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Yeah I was gonna say: bring American chocolate to Europe? Huh?


...but yeah I too loooove those junky peanut butter cups...do we have those here? I don't think so.

So yeah Terri, have him bring some Reese's stuff, and an extra one for me! eat.gif

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If you're boycotting Nestle though you can't have Kit Kats.
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Hmm, I was just looking up the differences between parchment paper and wax paper and it sounds like I could actually skip the wax paper. Parchment paper supposedly does everything wax paper can and more. So maybe I'm always getting low quality parchment paper because gooey stuff sticks like mad to it. I don't remember wax paper being that bad. Well, I guess I'll see if he finds any and brings it back. He hasn't had any luck finding any yet. Today or tomorrow he's hitting up Walmart. He's sure to find some there.

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Where did he find Walmart in the Bay Area? I used to live in San Mateo and there was no Wallyland anywhere ;)

Nestle owns lots of good chocolate companies, sadly.

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I have no idea. A quick google shows there's one in South San Francisco so maybe he went there or the boys went out for another day trip. I know they're planning on visiting San José tomorrow.

And yeah, bad, bad Nestle. You know they're going to start selling baby formula in capsules for their coffee machines?!?!? The idea just is so sickening. puke.gif

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Oh wow that must be new or slipped my radar back in my SFO days.... And yes to the formula coffee maker or whatever that thing is supposed to be. Yet another gadget one can sell I guess. :(

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