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Pool towels

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Do you wash your pool towels each time you use them? Is it necessary?
I'm thinking not. smile.gif
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I used to do a lot of competitive swimming and generally we'd use the same towels for 3-4 practices. :)

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Well it depends...if they are our best pool towels I will wash them because the chlorine staying in them does damage the fabric over time.


The cheaper ones I will just hang out to dry and let the kids use them a few times.


Our pool is very clean and we have a great pool cover which is wound over the pool each night to stop any leaves etc falling in, so I guess that helps.

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We take several towels to the pool, some we sit on and others are for drying off. I wash them when they need it. Some need it sooner than others. Washing them everytime would be ridiculous and I'd wear them out

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We had a pool growing up and we just hung towels over the railings, my mom wasn't very 'domestic' so I am sure they didn't get washed frequently.


As an adult, I do not have a pool but the kids go to swimming lessons and we go to a local lake. I don't usually wash the lake water towels every time, we go several times a week in the summer. I think I washed the kids pool towels after 2 or 3 uses.

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I wash our pool towels pretty much every time they're used. They're flung on the grounds, dragged on the sidewalk/grass, sometimes dipped in the pool. They're rarely clean/dry enough to be reused. So, I buy a few new ones each year to add to our collection. Even the cheaper Target towels handle multiple washes.


We do reuse bath towels, though.

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I don't - I hang them to dry and they get washed once a week or so. We go to the pool every single day, but we have a salt water pool at our apt, so its not hard on fibers like chlorine is. I would be doing an entire extra load of laundry a day if I washed them every time. They don't get much use when we are at the pool, anyway - I just keep one handy for wiping faces and stuff. I don't feel the need to sit on one while I'm there. We dry on the walk back.
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We get cold when we are out of the pool (even when it's almost 100 degrees,) so we wrap up in our towels. And now that the kids are older, they like to lay on their towels or drape them over a side table/chairs to make tents.

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