 

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We went to a 3d place that did gender starting at 14weeks with 99% accuracy rate.

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We don't know for sure yet but at my 13 week the peri gave a strong prediction of a boy (and it sure looked like a penis to us too! :P) We'll have it confirmed 6/2 so not too much longer to wait....And I know what you mean about boys names Kami...we've started the same journey....

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I'm so jealous! My u/s place said we could come for a sex determination at 13 weeks (next Wednesday), but we're planning a reveal party for it and next week is my daughter's 2nd birthday and her party so I don't want to steal any attention away from her. My midwife said it's cool if we want to do our anatomy u/s at 18 weeks, so that's when we'll find out. I just KNOW this is a boy...if not, I'll be super surprised. ;) June 21st can't come soon enough!

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We don't know yet, but to those of you that DO know, congrats! I have a feeling it's a boy. I don't know how to explain it, I just get this weird feeling with the kids when I was pregnant with them. And whatever it seemed like I felt they were, they turned out to be. Weird.

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I just found out we're having another little boy. Was really hoping for a girl so am trying to get my head around it right now and trying to be excited about my LO.

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I go to the doc June 2nd for a Ultrasound so the next appointment we will find out!


Congradulations everyone who found out!!


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Congrats, Juniper! I've been trying to start processing the possibility of having a boy. I really want a girl! I know it's tough to get your mind where it needs to be. Good luck. 


On a related note, I am so anxious to find out what this little one is. I made an appointment at one of those 3D ultrasound places for Saturday. I am sooooooo excited!!!

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Congrats, Juniper!

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I have an ultrasound tomorrow and I'll be 15w5d - I'm really hoping we'll be able to see if it's a boy or a girl!! It's possible to tell that early, right??

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We just found out, at 15w2d that we are having a baby girl!! We also went to a 3d ulrasound place, it was the coolest thing ever!! It was very clear what she was. So yep, you can tell :) Congrats ladies!

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I made another trip in to visit my SIL who is an OB nurse, while she was working. I was going to wait until our June 17 appt, but she asked me if I wanted to and, well, I couldn't say no!


After about 30 minutes of watching the baby do summersaults and dance around for us. It was so active and I could feel most of it... that's really the most I've felt the baby move yet! As exciting as that was, I was anxious for it to be still long enough for us to get a good look. I was lucky to have my SIL there and she had a slow day at work so she was determined to find out. She finally said he guess would be girl because there was no obvious penis, but that was just a maybe. Just when she was about to give up, we finally got a good crotch shot and even I could clearly see it.... a GIRL! Well, about 90% sure anyway, but it looked pretty clear to me, just like DD's pictures!


I'm really suprised. I thought I'd be a little bummed if it wasn't a boy, I've had such strong boy feelings the whole time. But I'm not really sad or disappointed, just really surprised! I'm excited to get DD's baby clothes back out and see what will work for the new baby and it's nice to know we don't have to buy as much stuff this time since we have all the girl stuff already.


DH is a little bummed. He's always said if this baby is another girl, he doesn't want to have anymore. He doesn't want to risk having 3 girls and being overwhelmed by all the girls. I still want a third down the road, I am okay with waiting a while and getting these two in school before trying for another. But, I'd really like to have a boy one day, so I'm not ready to close that door. I know he'll come around, he just really wanted to have a boy this time.

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Congrats on the girls, Tourneymama and Mal!


We had our ultrasound today and it is a BOY!  Wow! I am in shock... but very excited. It was so cool to see him moving around! Have to post a picture of my little monkey. 



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I still have 4 weeks before I know and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY! I had real issues with my second being a girl, so I'm set on having a girl this time and doing a set of four girls. I'll be ecstatic if I have a boy, but I have just tried to accept that, for whatever reason, I cannot have a boy.

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