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Non Food, Non Shopping Rewards- Let's Brainstorm!

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So I know that I need to stop rewarding myself with food/food treats.  When I did Weight Watchers the leaders were big on the "reward yourself with new shoes/new purse/ a manicure!" method of replacing cakes/cookies/tacos.   I do not have the desire nor the budget to go spending to make myself feel good.


Can we brainstorm some no/low cost rewards for healthy living?   I'm drawing a blank and feeling pretty bad because I can't seem to find ways to treat myself without eating or spending!

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I just rewarded myself with way too many "organic" vanilla snaps. I love to tell myself that it's not so junky, but sugar and flour are sugar and flour. I am in a BAD rutt here with a 13 month old FAT little nurser who does not want to eat solids yet.

I'm starving ALL THE TIME!! I have no will power at all. I end up mad at myself every night. I start out great in the morning and then start screwing up around dinner making time because I "deserve" something....need something to munch on.

This is my third baby and by one year with the other two I was back to my pre pregnacy weight.

I also don't like the reward of a shopping spree for weight loss. I already have enough of a problem thinking I don't deserve new clothing till I can slim down my fat a$$.

I think it's a matter of changing the food rewards to healthy ones. When I am doing well I make a smoothie with hemp protein and some frozen fruit and rice milk. It is satisfying and works, but I just don't think straight and GRAB the carbs fiercly!


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I made a list a while back, which of course I've lost. Let's see:


Take a bubble bath

Paint your toenails

Buy a new song/album on mp3 (I know you said not shopping, but this can be very low cost)

Plan an event to look forward to/look forward to looking & feeling good doing (girls' night, potluck party, concert)

Watch a movie/tv show


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It does cost some $$$ but a massage does actual wonders for your body.  If no $$$ a willing partner and a lovely scented oil are hard to beat!

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Hmm, this really requires thought, although I like the idea of it. I used to be a treat rewarder, too, after every workout!

Mom2happy, my lame iPad won't let me pm you correctly, but I'll pop a pm to you later about how I kicked my sweet tooth habit to the curb!

Let's see, no food rewards, non shopping rewards. Low cost, I'm a novice gardener, I'd probably treat myself with a new starter plant/herb (mint cutting, starts in general). If someone else can reward you, for me, an afternoon away from the kids is a nice treat. I'd personally go to the gym and hang out by the pool, or take a random class but not have to worry about childcare. For me, rewards pretty much come in time commitment related tasks.....time to do "my" activities without worrying about my kids!
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Maybe instead of rewarding yourself with food or shopping- perhaps take a easier class that you haven't tried before- tai chi or similar. Sometimes I want to go to the gym and just sit around with a book instead of working out- maybe you could do that.

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Maybe earn internet/facebook/TV/movie time?  I like the gardening suggestion.

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Maybe an art festival or something similar. In the summer here, they always have things going on that are free.

Another thing might be to go to the library and get a new book to read, or like other posters suggested; give yourself a spa-like treatment.

Finding low cost rewards is hard!

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Ummm, for me a huge reward would be a NAP!

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I recently made a list ::Things I Want More Than Food:: I mostly eat out which is expensive so I think of things I'd rather spend that money on while I eat  healthy at home.  I'd rather sew or do some other sort of craft project or something to improve our home or a fun date with DH would be nice (not eating out winky.gif) So that's what is on my reward list.  

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It is food, but sometimes I reward by getting foods that I usually consider too expensive (like organic raspberries) but which are also really healthy for me.


Or the reward of taking the time to cook yourself/your family a really nourishing meal that is great tasting and good for you.


An activity or outing with your kids - running around the park and feeling great with your family is a nice way to remind yourself why losing weight and being healthy is so important.


A bike ride in the sunshine! I love doing that.


A book on a blanket outside. Such a lovely way to relax.


A bath or a shower.


A pedicure or manicure (for yourself, not purchased).


Go for a hike with your family. Reconnecting with the woods can be lovely.


Dancing around the living room with VICTORY because you did it and you deserve to feel great.


Writing in a journal about your journey and your process.


Allowing yourself to feel proud, strong, capable. (This might be the biggest reward but sometimes the hardest).


(And monetary on this one but not like the other rewards): planning for something great! Perhaps you like to eat out too much and order bad food. Put the money you would spend there into a savings account. Buy lower cost, healthier food and when you get to a place in your journey where you have saved up money - use it for a night out, a spa, a mini-vacation. Have a big reward to look forward to!

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Some of mine are food too but it represents different thinking for me so I'll share.


Drink coffee out of my favorite mug

Have a pretty pitcher for tea


Have foods in my house that I'm allowed to eat--I treat myself by deciding to spend the money on myself for a change. I've found that Zevia soda, Smart Water, and plenty of various flavored stevias keep me on plan so I will buy them.

My husband complained about the cost of Zevia and I said, "Well it keeps me on my diet so I'm getting it."


I have spent a little money on exercise dvds that I wanted. I do TTapp.


I started skin brushing and made sure I had the right tools.


So basically the change for me was deciding that treating myself by spending the money on things that make me successful is a worthy treat!


Other ideas


Take time to read

Sit outside and do nothing

Watch tv that I want to watch


play on the computer

paint my toenails

make things for myself--I've been making flower pins out of denim and old tees and wearing them. They're big and pretty and I love em;).



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Sitting down with a William-Sonoma catalogue. I don't buy anything, and I don't even want most of the stuff in it, but it's so decadent to be able to look at all the "toys." It's a waste of time and THAT is the reward.

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I think instead of rewards just treat yourself the best you can all the time and realize that food and treats aren't always your friend.  




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I love a hot bubble bath with a magazine that I would never want to be caught dead reading. wink1.gif Like People or Us Weekly. Something like that. 

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