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My ds is 6, and his current obsession is Star Wars Lego sets.  Between Christmas and a recent birthday....he has a lot of sets.  They are taking over his bedroom.  I can't seem to figure out a good way to tame these sets.  Here are the problems:


-what to do with sets in-progress? Right now we keep a half-assembled set on a tray that can be carried downstairs to work on.  This works ok, but it's becoming a dusty mess because ds has loses interest halfway through assembly.


-what to do with assembled sets that are now breaking apart? Ds has a number of spaceships etc that are losing pieces or whole parts.  When this starts happening, do you save pieces for each set in a separate box, to be reassembled later?  Or do you just accept that the set will never be whole again?


-what do you do with assembly booklets?  do you keep them so the sets can be reassembled later?


-what do you do with stray Lego pieces you find around the house?  Do you have a general Lego bin or something similar?


Thanks for any and all suggestions!

Sets in progress are allowed to 'progress' until the child decides they no longer want to complete it/would prefer to break it up and re-use elsewhere.

Assembled sets that are breaking apart can join the rest of the lego 'crew'. :)

Assembly booklets are kept just for the sake of it. That said, you can often find the assembly instructions online anyway.

Stray lego peices also join the 'crew'.


I like the Minifig sort and store heads for General lego storage. Easier to find certain parts and are cute to boot!